Higuys! We all know very well that the rich also cry. They’re human just like you and me and they’re
not devoid of human emotion. One very wealthy Chinese gentleman Cecil Chao
is one of the richest people in China. He’s an owner of a luxury real estate empire
in Hong Kong and he can buy whatever he pleases. He can practically do anything. The only thing he wasn’t able to do was
find a husband for his own daughter. It was a natural desire on a part of dad. Every decent parent wants the best for their
children. And just like any other parent, Cecil wanted
his daughter to get married and have kids. ButGigi Chao didn’t seem to want to get
married. So her dad took the mater into his own hands
and said that he is willing to pay a huge amount of money to the guy who can conquer
his daughter’s heart. The price started at 65 million dollars, over
20 thousand people showed their interest but the girl wasn’t ready to accept a single
challenger. After a while, her dad raised the price a
few more times and eventually it’s gone up to 180 million dollars. Cecil Chaodidn’t seem to care too much who
exactly was going to be his daughters man. He said that he was just trying to find somebody
talented to make business with. He didn’t care weather that man was wealthy
or not, all he cared about was that he was kind and honest. Gigi is a very talented and beautiful woman
She is closely tied to her parents and does a lot of charity work. Many people tried to attract Gigi’s attention. Both millionaires and guys who didn’t have
money at all. But Gigi refused all of them. Seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? Well, the a very simple explanation. Gigi is homosexual. She likes other girls. She has a partner by the name of Sean Eve. We don’t know how Gigi’s father reacted
to the news but at list he can find some comfort in the fact that Sean looks like a dude. Yep, that person wearing glasses and bowtie
is a chick. So finally Gigi and Sean decided to get married. And because gay marriages is banned in China,
the couple had to go to France where they got married. Cecil Chao was never married himself so he
couldn’t really blame his daughter for anything. After a while, Gigi’s dad seemed to get
used to the idea. If you look at their Instagram accounts, you
ll see that father and daughter are getting on pretty well. And recent photos suggest that Sean and Gigi
broke up. They’re not seen together anymore but who
the hell even cares. Not very long ago Gigi said to her followers
that she is engaged in a new relationship with a very beautiful woman. Gay marriages are tough. Often kids can’t tell their parents the
truth about themselves and some parents are not approve of gay relationships. Sadly enough there are many gay people among
celebrities and I bet they all feel lost. That’s all for now guys! Press the like button is you like the video
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