Beginner Method: $100-$1000/Day Passive Cryptocurrency Trading 2020! Bitcoin Bitmex, Binance, Bybit

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re under the killer video for you
guys full of information today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys how I make
anywhere between a hundred to a thousand if not more dollars per day training
crypto currencies and how anybody even a beginner can copy the exact methods and
start making money themselves and make sure you guys stay all the way until the
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on this whole process like I said comes through trading crypto currencies I’m
gonna give you guys a few examples as well as some different strategies and
tips that I use in order to identify the right entries of course I cover a lot
more of this in my training group you guys want the link down below but again
we’re gonna focus on this first and go over what I saw and how exactly we
entered this a trade the first one is going to be a Bitcoin trade now the
reason I like Bitcoin obviously if we’re using bit mechs and buy bit weekend long
and short Bitcoin that means if Bitcoin is going up and we think it’s gonna
continue to go up weekend long Bitcoin and make more Bitcoin if we are right
and the price does indeed go up but when the price goes down we can short Bitcoin
right meaning we’re betting on the price going down and therefore we can make
Bitcoin while the price goes down so we’re making money while the price goes
down which is something you cannot do with a major majority of all coins
unless they are of course on by a bit or on bit mix both of those links are down
below in the description if you guys want to sign up and leverage trade on
those again not financial advice I’m not telling you guys what to do I’m just
sharing with you guys my experiences and what it is that I do now recently on
January 6th at roughly 7:00 a.m. I posted a trade for Bitcoin you guys can
see the buy range highlighted in this rectangle now naturally you’ll see that
we were in the buy range for a few hours in the top corner we did not dive into
it and again that’s why I usually will set a buy up here I’ll set up I in the
middle of the buy range and a buy at the bottom that way if we do trigger all
three buys and bounce up my average order is now here which means that once
we hit targets I’ve actually made more money because my average is over here
and not just at the top because I bought at the very tip top not the redline of
course is our stop-loss set at 7244 this was an actual trade by the way and the
green lines are our take a profit now as you guys can tell even just with the EMA
ribbon I deleted some of the other trend lines to make things easier but overall
Bitcoin was looking relatively bullish we saw the RSI was able to cool off a
little bit while Bitcoin maintained pretty much a sideways action got close
to the EMA ribbon and we expected a bounce off of the EMA ribbon similar to
what we saw happen over here and then we saw a larger scale happen here so I had
a feeling maybe we were going to see a larger scale version of that again now
did I expect us to go all the way to hit three targets off the RIP not exactly
but that is exactly what Bitcoin did and if you look at this we did 1.1 percent
obviously on the first one we did 2.45 2.5 percent on the second one 4.76
percent on the third one the fourth was gonna be six point seven and the fifth
was going to be eight point seven now if you were just trading BTC USD or BTC USD
T on violence for example or BTC USD on coinbase
then you were able to actually secure those profits make you know one and a
half then two and a half then blah blah blah all the way up to eight point seven
percent profit with this trade without any leverage but if you were using
leverage and use roughly 10x leverage which is what I like to use for a
majority of my positions then that eighty event that eight point seven
percent profit quickly became 87 percent profit which is something that you
cannot do in any other market so that’s personally why I really enjoy leveraged
trading but the good news is even if you don’t want to leverage trade then you
can do the same thing on regular exchanges using the BTC USD pair or the
BTC USD T pairing you would still have been able to profit even if you did not
use leverage now what you’ll notice is well coming in here we were very close
now once we start hitting targets I start moving my stop-loss up right so
once we start hitting the second target you might see me move our stop loss to
break-even let’s say we got in at the very tip-top this would be the
break-even price right seven 540 once we hit the third target you
might see me move the stop-loss up either to the first or the second
target right that way if the price comes back down we can close the trade here in
profit and not risk losing and hitting our stop loss and be pretty much erasing
our gain so what you’ll see is I moved the stop-loss up from there you’ll see
we got very very close to hitting that stop bus it was off by just a few
dollars thankfully didn’t hit it because right after that again bounce right back
up hit our fourth target and then all the way up hit our fifth target and
continue a little bit after that but naturally my trade was closed in this
position we saw a big wave retest that yeah maybe even a few times again and
this is where it all comes to understanding the overall trend NOAA
trend you’re going for identify your buy zone identify your stop-loss and your
take profits and move your stop-loss once you start hitting take profits so
that you can make sure that you are securing your profits and you can exit
happy and in profit that is one of the most important things and again we saw
pic we come down to retest we almost hit our stop loss that was set at t2 nope we
continued right back up that’s why nowhere you’re placing your
stop-loss naturally it’s for a reason that it’s in that spot don’t randomly
place it somewhere that’s not how it works and number two your take profits
the same thing that way we see things like this and we see Bitcoin come up and
hit our profits because we know exactly where we set them so that was one
example of a trade another very similar one was if theory I’m not Theory I’m
similar to Bitcoin you can do if Theory amused et on Finance you can do you know
a theorem USD you can do these on different exchanges that are not
leveraged exchanges personally I use a leveraged exchange if I am trading
Bitcoin aetherium and if you’re a bit Maggs you can use tron card on oh you
