BiKi AMA Session 1: BiKi’s integration with Midas Wallet

Hello everybody! hi, my name is Ethan. I’m the CEO of, Southeast Asia Welcome to the BiKi Review Episode 1 and today we are very lucky to have Midas protocol and its chairman Dr David to be here to be sharing with us about Midas protocol before that. I’d like to introduce myself I’m also the CEO of BiKi exchange and This is the first time we’re doing an episode in English Because it is expanding rapidly into Southeast Asia, just a little bit of background about BiKi We are 7 month old exchange, one of the fastest growing exchange in the world We have 1 million users with 100,000 daily active users recently if you saw in the news, Du Jun, the co-founder of Huobi and the CEO of Node Capital and also the CEO of Jinse Cai Jing which is calling time actually invested 5 million USD into BiKi exchange to support us in our expansion we’re very happy about this milestone and Here we are today with the first milestone of our services your expansion, which is listing one of Vietnam’s most promising projects, Midas Protocol. Now without further ado, I would like to Maybe David, you can introduce yourself Hello My name is David Nguyen from Vietnam and I’m chairman of Midas protocol crypto wallet And I’m very honored to be today with and to do some review about our projects and at the same time preparing for the listing MAS our own token on Well, thank you. Maybe we can share with us a little bit about your background My background is in science. I have a PhD in science and I start to do more technical and Expansion into the blockchain technology about three years ago When the crypto market starting to go into the booming We have the support of Regulus investment & Capital Holding which is a fund in Singapore, and so Regulus has helped us to go into many area technology, especially in blockchain technologies and Midas Protocol is one of the projects, key projects of Regulus from Singapore Investment and expansion is that – the focus of ASEAN especially Vietnam That’s cool Just now actually forgot about one point which is about BiKi So BiKi actually as a website and we have an app over here. You can see from the screen We have 52 pairings and more counting And we have very good liquidity and death. So as you can see from this example BTC and USDT And we have many more examples coming coming 5th of May, we will have MIDAS MAS to be listed here with a very exciting campaign, alright so I want to ask David right? So how do you get started with Midas project? as I already mentioned Regulus was a Traditional fund. Okay, and they invest into many different areas but three to five years ago they start to be More interested into the frontier technology including AI, blockchain, cloud and so on and they have selected us as a project to invest and So that’s the reason why we start to build this project for Regulus at the beginning Because we see that now the crypto market has in a booming and more people are interested in having crypto as a Store of value and as a way to invest in the future So we we can see that and from the market better quite a number of different products, but none of the product can satisfy the requirement of traders and users and a single platform for them to To use for the needs of trading crypto asset. So that is using why we started with this idea of having a Single Universal platform for users and trader’s from beginner to expert level and They all can use Midas Protocol wallet and a single point To store, to trade and to spend the crypto asset Ok, this is interesting. I think there are some people in the community that were asking before What’s the meaning behind Midas? Why the name Midas? It comes from the Story, you know bedtime story for children, there’s a king that the name is Midas and the King has a power touching anything that anything will become gold So we hope to create a product that can help the traders Whatever the token the coin and then when they trade through midas protocol that will become a great investment for them like creating gold for their future so that is the meaning we want to bring more growth more values into the world of crypto for the users Okay David I heard from you just now that you have prepared some slides to Show to us about a short introduction about Midas and a very exciting integration with Okay, let me open my slide and share my slide with you Here you can see that our aim is to create a single Wallet, okay a single app that can help a user to achieve four level of different Utilities. So the first one is to store different type of coins and tokens on a single app and the second one is to be able to trade directly from the wallet and the Third one is helping the user to use the wallet for the spending in different platforms From offline to online and the last one will be the sharing, meaning that they can use a crypto wallet to share more values earning passive income and Contribute or donate to charity and so on. So the the four pillars Midas protocol is a Store, Share, Swap, Spend the first pillar Of storing then you can see that currently, Midas wallet is already on iOS and Google Play Store, user also can be able to download it directly from our apk directly from our website here you can see that midas protocol wallet currently supporting ten different chains and Including the top chain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron Zilliqa, NEO, Dash, Litecoin, etc More than 500 different tokens can be stored directly for Midas wallet The second pillar that we have is about Trading. So here you can see that for Midas protocol wallet. Users/Traders can directly link to the centralized exchange and centralized exchange To trade and to swap token to token According to their needs you can see we work with BiKi to integrate our Midas protocol wallet and User and traders can trade directly On BiKi using API integration directly from Midas protocol wallet Well, that’s cool. That’s the first for We’re very excited about this news Yeah in the future our team, and Midas protocol will work closely in order to develop more functionality Relating to trading activity for the users. We are working on other type of trading Functionality such as trailing stop-loss multi-standby orders and so on And another thing we want to add it is The trap database that we use With our partners, sentinel protocol in order to protect the users Protect the user is also one of the key area that very focused on to protect the fund of the users and It’s also on the same direction with Midas protocol all on this direction We have the synergy We want to be able to link deeply between Midas protocol and in order to protect the users So as you can see here in Deconomy 2019 in Korea Midas wallet has been showcased as the wallet that have helped user To protect themselves against scammers and hackers. One of the user has tried to send several hundred thousand XRP to a scammer but then the wallet, stop him from sending it because the wallet of the scammer is listed in the threat database of the wallet, so basically working together within