Bill Gates und das Coronavirus – eine Lovestory

Every year again Comes the Virus Child Down to earth Where we humans are. Hello dear People A lot of panic has spread about viral diseases in recent years. I think that the measures and reports about the corona virus are exaggerated too. In my opinion, the pandemics were never dangerous. The myth that there are killer viruses everywhere is to be maintained. In line with my theory, I saw the following picture in the news a few weeks ago: When I saw this picture, I knew that an animal was said to have transmitted the pathogen. To convey this impression, what could be better than showing a picture of this unappealing bat? But instead of the bat, it should have been a snake that carried the virus. And what kind of animal should it be today? A Pangolin The marketing department for the corina virus did a good job here. The pangolin looks exotic and cute the ideal animal that is supposed to transmit a virus. I’m curious which animal should transmit the pathogen for the next pandemic. I suggest a tarsier. The following message was published on February 6th. A Chinese doctor who warned about the corona virus has been silenced by the government. This doctor got infected by the virus and died of it. For me it is not credible. It sounds like a heroic story. The strange thing is, when the news came out in the first newspapers, the doctor is said to have been alive. His death was only confirmed in the evening. This sounds to me that this is a fairy tale. How likely is that, the doctor who is supposed to have discovered the coronavirus will contract the coranavirus and die of it? If a hospital is full of viruses and a doctor treats dozens of patients a day, why haven’t the doctors been dead long ago? Why should I go to a hospital or a doctor’s office when there are so many viruses? To be infected by completely different diseases? In the past, the doctors very rarely wore a face mask and
I am not aware that many doctors died because of this. I am afraid that in the future the doctors will only receive us with a face mask. Because of such fairy tale. Another fairy tale will run on Netflix from January 8th: Pandemic I can’t believe it. There is no better way to advertise a virus. The event in China is nothing more than a fairy tale with many actors and the corona virus has got the leading role. On January 24, Wuhan was quarantined. At that time, there were 870 infected people and 26 deaths. This small number is now sufficient to quarantine a complete city with 11 million inhabitants. The Corona virus is nothing more than a cold, that usually only kills old and weak people. And we already know the family of corona viruses. For example, it is responsible for normal colds. There are many different types of viruses, each virus is divided into subgroups. If a lot of people do a laboratory test, there will always be a certain number of people who carry this supposedly new corona virus. Which is probably nothing new, just a type of virus that has not yet been discovered among the many types of viruses. I am convinced: if all Germans who have a cold this winter would do a laboratory test, then thousands of Germans would also carry the Corina virus. Without being infected by people from China or other People. Without eating a bat or a pangolin. It’s much more of a lab test pandemic, and the more you test, the more people will have the virus. To this day (19.02.2020) 74,000 people in China are said to have been infected and 2,000 people have died from the corona virus. It doesn’t sound to me like a pandemic. Because every year thousands of people, often the weak and sick, die from a severe cold or flu. And the symptoms of the people who have the flu and the people who have the corona virus are identical. Because it’s nothing more than a flu. But one thing is certain: just as quickly as the hysteria around the coronavirus spreads, the coronavirus will disappear from the scene just as quickly. So what is all the scaremongering about? Why is mankind almost on the verge of being exterminated by a virus almost every year and why does this turn out to be a completely overwhelming scaremongering every year? The goal is to instill in our minds the myth that there are evil killer viruses. If people suspect a bad virus behind every coin, what is particularly easy to sell? vaccines The topic of vaccines is very explosive and incredibly important. When it comes to vaccines, one name keeps coming up: Bill Gates He wants to donate 100 million euros to fight the corona virus. That is very suspicious. The Bill Gates Foundation holds shares from various pharmaceutical giants If Bill Gates donates 100 million euros for the fight against the corona virus, a considerable amount will surely end up in the companies whose shares he owns. So much to say on the subject of generosity. Now however comes the bombshell: Bill Gates said in 2 interviews that he wants to use vaccines to reduce the world’s population. Let’s watch the first video. He sets up a