Bitcoin $1,000 DUMP! Billionaire Whale Buying 25% of ALL BTC?! (Cryptocurrency News + Analysis)

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now let’s jump into some Bitcoin
technical analysis I want to cover a lot
of things first of all the one thousand
dollar drop that we saw in the Bitcoin
price and I do want to talk about why to
me that’s not necessarily bearish just
yet still too early firstly bearish just
because of this job now first of all
let’s go look at the trend lines that we
have on the RSI and on the stochastic
both touching at critical levels again
the are sighs touching the line right
now I had to extend it because
previously was John up to here I pretty
much just extended it so we could see in
the continuation of what happening on
the daily timeframe on the daily chart
for the bit for next chart you guys can
see we aren’t touching it right now the
same can be said with us to Kazakh so
again a crucial level for us to see if
we do bounce up from here again and do
continue the move upwards now what
happened with this thousand dollar job
if we go from here and we look at the
top to the bottom
Bitcoin job roughly 12% o from roughly
nine thousand one hundred fifty dollars
all the way down to eight thousand
seventeen so eight thousand dollars held
as very strong support which was really
nice to see pumping in the price back up
what we ended up having was one huge
wick to the upside and one huge wick to
the downside now we’re seeing two weeks
of the downside showing the Bulls have
been able
pick up some momentum bears haven’t been
able to drag us down so the two weeks
show that we did test going lower but
again that did not happen but if you
look at the daily timeframe although we
can talk about the $1000 price job we
can talk about Bitcoin falling 15% and
how that does sound pretty bad if you
look at the run that we’ve had recently
we can see that Bitcoin over here
dropped from up top download that was
roughly 11% we can look at even this
move over here Bitcoin job over 16%
continue to move on upwards we can look
at this move or Bitcoin drop just under
10% and again continue its way back up
and I did want to highlight something
that I see a lot of people do what I
think is very detrimental to your
success and that is simply trying to go
against the trend try to go against the
trend means that while bitcoins been on
this move a lot of people have been
trying to predict when we are going to
drop and what happens is you might you
know try to enter shorts over and over
and over again and just get your
stop-loss hit simply because bitcoins
continue to push up and up and up and
the reason what some people want to do
this is because of an ego simply they
want to be the ones to say I shorted it
and I can manage to short from the top
even though they do not talk about the
several times that they unsuccessfully
tried to short simply because they were
going against the trend it’s a lot
easier to just follow the trend on its
way up secure your profits as you go and
when we notice a shift in the trend then
that’s something that we can shift and
start looking at the other possibility
but for now Bitcoin has been on an
upward trend and if you have been able
to capitalize on this then
congratulations to you there has been a
lot of money to be made in this run even
if you are just using just trading bit
meh Bitcoin on bit Mex for example or if
you are doing all points on all point
seven performing very well recently
after suffering in the beginning of
April but one thing we should also watch
out for is the monthly close the monthly
close is happening very very soon and as
you can tell the huge candle that we’ve
had over here currently sitting pretty
much tried to break up pulled back now
we are at that crucial suppo resistance
that we talked about before right if we
do look at the money trouble we had
highlighted all the way back and we were
looking at the daily the peak over here
pretty much exactly where the monthly
candle is at right now so be very
interesting to see what is going to
with the new monthly candle how it’s
gonna open how things are going to look
definitely something I’m going to keep
my eye on
but that huge move I did want to
highlight as well if we do close these
tabs and look into the five-minute per
spend I don’t recommend looking at the
five minutes in terms of any former
technical nails because to me it moves
way too fast it’s not how I like to do
things but look at what happened we
started to have that move upward started
to break above $9,000 a lot of people
got very excited and we saw news
articles come out like this
Bitcoin explodes beyond $9,000 in
minutes while minutes after that Bitcoin
absolutely plummeted down to under to
just about $8,000 you can see on
BitFenix it looks like it was eight
thousand and four so the 8,000
resistance holding a support holding
very very well and it looked like we
pretty much just formed the Bart Simpson
pattern something it’s very common with
Bitcoin some that we see happen a lot
