Bitcoin $87,000 Prediction! Tron TRX Office Raided! (Cryptocurrency/BTC/INT News + Price Analysis)

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talking about an eighty-seven thousand
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have my head moved let’s jump into the
technical analysis what can we see going
on right now Bitcoin is currently at a
resistance at roughly up that 11,000 876
that were that’s where mines at she
under $11,900 is a resistance we’ve seen
previously for Bitcoin we saw it attempt
to break one time Phil to do that came
back down and now it is attempting to
break it again now one thing you’ll
notice on the RSI I drew a bottom line
here as the channel we’ve been trading
it for a very long time when it comes to
the RSI we’ve seen the top several times
and it’s been a good opportunity to
short and make you know significant
profits on the downside again we talked
about that happening over here and that
was pretty much the table before we had
this big sell-off let let us all the way
down to our support down at nine
thousand eight hundred to nine thousand
nine hundred dollars now from here
bitcoin is testing the resistance again
with the RSI being at this lower range
we could actually see a breakout from
here lead us up into the $12,600 would
be the first thing I’m looking at just
roughly around here but if we do break
above that again I’m not I would not be
surprised to see a candle wick that
leads us to twelve thousand eight
hundred and eighty eight all the way up
to thirteen thousand two hundred and
twenty six and that is the height of the
candle wick that we see over here and
the body that we see over here now this
resistance is no surprise to a lot of
people if we do zoom all the way out we
can see that this previously was
resistance both times over here again a
resistance over here we see a lot of
weeks that are actually coming up to
touch it in this range one time we saw a
attempt at a breakout which on the daily
chart showed one daily candle green and
one that brought us straight back down
below that looking pretty similar
actually to what we saw happen over here
one chore attempt to break didn’t work
came one red candle straight back down
on the daily and again struggled to
break above after that but we see why
the resistance is here it’s had
resistance back here we see a few weeks
we see a lot of weeks at this range we
see two attempts over here to just touch
it in which left large wakes on its way
back down and now we’re seeing the
resistance back at this range so there’s
no rush to me right now into getting in
a position as you guys know if you’ve
been following the channel you know how
I’ve been playing this I like to wait
for a confirmed break before I try to
enter any position I would wait for a
confirmed break over here before I enter
a long and although that does make the
profits smaller because obviously you’re
getting in you know a little bit after
riding to the prof instead of getting in
now and Brian to the Prophet a lot of
people seem to be in a rush to be in a
position at all times and what that
means is if we do just reverse down from
this from this resistance because we
don’t see a breakout you risk losing on
the profits that you were able to make
previously now we had a great run for
leverage trades the last few months
before that all cui trade weren’t
absolutely killing it we’ve made some
fantastic gains over there so there’s no
reason for you to rush into any trade
now as you guys know as well one thing
I’ve been looking at is the big point
dominance so moving over to the big
point dominance chart currently it’s at
sixty two point seven it did again the
wicks have brought it a little bit
higher it’s in our resistance zone that
we talked about before and Bitcoin
dominance the main thing I want to
highlight here is we need Bitcoin
dominance to fall in order for all Queen
season to start so that’s something
we’re definitely looking forward to is a
little bit of a drop in the Bitcoin
dominance maybe a Bitcoin price starting
to stabilize starting to find a
comfortable trading range that’s going
to stay in which as of right now it has
not done it simply just continue to be
very very volatile which has caused all
coins to suffer in their BTC pairings
which is obviously what most people are
trades so one thing to note right now a
very important level this is the weekly
chart for Bitcoin dominance up at some
very very high levels so some of the
peaks that we saw it before and to me if
we are going to see an all coin run we
have to see or in all currencies and we
have to see this start to drop down a
little bit so that’s something I want
you guys to keep an eye out on until
this happens we will have to postpone
all coin season how long obviously
nobody knows for sure it’s very
difficult to give a time a timeline of
these events but that’s something I’m
focusing on right now now moving on to
the predictions well we have tone vase
who’s obviously been bearish during this
time he said that he might that he they
might not make a trading Bitcoin show
that’s obviously the show that he has
but he said that BTC USD has never gone
above his resistance zone of twelve
thousand two hundred and fifty dollars
to 12 thousand five hundred dollars
hence there is no bullish trend change
he now is waiting for a buy opportunity
sub 9k or down in five to six K now
there’s the good the bad side is
obviously he is
more bears so he is biased to the
downside right now although he’s bullish
long term he’s biased to the short to
the he’s biased to the bearish side in
the short term and you should always set
your buying opportunities at lower level
so he’s waiting if we do have a pullback
to 9k he’s got buy order set there he’s
not trying to buy the top he has been
buying on the way down and he is
therefore continuing to try to buy at
sub 9k and if it drops down again to 5
to 6 K that’s another place where he
