Binance US Explores List of Altcoins for Latest Launch

[Music] hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal here on Sunday August 11th and today we just want to go over a little update about finance in general as people know by Nance’s the largest exchange in the world and recently they have actually essentially shut down trading for United States citizens and residents and they’re going to open up a new finance US exchange which would be seemingly completely regulated I’m sure that’s why they’re doing it because they have really analyzed or announced why they’re doing it but that would make sense that’ll be fully compliant with US laws so with that said it’s interesting to see who they’re exploring the list of the alt claims coins for the latest launch you can see XRP light coin – oh the the chain etc so let’s go through this together so by next is exploring 30 cryptocurrencies for its upcoming platform for US residents the exchange says each coin will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the listing criteria for the United States the list includes top Kryptos including Bitcoin x RP aetherium vos and litecoin as by Nantz enters the US market we’ll try to navigate US security laws to meet compliance that means that the exchange will steer clear of tokens that appeared to be securities according to the announcement finance u.s. recognizes that the ease of issuing blockchain tokens and the perceived lack of regulation could make these tokens targets for abuse financed US has both legal obligations and moral duties to shield our users from fraudulent blockchain projects and combat financial crimes as such finance US has adopted a digital asset risk assessment framework to help select bonafide blockchain projects with a real chance of making the world more efficient to provide transparency in our listing standards and to ensure binding is USS compliance with applicable legal requirements I mean this is huge folks the largest basically exchange in the world is gonna create a US base one and be completely compliant and once people realize and feel that oh this is compliant they’ll feel more comfortable putting money into the space knowing that it’s compliant with US securities laws and I just think overall that this will just help the industry in general in this space so again like we always preach we’re always give the thumbs-up and a hat kind of tip to any project or exchange it’s doing anything positive in the space and we think this is positive by them creating a US exchange that’s compliant it’ll give people that are on the sidelines right now more comfort and putting money into this space so here the list of 30 cryptocurrencies that are under consideration and we won’t name them all but we’ll just kind of put them here and we’ll it’s kind of slowly kind of go down so you can read it for yourself a lot of them you’ll recognize a lot of them you won’t but the reality is I’m sensing that once this goes live and if this is the list or maybe they release these over a certain amount of time like the ten quick ones immediately and so on and so forth I bet a lot of these coins these alt coins will get a lot of movement on them so we’ll see well which is interesting as you can see from here it says excluded from the list are five coins in the top 20 market cap they’re Bitcoin SV monaro Tron Leo and T’s O’s very interesting so my Nantz plans to suspend trading activities for us-based residents on September 12 so that’s on there right here worldwide finance platform while effective users will still be able to withdraw their digital assets they don’t no longer be able to trade or make deposits so sounds like and I don’t suggest doing this but it sounds like you can keep your assets there but you won’t you can’t trade or make deposits after that magic September 12th date so that’s the latest update we think this is a big big deal and very newsworthy and you know the the market and this space continues to have forward and positive momentum and it’s just fun to watch the ride so thank you again for joining the cryptocurrency portal here on Sunday August 11th we deeply appreciate it thank you [Music]


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