and from there we have continued to move
up but one thing I did want to highlight
one last thing in terms of the technical
analysis is the load that we have formed
we have once again completed a higher
low that we have seen us continue to
build over and over and over again so to
me right now there’s no reason to
believe that the chant the shift has has
come in there’s no there’s no reason to
believe that the trend has shifted just
yet although I am obviously keeping an
eye out to see what we can expect moving
forward but so far I do like the
position we are in I wanted to give you
guys an update on the technical analysis
so hopefully you guys didn’t join once
we have the new monthly candle coming in
which by the next video that I post we
should see it then we’ll have a little
more information hopefully we’ll have a
little more information to share with
you guys now the market cap on open
market is just under two hundred and
fifty nine billion dollars we move over
to coin markups give it a refresh really
quick don’t know how long it’s been open
for two hundred and sixty six point two
with a 56.1% Bitcoin Thomas now if you
look at the 7-day chart you can see
exactly what I’m talking about when I
say the Bart Simpson pattern if you look
at the bit for next chart again it all
it looks exactly like something we’ve
seen over and over and over again and
that is the Bart Simpson pair if you
don’t know who Bart Simpson is I’m
pretty sure most people do but if you
don’t just do a look on Google it’s from
a very very famous TV show and you’ll
see exactly what we mean by this pattern
form and you can see it happen
throughout a lot of the market a lot of
the all coins also saw very similar
patterns not all of them not as precise
as Bitcoin I’d say but again we see a
lot of the same following a lot of red
in the market today Bitcoin being down
dragging all coins down with them except
for Mona coin which is up almost 90%
what can you say Aurora which has just
been working in this very interesting
flow again if you’ve been able to
capitalize on this this could be a great
opportunity if you were you know
catching these pumps I’m not
recommending you guys do it not a
financial adviser not telling you guys
what to do just something to keep in
mind some old coins like Doge for
example follow very easy patterns to
capitalize on hyper caches up by coins
up through crypto currencies in green
but definitely overall a red day if we
look at the biggest losers chain Lake
made safe coin Walton chain Komodo just
overall a lot of crypto currencies in
the red because of bitcoins recent move
sort of started to shake up the market
and a lot of people started to be
uncertain about what happened but not
everything is bad for some people if you
aren’t a OS fan coin base has made a
cos listing is the biggest listing since
XRP in February for them at is that is
what is being called now a lot of people
have different thoughts on EOS some
people really like POS so people really
dislike aus for different reasons and I
know we do have some iOS supports on the
channel so I figured something big like
coinbase having another listing of one
of the top ten all coins definitely
something a lot of people would like to
I would like to hear about would like to
know that happened so coinbase made a
surprising a surprise iOS listing again
congratulations if you are holding a OS
although it didn’t have too much of an
impact on the price because of what
happened in the last 24 hours with
Bitcoin dropping and dragging the all
coins down with it unfortunately we are
not seeing the coin based effect that
coin base once had in the market again
it’s a good news overall it’s another
opportunity another place for people to
be able to buy gos now this is not good
news this is news that I think a lot of
you guys would like to hear about I know
a lot of you guys have actually heard
about already because you’ve asked me
I’ve got a lot of dm’s a lot of
questions asking me about about this
specific topic that was Bitcoin sv bsv
which had a huge pump the other day and
turns out one of the reasons that it
pumped probably the main reason that it
was because of fake news but what
happened was somebody pretty much they
photoshopped this image and they created
as if it was an announcement from a
popular website saying that let’s see if
we can find it see SW so Craig Wright
transferred 50,000 bitcoins from the
biggest Bitcoin wallet to by Nance which
confirmed that he is the real Satoshi
and with this CC will realist Bitcoin as
VBS fee and make an official apology on
Twitter they don’t know who exactly did
this but this did cause that huge pump
that we saw with PS feed not too long
ago and it’s showing again
the type of community that there is
behind not something that I personally
am going to be investing in if you do
have a Bitcoin SB I just hope it does
fantastic I hope you do I hope you are
rewarded for holding it I hope it
performs great for you personally it’s