formula. According to Bill Gates, we are producing too much CO2 and this could cause the ecosystem to collapse. I don’t think much of this theory. Let’s listen to Bill Gates, how he wants to lower the Co2 value near 0. But is Bill Gates really that stupid and publicly admits to killing the population with vaccines? To a greater or lesser extent. Although he wants to reduce the population with vaccines, he explains to Markus Lanz (Talkmaster)how he supposedly means it. Then I learned, when you improve health, parents start smaller families because they know that their children really grow up. Now we have smaller families The large families mean that you do not know how many children die in childhood, so 2 have to survive so that the parents are supported when they are old. The experience was amazing for me. This is in itself against common sense, that if you vaccinate, you significantly reduce the population. And then I started, that was in 2001, when I had this experience. And then we promoted health care, especially vaccines, on a grand scale. According to Bill Gates, vaccines should ensure that more children survive. Because more children are supposed to survive through the vaccine, a woman in Africa will have fewer children because she can now be sure that her children will pull through. Let us be positive, let’s assume that he really wants to promote health. Why is he investing in vaccines? Clean drinking water, improved sewage systems and, above all, sufficient food are much more important for health than vaccinations. It is a fact that Bill Gates takes the issue of overpopulation in Africa very seriously. He invested in a contraceptive injection that should prevent ovulation for 13 weeks. An even more peculiar method of protecting women from pregnancy is the implanted contraceptive chip. Uncle Bill invested in a company that produces a chip – with remote control the woman can deliver a certain hormone dose to the body, thus preventing ovulation Plant chips under the skin, is familiar to me the RFID chip Let’s take a closer look at his foundation. In terms of deposits, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is by far the largest private foundation in the world. Approximately 14% of the budget to the World Health Organization should come from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation every year. That’s $ 629 million. The problem is: The problem is: the money is earmarked. That means Billy Boy decides what the money is used for. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, Gavi for short, Gavi for short, will be financed to 75% by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which also has a permanent seat on the Supervisory Board Bill Gates also founded the Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa in 2006 together with the Rockefeller Foundation. Both foundations worked closely with the Monsanto company. Monsanto is known for selling genetically modified seeds to farmers who commit to buying seeds from Monsanto every year. And what has happened in Africa since 2006? Does the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa have any success? Did millions of Africans emigrate to Europe after 2006 because they swim in the genetically modified seed paradise and do not know when and how they should eat all of the food? Has the alliance really improved the situation in Africa since 2006? Of course not And thus, as it must happen. The farmers have to pay for the genetically modified seeds and every year there are more and more farmers who are dependent on the seeds. At the same time, the Allianz is working hard to ensure that the free exchange of seeds is prohibited by law. The goal of the Bill Gates and Rockefeller foundations is clear: Food inspection. Here is an overview of the influence that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has on global politics. I get suspicious of someone like Bill Gates. Together with the Rockefellers, he forms an alliance to control food in Africa. At the same time, Bill Gates claims at Markus Lanz that he wants to increase health with vaccinations in the third world so that more children survive. If he wants to promote health, why doesn’t he make a lot of free seeds available instead of making farmers dependent on seeds? Are the vaccinations in which he invests really healthy? Are vaccinations not even harmful in the end? Or does Bill Gates just want to enrich himself with it? In principle, vaccinations have the reputation that all diseases have decreased after starting vaccinations. Let’s take a closer look at that. Let’s take a look at some statistics, we start with people diseased with diphtheria in Germany between 1920 and 1995. When was vaccination introduced? No not there. The mass vaccinations started in the mid-1920s. From 1945 onwards, the new sufferers fell bottomless because the war had finally ended with years of fear of death and nobody had to breathe in stuffy air contaminated with microbes in shelters. It is the same with whooping