Binance.US Reveals Support for BTC, ETH, XRP and Three Additional Altcoins

hello folks this is the cryptocurrency portal here on Wednesday September 11th just doing a little crypto update and Finance us has a little update as you probably have seen in the news in the last month or so finance in general has closed off as of in September there’s a date certain in September where they’ll no longer be allowing trading on their regular finance national or international website so they have to do the finance dot us where there’s obviously going to be some kyc requirements no your custom requirements the United States regulators are making sure happen in order for finance to do business and the United States so with that said finance us has now revealed the support for BTC eath etherium XRP and three additional altcoins which we’ll go through and it’s just interesting obviously when they came out a month or so ago saying they gave a list of I think 30 different coins that they were going in the future possibly add support for but out of the gate here are the six that they’re going to do so let’s go through this article from daily Hodel and it’s just more adoption in the community more regulation in terms of giving certainty to United States retail investors so this is pretty exciting so Finance US has revealed which crypto assets will be supported on launch day according to a new blog post the new us-based exchange will begin accepting registrations next Wednesday so that’s gonna be September 18th so I’m only a week away from the outset six crypto currencies will be supported now you can see these are just the top six by market cap there’s Bitcoin BTC aetherium eth XRP which is just x RP Bitcoin cash bch litecoin LTC tether which is it’s a stable coin USD T so those is a six that they’re gonna be supporting out of the gate next Wednesday September 18th and as you can see it says they are the six largest crypto currencies by market cap coordinated the data piled compiled by coin market cap by Nance says it plans to continue adding new retinas cryptocurrencies edit as it works to ensure every coin on the platform is compliant with the US regulations that’s very key there to ensure every coin on the platform is compliant with u.s. regulations that’s great there’s regulations that they can follow after trading launches for the first for this first phase we will continually be adding to the selection of digital assets available for verified users to deposit and eventually trade on by Nancy US trade availability of the digital assets we’re exploring will be based on our digital asset risk assessment framework Finance has not yet revealed wind trading we’ll be live on the platform however US residents will no longer be able to trade on Bitcoin calm as of September 12 which is tomorrow so that’s Thursday September 12th the company says bye Nance not us will feature strong no your customer kyc requirements to open an account users need to upload a valid government ID driver’s license or passport and social security number so you can see that the US government and some capacity has shown what regulations and what kyc procedures and protocols that finance needs to follow in order for trading to exist on their finance dot US platforms it was great to see this information come out more movement in the space more excitement in the space will be interesting when this opens next week and eventually when trading starts happening on that exchange so thanks again for tuning in please subscribe to our Channel we deeply appreciate all of the comments people make and and please subscribe to the channel we deeply appreciate your support [Music]


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