different partners, BiKi And Midas will be able to provide many layer of security to protect the users funds That’s very exciting. I think this is a very good example of caring and protecting users as our first mission We’re very delighted to hear this news Yeah Another thing that we can help the users to manage their portfolio. One of the Requirement and the needs and the pain point of current traders because traders are usually install their funds on multiple different platform and Multiple wallet so now with a single app like Midas, protocol they can centralize the main management meaning that at the single point at Midas protocol they can link to different exchanges and having different type of Wallet, and at the same point they can manage and analyze the portfolio Okay, and the another pillar is important is for the adoption So you can see that will Or now Midas protocoll wallet we have a the Dapp store Directly on wallet that can have the users This is for users. Not only for traders so users can use our the Dapp Browser on wallet to build their own personalized Dapp Store on wallet so that they can sign onto different platform, ecommerce or gaming and we can sign the transaction and so on directly from the wallet You can see that on the third pillar here You can see that it’s many Dapp and that can help the user to be able to link to any Dapp and view that Dapp Store on wallet directly and on thisDapp store We will also support multiple chains so that the people can switch chain without going into any other platform They can switch chain and use different Dapps of different chain directly from one single wallet Well, that is very impressive. I think it’s convenience everything in one place and Midas protocol in Vietnam is also Seen as a market leader We have been working with many stakeholders from government sectors and private sector as well to showcase the use of blockchain and crypto and also to help to bring the adoption that crypto to the next level so I think that for that part I already give you some kind of summary about the Utility and use case of Midas protocol wallet and we think that in the future Near and far we can add in more functionality to the world that can solve all the pain points of the users and traders so that They can have a single universal wallet for their use in just at the fingertip Okay, David. Can you end the share screen and then you can show us, I think all of us missed you showing the Dapp just now from your handphone Sure So now I turn on the wallet for you, you can see that on the Dapp here You can see you can add in many Dapp and at the same time you can switch chain and if you need to trade, you just need to go to the the trading page you can select different exchange. For example BiKi here. You can choose different coin and token on BiKi and you can trade directly from the wallet and the trading activity will be executed on BiKi itself and for storing you can also see your portfolio how many token and coins you have, you can also go into your Portfolio and you can add in multiple or portfolio inside one single wallet so that you can that can help you to manage Your portfolio easily at the fingertip Well David what you just showed us is very impressive It’s a whole lot of features that we’re very excited about Next I’m gonna ask you right, is that there are so many well that’s out there in the market I’m sure the users are sort of thinking about it What sets Midas apartt and what is the vision of Midas? And why would people want to buy into more MAS Yeah Basically, we are in the growing mode currently after just nine month after the ICO We are already reaching thirty thousand downloads at the wallet itself. Now we are at the version 1.2 0.6 and And the daily active user is also very high some of the user using the app for trading activity more than nine hours a day Meaning that should be Pro trader already So We can see that in there are many wallet in the market, but actually they are focused on a single point Some wallet are focus on one chain, some other wallet that is focused on one exchange and so on but our wallet is a General Universal that support all chain and exchanges that can partner with us And also we can move with many different Dapp Developer group so that Midas app can be linked to Midas protocol wallet So my point is that even though there are many products in the market but its products can only provide one pillar Here at Midas protocol we want to focus and give to the user many different pillars and functionality at one single point and when our aim is that when we reach a certain level of Number of user base We will then start the subscription mode meaning that the people who want to use a Midas protocol wallet They can use some free function, but then for the high function like trading with complexity and so on using some Grow mode meaning that can generating passive income can monitoring master node all those things will be chargable using MAS token, meaning that in the future When the customer base grow bigger. The demand for MAS will grow organically, so we are not trying to do some kind of hype and fomo here But based on the basic and principle of economics meaning that from supply-demand point of view the grow of MAS will be organic and will be based on the partnership with big exchange like We can bring the values of MAS to grow steadily and organically To the future where the adoption of crypto will be prominent On speaking of adoption. I think David just now you you mentioned a point that is very interesting about the e-commerce space listed In your wallet and next time Users connection just use the wallet to buy clothes or etc. When are we looking forward to see this feature in? the Midas protocol One of the project that Midas protocol also invest in is called Midashimaya and it will be a Dapp on Midas protocol wallet where it is will be like Amazon or Ebay users or retailer they can open shop, normal people can buy from the shop directly from the wallet and And they can take payment using crypto mode and when the merchant also can go offline meaning that Midas protocol token wallet and turn on into the merchant mode at the shop if you can become point of sales Payment processing meaning that the normal user when they go to a shop of a convenience store With Midas protocol wallet, they can pay directly for the items using crypto So this quarter, quarter two, we will be rolling out Midashimaya on Midas protocol wallet Okay, that’s very exciting. I think all of us cant wait for it and so that concludes this episode of BiKi Review episode 1 and For everybody who’s watching. We are having an exciting campaign with Midas now on exchange there are 4 million MAS be won and you can find the links below and take part and Besides that I would like to add on for projects that is looking for listing you can actually look for the link below to email to us and Enquire with us and last but not least. We are looking for community partners Thank you very much, Ethan Alright. Thank you. Bye.


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