cough. The number of deaths declined rapidly after the war. The introduction of two different vaccines has no influence on this. From a medical point of view, it is very questionable why the public vaccination recommendation was only lifted in 1974 and then reintroduced. In Austria, too, the microbes behave as if they want to refute the efficacy of vaccines. After the war, tuberculosis shows a rapid and continuous drop in deaths. Was the TB vaccination introduced immediately after the war? Of course not. The vaccination law was passed in 1949, after which vaccinations began. The vaccination of 9 and 10 year olds in the early 1960s is also questionable. This seems to be more successful lobbying than medical care. World War I had the same impact on tuberculosis as World War II. During the famine years of the First World War, the tuberculosis deaths increased sharply, after the war they decreased again. The experiments with mass vaccinations even caused an increase in deaths in 1923. Let’s take a look at the smallpox statistics: I know it’s a bit dry, but statistics are very important when it comes to vaccinating. The German-French war lasted from 1870-1871 In the second year of the war and one year later, the number of smallpox deaths was very high. In 1873 and 1874 the deaths declined before the “Reich-vaccination-law” came into force on April 1st, 1875. Here, too, the logical conclusion cannot be drawn as to whether the vaccinations were responsible for the decrease in smallpox. Here is another statistic What do you think, when was vaccinated against scarlet fever? Not at all, there is no vaccine against scarlet fever. Nevertheless, the people suffering from scarlet fever have dropped significantly without vaccinating. The reason why there were so many diseases in the past was simply the living conditions. During the war and a few years later, a lot of the people were miserable and that’s why they got all kinds of diseases much more often than they do today. Similar to the other diseases. The number of deaths from measles declined many years before measles vaccination was introduced. Contrary to all statistics, the pharmaceutical companies are constantly overwhelming the world with panic attacks against any infectious disease. Every summer, ticks are depicted as elephants. Fear of microbes is good for sales. Why do we have such a high life expectancy today? Because we live in prosperity or because we are vaccinated? Because we live in prosperity. I would like ask myself if vaccinations are useful. I mean, I am born as a perfectly healthy being, why should any substances that are supplied to me from outside make me healthier now? How vaccination should work officially is briefly explained here: The immune system is exposed to a weakened pathogen in a very low dose. Afterwards the body develops antibodies against the pathogen. If the pathogen attacks the body in the course of life, the defense cells are stored and can actively fight the attacker. However, this vaccination theory only applies to diseases such as measles or smallpox, where the virus is said to be transmitted via a droplet infection. Even if the theory with the antibodies seems logical, I don’t believe in it, more on that later. But where I see no logic at all, are the vaccinations against tetanus. Officially, tetanus is not transmitted by viruses. Instead, tetanus is said to be triggered by bacteria The bacteria are supposed to secrete poison. That is why we are given this poison in a weakened form during a tetanus vaccination. And that doesn’t make any sense at all. Dr. Kneissl is a general practitioner. He tells us why the ineffectiveness of tetanus vaccination has a very simple and logical cause. Conventional medicine takes the poison from the tetanus bacteria. This is weakened and administered 3 times. This is an antibody against the poison. Now conventional medicine claims: Because we have antibodies in our blood, we are protected. If that worked, let’s try the following. I go into the forest and look for a amanita (toxic mushroom), take the poison, weaken it and inject them 3 times. Then they have antibodies in their blood against amanita. Then I give you a plate of soup Would you eat the soup? (with the amanita.) The liver breaks down the poison in the body, regardless of whether there are antibodies in the blood or not. And that’s the case with diphtheria and tetanus. I can’t immunize against a poison. If that were possible, I would get vaccinated against beer and then I could get drunk and wouldn’t get intoxicated. Good news for beer lovers. Let’s stick to tetanus vaccination and the question of whether it really makes sense. There are 15 tetanus cases in Germany every year. Depending on the source, 3-7% of the population in Germany are completely unvaccinated. If we assume 3%, that’s around 2.46 million people. That means the probability of getting tetanus is 0.0061% And on the favorable assumption that tetanus can only get unvaccinated. It is absolutely unlikely to get tetanus and