just not something that I’m going to be
investing and cz did come out and back
this up saying yes this is not true this
did not happen and he will certainly not
be making an official apology on Twitter
and he is not going to real it relist be
as fee so be careful what happens out
there fake news still can cause prices
to pump it’s definitely something to
watch out for I’m sure most people would
have actually seen through this as you
know instantly when this came out a lot
of people started asking questions and
so this was answered this was cleared up
very very fast but a lot of people did
get tricked it tricked many Chinese
retails and yeah overall watch out not
everything that you read in the market
is true now who is Whaley Oh a second
copyright filing appears for the big
point white paper this is from like I
said a guy named Whaley oh who I don’t
know who it is they have come out
apparently they are now also Satoshi
because they have a second copyright
filing which appeared for the Bitcoin
white paper shortly after we saw Craig
Wright do it now as you guys know the
real Satoshi clearly is if you’ve been
in this channel for a long long time
you’ll know who’s a Toshi is you’re
looking at him I clearly AM Satoshi when
I was 10 years old I decided that you
know what I was gonna invent Bitcoin and
that’s just what happened right now all
jokes aside different people have
different thoughts on who Satoshi is
since some people believe it is not one
percent proven yet while others believe
that it has been proven or if you
believe the fake news we just talked
about again depending on what you
believe you’ll have different thoughts
but as we learned previously that if you
register for a copy right it’s just
filling it’s just filing a form the
Copyright Office does not investigate
the validity of the claim they just
register unfortunately there is no
official way to challenge of
registration if there are competing
claims the office will just register all
of them and that is what we are seeing
we have the second one now there can’t
be two of Satoshi’s unless obviously it
was a group of people and these both are
involved but there can’t be two Satoshi
nakamoto’s and if you do believe what
has been leaked as of now about who it
is and who claims to actually know who
it is apparently it’s an Indian which
none of the two that the these guys
aren’t so definitely something to keep
in mind now another big news articles as
you guys saw by a title a billionaire
wants to buy 25% of all Bitcoin
currently available that’s like 4.4
Bitcoin so if you think you hold a lot
of Bitcoin if you think you hear someone
with 10,000 big one you think he holds a
lot of Bitcoin apparently someone wants
to buy 4.4 million Bitcoin out
billionaires willing to buy as high as
25% of bitcoins current circulating
supply and has tasks a broker company
daddy Ani a syndicate I don’t know if I
pronounced that correctly to make the
purchase possible now they revealed they
also revealed that there’s a number of
people who are interested in buying
Bitcoin in large amounts through the
company this was reported on May 30th
2019 now I don’t believe it’s been
confirmed who this billionaire is or if
it is just a billion I’ve also seen
speculations of it being a country you
know a government possibly wanting to
buy in large amounts obviously a country
with would have a lot more money than an
individual some come because in some
countries would have a lot more money
then specific individuals making it
likely that that is the case or it could
be you know maybe Warren Buffett and
Bill Gates are teaming up and they’re
gonna buy 25% of all of Bitcoin either
way there has been a lot of speculation
maybe it’s the Prince of Dubai maybe
it’s somebody in Dubai who has a lot of
money again another place with a lot a
lot of money but I figured this would be
cool way to end the video if this is
true if somebody does buy I don’t
believe somebody’s gonna buy 25 percent
of all Bitcoin but if it does happen you
can imagine that the price is going to
absolutely skyrocket even know if it’s
possible for they to do it they’re
inquiring about it I guess they’re
trying to see how it’s going to work out
but that would be absolutely saying that
would be a huge piece of news but let me
know your guys’s theories in the
comments down below what do you think of
this do you think it is a billionaire do
you think it’s a super team of Warren
Buffett and Bill Gates or do you think
it is a country let me know your guys’s
thoughts in the comments down below I’m
gonna read through all of them very
curious what you guys think because this
this article didn’t give us a lot of
information but at the same time it did
make me very very curious as to who’s
inquiring about the who’s inquiring
about this who’s got the money to do
this and who’s actually interested in
doing this so yeah pretty cool news guys
thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow
for another video


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