will be looking to place a buy order so
definitely something that we can learn
from his from what he is saying even if
we don’t agree with his job he also goes
down to say that $5,000 is an actual
possibility for us to see before the
halving happens in 2020 after that
$5,000 is not likely to be seen ever
again this is his opinion again but he
does say that it’s possible to see a
$5,000 Bitcoin between now and let’s say
the end of the year and on the other
side we are seeing bullish predictions
that are coming on though this is one I
think a lot more people are going to be
excited about because it’s got some
pretty big numbers and something that a
lot of people have been talking about
this have completely glanced over so I’m
excited that for us to go over this and
you guys are gonna be I believe the
first ones to hear my thoughts on this
or at least this one thing that I think
a lot of people have glanced over so
this is somebody who posted on 4chan
they they predicted the Bitcoin bottom
now keep in mind apparently they did
call for a lower Bitcoin previously and
that didn’t happen but we must always go
with what we are given in the charts and
you know if we have a reversal we see a
sentiment change we have to factor that
into play even if we don’t hit all of
the downside targets so they said the
bottom was December 15th 2018 this is on
the January 21st 2019 just look at the
charts we are in the bull market we are
currently in the last three months of
accumulation stage now this is the first
time they got something right because we
did have the next three months of
accumulation which all coins performed
very very well which is in q1 of 2019 so
they got that right on the start after
that we will slowly rise and rise then
we will boom screen cap this apparently
people have screen cap this now he said
April 2019 BTC $5,300 july 2019
BTC $9,200 if you go back to charts
you’ll see we did actually have a wick
down that touched this area but again we
are above this right now so so far they
had been correct when it comes to this
October not a 2019 Bitcoin at 16,000 so
where it’s at right now to where it is
there if you believe this is going to be
correct could be some small profits if
you are trying to play the next few
months if you were gonna wait till
February 20 20 big coin there they’re
predicting at from their technical
analysis 29,000 dollars more than double
where we are right now July 20 2015 6
thousand dollars and November I’m
assuming it’s 2020 as well of 87 and
they missed a zero at eighty seven
thousand dollar Bitcoin this will be a
1.5 trillion dollar market cap and this
is the big thing that people are missing
the dominance of Bitcoin will only be 40
to 46 percent we’re currently at 60 to
65% with all points dropping because
Bitcoin dominance is continuing to go up
big point dominance at 40 to 46 percent
means we’re gonna see a lot of all
points perform very very well between
now and the time that Bitcoin gets to
eighty seven thousand dollars although
that’s a huge number for Bitcoin 100
percent doable I don’t want to count
anything out in this market you should
never count anything out in this market
except for maybe a billion dollar
Bitcoin by this point but still you guys
get what I’m trying to say it’s been
very volatile its outperformed every
other prediction that’s been there both
to the upside and to the downside never
count anything out when it comes to
Bitcoin but this is the key thing 40 to
46 percent bitcoins ominous is a perfect
range to me I would love to see big
point dominance at this range at least
in the next few years just so we can
cool down let all coins start to floor
so there are some very good all coins
out there’s some very good projects that
I believe are gonna return very are
gonna give us very good returns in the
future just some very very good projects
out there some good tech out there that
I think is being it hasn’t been seen as
much because Bitcoin and Bitcoin
dominance is driving the price of all
coins down so let me know your guys’s
thoughts in the description right now
what do you think Bitcoin eighty-seven
thousand dollars or five thousand
dollars which one do you think is going
to happen first do you think we’re gonna
see Bitcoin drop to five thousand
dollars again any
time soon or do you think we are up and
up from here into our next full-on bull
run let me know you guys’s thoughts in
the comments down below moving on let’s
go through this really quick sorry for
the longer video today we have a lot to
cover since I’ve been gone for the
fourth of July happy belated fourth of
July to all the Americans anyway I think
we have like a 46% American audience so
I was pretty sick happy fourth of July
to everybody to everybody out there we
are just over a three hundred and twenty
seven billion dollar mark koep again
dominance we talked about sixty two
point nine percent over here ranging
between sixty to sixty-five some very
high ranges a green day in terms of USD
valuations for Bitcoin and therefore
several all coins were seeing xmax icon
crypto calm chain all performing very
very well
some losers of course Walton chained
Komodo down 13 percent after it had been
doing very well previously but
definitely a green day in the market now
the chain has started their twenty five
million dollar buyback plan we talked
about this previously so I wanted to say
that they have officially kicked off its
plan to buy back twenty five million
dollars worth of its own token a very
good project one that if you have not
checked out I would highly highly highly
recommend you guys go take a look at it
because it’s doing a lot of cool things
forming a lot of cool partnerships and
overall I think it is very undervalued
now let’s talk about Tron really quick
as I know you guys probably saw us in
the title and there’s a lot of
misinformation being spread now a
Chinese Ponzi scheme has the victims
have accused Justin son of complicity
through silence now what happened was
