Bank of China Announces Renminbi Yuan World Reserve Currency Bangkok Airport

bank of China renminbi yuan world reserve currency I get it in a huge news on China right
now for stop look at this billboard in this
is taking in the was taken in Thailand the Bangkok
Airport you can see it says R&B which is that renminbi or the Chinese yuan the new choice an the world currency look at that do you
want to list their come out there and seeing right there on this billboard
that the have or the are anticipating having me
world reserve currency I thought that was huge news I want to
share that with you look at some the other news that I found this is just to search for
China world currency in the past months look at all this china has a
strategy for winning the currency wars and will be DJing devalue its currency missus why the recent ones from March 9
talking to occur in TV valuation I’m China’s may get make international
payment systems ready with the launch later this year this was just a march
10th few days ago and is talking about is called China
international payment system sips so that is something keep in mind and
remember guys rolled reserve currency does not last for ever
and you can see all the countries that used to happen to reserve currency now they don’t and the
US how much longer you gonna last here’s another one at the USA today
China calls for new global currency and Chinese one now the top five major international Pima currencies this
was in January of this year so this is huge news guys liz is going
to look at it in your chart is a 10-year char the Chinese you wonder
should the US dollar as you can see great here in 2000 by there was fix and
then all the sudden the dollar I’m sorry the dollar anyone
deep making you can see what happened here the Chinese currency
has been devalued that is what’s happening purposely
devalued and let’s just go ahead and go back a bit okay you can see where this all started
right here you can see the date was around with the
July 21st July 22nd happen basically it it decoupled from the dollar right
there so let’s go and look at the news here’s the news from CNN Money this is
July 21st 2005 the day after it happened it says right here China revalued the
yuan it says in a move that could trim the
trade gap with the United States China revalued its currency higher against the dollar Thursday in say would
no longer have the one tied to a fixed rate against the US currency you can see all the articles here yuan you just go to Google search for the web
end to search for July 1st August 31st you could see all the news news all are on July 21st
about trying to get rid of they’re paid with the dollar so most
people wonder why would they do that well what it does is when you look at
the 10 your chart it just makes products from China really cheap but
here’s the thing as if they get this reserve currency that
they’re discussing I me there there so bleak me just
putting the billboard out there guys in Thailand in in Bangkok where the most I’ve been there guys it’s very very busy
place very busy airport China’s command saying that they’ve got
there is the world currency now most people just focusing on the
dinar or the Vietnamese Dong or focusing on other currencies a I’m I am particularly interested in
China but I mean they have all 100 gold a lot of gold
that not only do the plotted the ground in that country but a
lot of gold that they buy from other countries and the gold price is
extremely cheap right now that’s why I was a wreck when people buy gold bigass over
and I have a little bit of Chinese yuan I’m renminbi am i buy some more but I’m you know I’m
not looking to get rich off a any currency at this point I was looking
to protect my assets so I just wanna let you guys know about
this in please share the news with everybody about what’s happening in
China because most people are just focused on sports are things are are actually important you’re not focusing
on geopolitics there are focusing on what’s happening internationally with China so I really
encourage you guys to take a look at that now we’re watching a replay the on doing
right now live when she gets do is there’ll be some links here you to click
on you can check out these articles I wrote and I really appreciate if yes give this
video a thumbs up share with people let them know what is
up with China I don’t care where you sure thats cool just let people know
that China has essentially an ounce that they have the world reserve
currency or that they’re planning on having the world reserve currency okay that is it guys hope you have a
wonderful day I look forward to talking soon and reading your comments by world reserve currency


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