even less likely to die from it. We come to the conclusion: if the population is doing badly, e.g. in wars or through extreme poverty, the number of all diseases increases. If the population in peacetime and increasing prosperity, feel better again the cases of illness are much rarer. I am critical of vaccinations One of the reasons for this is that Bill Gates is a bad example. On the one hand, you get the feeling that he would like to vaccinate all of Africa personally. On the other hand, there are persistent rumors that he will not have his own children vaccinated. His former family doctor is said to have testified during a medical conference. Unfortunately, you cannot prove whether this message is correct or a fake. But if that is actually true, then we know what we have to think of vaccinations. If the chosen preacher for vaccination does not have his own children vaccinated, it is only for the reason that vaccinations have no use, but in the end only do damage. The fact is that the vaccine content do not sound like natural medicine. It is also a fact that it is practically impossible to prove vaccine damage. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry can always claim that possible vaccine damage does not come from the vaccine. Quite apart from the fact that these are often legal disputes that last for many years and that the Pharma can afford the best lawyers. The positive fact is that severe vaccination damage is rare in Germany and it is unlikely to get serious vaccination damage. Unfortunately there are exceptions, in this video the issue of vaccination is critically examined. You can find a link to this in the video description. At this point I break off the topic vaccinate and I would like to give you an alternative view of how diseases could arise. I think our body is simply perfect, our whole organism is more precise than a Swiss clockwork. And should there be a constant struggle in our ingenious body? Where the good, our immune system fights against the bad, also viruses and bacteria? At least such a fight is always brought to our eyes. But does our body really fight viruses? Or is everything maybe completely different? Can it be that minor and serious illnesses only arise if we have had a minor or major conflict before? Is an illness just a reaction of our body to better deal with that conflict? Here is an example. Most have had herpes in the course of their lives because they are totally disgusted with something. Herpes is, if you like, an additional protective wall. To protect yourself from what was disgusting. In principle, our body with the herpes meant well with us. And if you now analyzed herpes and discovered a virus, who would come up with the idea that the virus was transmitted? Nobody, because the herpes was produced by the body itself in response to the feeling of disgust to protect the corresponding area. The herpes virus is produced by the body itself. Viruses and bacteria are not the cause of an illness, but the accompaniment. Bacteria and viruses help to build up or break down herpes. That is why they can always be found when someone is sick. In an accident, I don’t blame the paramedic for causing the accident. If you are interested in the causes of illness, I recommend you to deal with the 5 biological laws of nature. A link with videos to this subject can be found in the video description. If a virus is produced by the body itself, then of course further questions arise: How to get infected if not through a virus?
What about AIDS?
What about Ebola? I do not want to go into these questions here because prior knowledge of the 5 biological laws of nature is necessary. I will add a link to the topics. Finally, we want to state that the person that the person who earns the most money with vaccines is also the one who constantly warns us of a pandemic. The whole scaremongering that has been spreading over all viruses in recent years is nothing more than an ingenious marketing move to sell vaccines to us on a large scale. In my opinion, patients in China have nothing more than a cold, which is sold to us as an evil illness, allegedly caused by a mutated virus. If the population believes in evil killer viruses because of the pandemic stories, they will be much more likely to accept mandatory vaccinations. As from March 2020, all daycare centers, schools, refugee accommodation and health care will have a measles mandatory vaccination. So dear ones, with this video I wanted to take away the fear of viruses that are said to be floating around and are just waiting to kill you. Instead, please be critical of vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry has been making a lot of money from vaccines for decades. I’m going to show you a commercial from the year 1976 that called on the population to get a swine flu shot. I believe that most people would not fall for such a clumsy propaganda today. Be careful what you ask for, you could get it. vaccine coronavirus


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