Being Mistaken For His Father Was This Guy’s Wake-up Call

– I came from, or lived
in a small farm town. And my dad was a factory
worker and, for them, nutrition was never, never
paid attention to it. He came from 16 brothers and sisters. All age ranges. Some of them dying at very young ages of diseases now, looking
backwards, that were preventable, in my eyes, that were attributed to food, that they never tied to food. Post-college, I graduated from Syracuse and really that’s when the
weight started to go on for me. And it was really largely
because I’d lost focus on that. It was entirely on, how quick
can I move through the ranks to get this high-paying job that no one in my family had ever had? So, you know, before I knew it, I was 80 pounds overweight. I said I’d never look like my dad. My dad was an overweight guy. He wore probably size 50 pants. But I was walking through
the store one day, and I saw a cousin that
I hadn’t seen in years. “Jesus”, he goes, “man, I
thought you were Uncle Ralph. I thought that was, man,
you look like your father.” And as happy as I was to see him, the same breath, I was
like, what did you just say? Where a lot of people fall
down in the how-to industry, the multi-billion dollar industry,
they make all their money on people’s failure to take action. People read books, and then they actually don’t implement what it is that they read. On May 19th, it was a Friday, I kind of looked out. I said, you know what, I wanna see if I can make it through the weekend without eating meat or dairy. And for me, meat and dairy
was part of every meal. I drank about half a gallon of milk a day. Didn’t drink any water at all. So, I made it through the weekend, and I said, you know, I
wanna keep the streak alive. I wonder if I can make it a week. And before I knew it, I was 30 days in. About down 30 pounds, and was excited about the weight loss. From there, I kind of started
to dig for more information. Just, consuming as much as I could, and I discovered Josh
LaJaunie and his story. And then, finally, in November
I reached out to Josh, and said I’m aware of this
run club that you have, I’d love to join it. So, here we are, fast-forward
two and a half years later. I’m approaching 100 pounds in weight loss. As happy as I could be. My perspective on life
has totally changed. Things that I thought I enjoyed before, I enjoy deeper now.

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