Big Bitcoin Moves Coming! Are You Ready? Adoption News! (Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Trading + Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we
got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we’re gonna
talk about some crazy Bitcoin volatility
incoming we’re also be talking about a
1.2 billion dollar real estate mogul
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analysis alright guys we are back Before
we jump into the technical now so though
I dig it a lot of requests to add more
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them I don’t add a lot of them but I did
add a few more so make sure you check
that out and now like I said let’s jump
into the technical analysis I want to
start on the weekly time frame the
weekly EMA ribbon I’ve started using
this more I’ve used this in the past but
I haven’t actually had this open for you
guys on the chart you guys know I’ll
hide some indicators I’ll show some
indicators depending on what is
happening in the market and what I think
is most important but right now the
weekly EMA ribbon is acting as very
strong support you’ll see this week we
just had this huge red candle that’s
obviously down I don’t even want to know
it’s down probably like 25-30 percent
maybe almost 25 percent no 23 percent is
how much that big weekly candle is down
as of right now you’ll see it is acting
as a very strong support right now on
the weekly EMA ribbon might have a
little bit of room to drop but overall
we want to see that active support if it
breaks below that it’d be pretty
and it could be a sign that we might
have ended this short-term bull market
and we’re going to enter a period of
either consolidation or a little bit
more bearish action before the end of
2019 but I do have good news I do think
this week looks a little more bullish
than it does bearish and I do want to
talk about that when we get into the
smaller timeframes to me though I want
to highlight and at the end of 2019 I
think is going to act more as a
consolidation phase rather than a huge
bull pump phase I think we’re gonna see
the big bull run in at the end of 20
maybe early to mid 2020 that’s what I
predicted that’s what I’ve been saying
for a very long time and that’s
something I still think is going to be
true and for that to happen like I said
the end of 2019 has to be in the main
focus of that is going to be a
consolidation phase we had this very
nice introductory to the bull market
right a very nice bit of bold movement
coming in since April first and for now
like I said I think we’re going to see
some consolidation so watch out for this
am a ribbon very easy if you want to add
this indicator go on to go on to
training view click on indicators it’s a
public one it’s very easy to add you put
it on and then it just adds all of these
ones for you you can use it for the
weekly timeframe you can use it for the
daily timeframe and all that but now I
want to move on to the daily timeframe
because there’s something else that I’m
looking at and that is the V P V R so
again this is of the indicator that I’m
talking about right here if you guys
open it here I’m going to close the EMA
ribbon right now but the V P V R is a
good way to tell what acts as support
and what’s acting what’s going to act to
support what’s going to active
resistance the levels where there are
the most volume you’ll see these spikes
usually mean I’ve talked about this
before but this for anyone that’s new
these spikes mean that we’re acting and
that there’s a lot of volume in here so
on the way down these you can count on
as acting as support and on the way up
you’ll find these areas to act as
resistance and if we look at where the
next line is after the after if we break
below this bit of volume right here
there isn’t much volume in this space
until we get all the way down to roughly
$6,400 $6,400 i say is the good range
but between you know there and where we
are right now at the high 7000 there
isn’t really a lot of room so if we do
see a daily break down below this then
we could expect a pretty fast job again
on the way
we didn’t have much resistance we just
kind of had a few candles that brought
us up there same thing could happen on
the way down in order to get to this
next support but that’s if we break
below I talked about more I talked more
about that in the last video so they do
check that out if you guys are
interested in more of a midterm
timeframe what exactly we can see
happening in the next few weeks but
let’s look at the next few days right
that’s something that’s a question I
think I get a lot and what a lot of
people want to do especially since I
make videos pretty much every other day
covering these topics I think we want to
know what’s going on in the next few
days and to me right now like I said I
think bitcoin is looking a little bit
more bullish than bearish but that’s not
to say we are gonna have any downward
action and what I mean by that is I’m
looking I’m targeting the roughly around
seven thousand six hundred dollars maybe
the seven thousand five hundred as a
potential balancing point for us to see
a move up I think volatility is going to
be high one of the reasons for that is
the cme bitcoin futures expiration is
today you guys can look at the exact
time for that but that’s happening today
but I don’t know depending on when
you’re watching this video might have
already happened but again that could
cause some volatility the market I
expect that to cause some volatility in
the market again that to me it could be
a good sign this level could be a good
level 7602 7,500 level to catch a bounce
and if there really is volatility and
this week turns out to be more bullish
than bearish like I’m saying it is in
this video at least the next few days
then we could see a nice big bounce off
of that moving up to the mid 8000 s
maybe even inching closer to that $9,000
range but again keep an eye out a break
below that we could be going down to the
seven thousand dollar level first and
then even further to 6500 dollars which
is a long job it’s going to scare a lot
of people fun story before we actually
move on I had somebody message me that
they bought Bitcoin at eleven thousand
dollars first time they bought bacon
when they were super excited I wanted to
emphasize to them are you confident in
your investment are you dollar cost
averaging they’re like nope I bought
everything at eleven thousand dollars
and first of all that would probably be
the first mistake but they told me
they’re confident they’re in it for the
long run it’s all good you know they
understands the volatile market I wanted
to make everything clear and upfront to
them with what it was they were getting
into because I try to be as honest and
transparent as I can with most people
once this job happened I believe
message from them one or two days ago
and guess what it said I can’t believe
the markets down I sold everything it
like eight thousand dollars I can’t do
this so I bought at eleven thousand sold
at eight thousand dollars can’t do this
anymore that’s why most people in this
market lose and if you want to win and I