know like coin and several other all coins there as well and you’ll know the
same thing this square was our buy range and from our buy range if we go up we
see 1.5 percent on the first 2.5 percent on the second 3.6 percent on the third
and then the five about the fourth target was five point seven nine percent
but naturally you guys will see we did not end up hitting that unfortunately
just by a little bit on the way back down close our trade in profit and that
was a very easy trade again if you use leverage you were able to make 3 4 %
which is great on any given day but if you were using leverage you might have
been able to make a 30 or 40 percent profit which is in my opinion a little
bit better the same thing with the theorem we saw a good opportunity this
was a member of my team who posted this trade in there for you guys a very very
good trader and you guys will see exactly why it hit the targets there’s a
very simple trade and naturally with all coins you can do the same thing over
here we see the buy zone we’ve identified the buy zone over here we saw
a quick drop after that thankfully our stop loss was set in the right place and
we did not trigger the stop-loss but from there we did come back up and go
and hit 1 & 2 targets and if you guys will see what the average is here let’s
say the average was in the middle because of the way I set my advisor of
my bias for 5 percent profit in a few hours on an all coin trade without using
any leverage so that’s really cool but this is where it starts to get fun
because it starts to get very very pass and that’s gonna be using this tool
called three commas it make things very fast and I’ll show you guys exactly how
that works in just a little bit all I recommend you need is the smart trade
and the smart trade v2 and I believe that comes with the very basic pack so
you don’t even have to purchase the expensive packs if you don’t want to if
you want to use bots and you want to use stuff like that then by all means go
ahead and do that there’s links to three comments down below as well but if you
don’t want to you don’t have to the smart trade is great I like the first
smart trade and I’ll show you guys even if you don’t use leverage you can still
profit from Bitcoin trade so we are in the USD T market right we have 10,000
USD T that’s on the paper trading account they give you $10,000 10,000 USD
t for you to practice which is great again you can practice trading with a
fake account which is your paper your paper trading account with fake money so
that you can actually see exactly how this is working out for yourself USD T a
Bitcoin pairing because naturally we’re gonna be trading Bitcoin and then if we
go down we can start setting our trade so let’s go in here and say that we have
currently Bitcoin is at eight thousand and ninety six dollars let’s say we want
to get in Bitcoin if it’s at eight thousand
and $80 right that’s where we want to buy into Bitcoin now of course you’re
not going to be able to short Bitcoin on here all you would do is sell to us DT
and buy Bitcoin back at a lower price if you’re shorting but we’re gonna do this
when you’re supplying Bitcoin so you’re expecting the price going along similar
to what I showed you guys in our trade so let’s say how much USD T we want to
use we want to use a 1000 right say we’re using a thousand dollars worth of
Bitcoin a thousand USD T this is gonna be the bride price you want to set right
8080 we set a limit we wanted to hit that price first before we do go on and
take our profits then you click take profits now over here what’s really
great about three commas and most exchanges you cannot put take profits
stop losses at the same time you can do one you can do the other you cannot do
both three commas allows you to connect with your finance account and therefore
do both so let’s say we want our first target at 5% profit right there we go it
calculates where it’s at for you 5% profit but we’re gonna split our targets
so we want only 25% of our position to be closed at five percent profit that’s
250 USD T boom next one we’re gonna do 10 off 510 we’re just gonna do 10%
profit and close another 25% there then we’re gonna do 20% this is just an
example right let’s say we want to close 35% of our trade there and then last but
not least at 30% profit we are closing the remainder 15% of our position boom
you guys can verify over here the price to sell at the amount of your trade to
sell out since we did a round number 1000 25% it’s 250 250 35% 350 and 15% is
150 USD t then we go to the stop loss crucial again most exchanges you can’t
send both over here you actually can so if we go over here and type in we want
to stop loss of minus 5% right minus 5% that’s where we set that in 7676 is
going to be the sell of course giving us around about three hundred and fifty
dollars of room between when we buy in and when we sell then you would click
create trade and it would show up directly under
that’s all you have to do as big point goes up and hits targets it’s going to
sell automatically for you and all you would need to do is come in click on the
pencil button to edit your trade and then you would change your stop-loss and
move it up so that you can secure profits in case the price comes back
down so overall that’s all it takes it’s super super easy but if you guys are
beginners and you want help doing this than I do also offer a little bit of a
plug my own trades we currently have the Holiday Sale going on until coupons run
out so if you click the first link down below and it works then you’re going to
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six-figure portfolio I brought I put every single one of them in their mind
and my team’s trades we have all qui trades we have leveraged trades and we
have the number one community in the cryptocurrency space full of people
ready and able to answer your questions 24/7
all those trades I showed you I’ve posted in the group so that everybody
was able to profit along with me while I profited in those trades of course the
amount you make is going to vary depending on how much you put in
personally I gave you guys number roughly around what I’m making again
there is a big range because you don’t have to compare with me we don’t have to
compare how much each of us make the point is if we can all win with the
amount that we have then that’s a win to me right so that’s for you guys if you
guys are interested again I’ll leave this coupon up until they run out I
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