want to see you guys when you have to
kick that mentality out of the way
that’s why people dollar cost average
that’s why people have to be patient
with investments he was in it for like a
week he was in Bitcoin for a very very
short period of time not a week me you
guys can you guys remember where Bitcoin
was you know ten thousand eight hundred
he probably rounded up to eleven
thousand but either way wasn’t in it for
a very long time and he got out as soon
as the slightest bit of rent movement
I’m assuming if he wanted the volatility
to the upside that’s not exactly what
happened but good news bitcoin is still
outperforming the most well known
traditional assets despite being down
and you know it’s might be down over 20%
like I showed you guys and this isn’t
anything crazy obviously there’s going
to be times where bitcoins leading
there’s going to be times where it’s
leading to the downside and we’ve seen
that before
main thing I wanted to show and
highlight with this is that for
everybody that was saying that bitcoin
is dead and that you know because it was
the biggest loser in this one time span
that it’s dead and it’s over and
everything things change and now it’s
the biggest gainer so if anybody ever
said anything to you before now it’d be
the time to message them back maybe
bragging a little bit but that’s up to
you guys moving on to the overall market
211 just under two hundred twelve
billion dollars at marquette dominance
pretty stealthy it steady compared to
where we saw before you know starting to
trade a little bit sideways Bitcoin on
the seven day graph you’ll see not doing
too well and in the 24 hours it’s down
one percent a little bit of sideways
action if you guys remember the hourly
chart that we just looked at on trading
view it is looking relatively sideways
biggest Gator of the day dragon coins
best crypto currency in the world if you
guys aren’t buying it I don’t know what
you guys are doing that’s a joke don’t
buy dragon coins I don’t know what
dragon coins is it’s up eighty and a
half percent when the market is overall
pretty red it’s probably not the
greatest cryptocurrency in the world a
BBC coin is up 8.8% crypt areum actually
saw some news on that pumping the prize
up over 8% bitshares raving coin golem
currencies are in the green it’s looking
like a 50/50 split though Bitcoin being
sideways in the last 24 hours means that
the last 24 hours for all coins are
split roughly pretty 50/50 if you look
at the last seven days though a majority
of them are on a downward trajectory
with a big drop that comes just at the
time that Bitcoin had its big drop so
again no real surprise but I did want to
highlight before we jump into some
positive news another piece of news that
I think a lot of people miss now this is
into the impulsive pocket this says 1.7
million subscribers it’s one of the
biggest podcast in the world with
somebody called Logan Paul don’t know
how many of you guys know and they bring
on a lot of guests now Grant Cardone is
somebody I’ve been following for real
estate and learning from from real
estate because that’s something I want
to get into that’s his topic for a
completely separate video but he owns
1.2 billion dollars worth of real estate
and he in this video I don’t have the
exact clip it’s an hour 20 minutes I was
watching the whole thing the other day
he said that he does not invest in
Bitcoin because he prefers real estate
that produces cash flow but he believes
bitcoin is going to do well now this is
coming from a guy who is very prominent
social media so obviously takes
advantages of takes advantage of all the
upcoming technology and everything that
is new he’s up to date with all that
stuff he’s accepted bail payment in
Bitcoin before in order to do a show so
I thought that was pretty cool to see
him talk about Bitcoin on a podcast that
has over 300,000 views only on YouTube
and it’s also on Spotify iTunes and all
that stuff so that was a big piece of
exposure for those that caught it other
piece of bullish news number of nodes
over 10,000 nodes that is a record I’m
pretty sure that is an all-time high on
that so that’s bullish news that’s
coming in in terms of adoption now the
last piece of news before we jump into
the crypto giveaway Bitcoin is being
manipulated by institutional markets
according to data that is no surprise to
me whatsoever that this is happening but
we’re still getting articles and I’m
still seeing people say that that’s not
the case in guys that is the case
Bitcoin is manipulated a lot of things
in the world are manipulated and we have
to get on board with that we have to
understand it that’s the case and trade
according to that that’s why I want to
tell you all coins are down in bitcoins
pumping there’s going to be a time where
people were institutional people who are
controlling the market
realize that they can pump all
poins 500% and make money there and
that’s going to start happening right
the good all coins are going to see
pumps because those are the easiest ones
to pump that’s just how the market works
especially when the market is so new so
small and when there’s very little
volume like we saw happening and several
points you know volume starts dipping
off we expect a big move coming because
it’s easier for those big moves to come
when volume is very low same with all
coins if you want to manipulate in all
coin the less volume the easier it is
for you to manipulate it so it still
shocks me how many people are surprised
about these moves about the fact that
you know manipulation is going on but
according to data if you guys want to go
ahead and read through this they do have
data that supports the fact that bitcoin
is being manipulated now trust me if you
know what you’re doing you can make
money while people are manipulating it’s
not as hard as you think you basically
just have to play with what you you have
to play in the mind of what a
manipulator would do and after that once
you get into that mindset it becomes
very easy because it’s pretty easy to
tell where they want the market headed
now let’s jump into the crypto giveaway
hopefully you guys did enjoy the
technical analysis I had company I think
the most important part during these
times so there’s not as much news going
on is the technical analysis so
hopefully you guys are enjoying that
we’ve been pretty accurate so I hope you
guys are making profits as well let’s
see who the giveaway of the winner is
mark keller williams money face money
face money face that says it all
congratulations mark help you win
decrypt i’ll give you away all you have
to do to claim it preferably message me
on telegram i’m going to leave the link
down below for you to be able to message
me there and I’ll confirm it to you and
then we will get that crypto sent to you
guys if you want to enter a chance to
win future giveaways all you have to do
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leave tons of comments down below and of
course be subscribed and have your
notifications turn on but guys thank you
so much for watching I’ll see you guys
on Monday for another video


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