there was a scam in China that was using
the name Tron is known by the name wave
field in China but a Ponzi scheme
was using wave filled super community
and people are saying that since Justin
Sun did not claim that they were not
together he is at fault for this and
tries that fall for this this the scam
stole I believed 30 million dollars you
guys can see so a lot of money from
people who obviously don’t want to be
losing that type of I don’t think anyone
wants to lose that type of money so
people got pretty mad and what happened
was an angry mob came rushing the truant
offices and that’s when the breaking
news came in people stood the video
started to surface of police officers in
front of the Tron offices and people
thought the police were raiding Tron
actually happen was the police were
protecting the truant offices from the
angry mob of people who lost money and
this is a very important thing in this
market guys I can’t believe there’s
anger mobs of people running after Tron
4 and blaming Tron and Justin’s son for
them not saying that the scam was not
involved with them I don’t believe it’s
their duty to go out and you know try to
clarify everything be on the internet
24/7 to make sure that nobody is using
their name I don’t think that is there I
I don’t think that’s their duty I think
they’re obviously focusing on Tron
focusing on the project and focusing on
you know developing everything that they
can and it’s summed up very well by
Jacob Canfield who is another youtuber
and he is on Twitter obviously you guys
want to go ahead check them out make
sure you do go ahead and do that blaming
Shawn for investing in a Ponzi scheme is
like blaming Bitcoin for investing in
bit connect people will disregard
warnings when they see it guaranteed
returns I remember people didn’t care if
it was a scam as long as they can get
out before it collapses this is
referring to big connect and it is very
very true people didn’t care as long as
they could get out before the scam
closed people knew as a scam they just
wanted to get out before the scam closed
and that obviously that mentality cost a
lot of people a lot of money more money
than they were willing to lose obviously
as usually we saved on investment don’t
invest more than you’re willing to lose
but people when it comes to this type of
guaranteed returns people start
investing way too much so make sure you
guys do your research before you invest
in anything if it all starts to resemble
a scammer start to look a little fishy
it might be the time to run away from it
and it’s you can’t blame tron you can’t
blame Justin Sun although I feel bad for
everybody that lost their money you
can’t blame Tron and Justin Sun for the
scam using their name they can’t simply
can’t possibly monitor every single
thing it’s important for people to do
their part
take take responsibility on their part
and of course do your due diligence when
it comes to researching anything that
you’re gonna put money into but now
moving on one last thing we do have a
sponsor for today’s video so I want to
roll that this is pretty cool again I’m
sorry this is a long video but make sure
you guys stay all the way to the end
this is pretty cool so I’ll see you guys
before we continue on to the end of this
video we actually have a sponsor today’s
sponsor is Internet no token int they’re
up 8.5% today so it’s a perfect day for
us to go ahead and talk about that
they’re just over a 10 million dollar
market cap
a low cap Oakland it’s been around if
you would look at coin markup since
early 2018 so January 15 to 16 2018 is
when it first shows up some price action
on corn markets has definitely been
around longer than some of the other
projects you might have been hearing
about recently but not as long as some
of the older ones that we’ve experienced
now this is a low cap it’s just over 10
million dollars market cap this is a
very very risky investment so before we
go with anything I do want to say that
I’m not financial advisor that’s not
financial advice I’m not telling you
guys to buy this I’m just giving you
guys my opinion on this overall of int
of internet no token kind of the the
industry behind it then I think is
pretty interesting now you can find it
on ok eggs you can find it on coin egg
definitely most the volume coming in on
OK X if that is something you are
interested in looking into but moving on
I do want to talk more about the actual
market now this is the IOT market of
this project like I said is a low cap
project which caught my attention the
first thing I wanted to mention is that
we are expected to see the IOT market
grow 20% every year up until the year
2023 so that’s pretty interesting it’s
gonna bring it to an overall market size
of 318 billion dollars and over 75
billion connected objects right now the
IOT markets roughly around a hundred and
thirty billion so still by no means is
it something small but it is expected to
continue to grow and some companies are
going to capture a total of 200 billion
dollars over the next few years they’re
going to be accumulating that as it
continues to grow so that’s definitely
something to watch out for I think the
crypto market is going to play a pretty
interesting role when it comes to this
as well in finding the right project
identifying the right project is always
something that it’s difficult but if you
find it it’s something that can be very
rewarding in the future now one thing to
note as well is that we have seen some
stagnant movement in this industry and I
think a lot of people are excited about
5g and the blockchain technology to help
propel this up and continue to have that
growth that we had previously talked
about there was missing there was a
piece missing in the overall puzzle and
it seems like this
coming together could be the right time
for us to see this start to pick up
again now I did some digging and that’s
how I came across this now this was all
the way back I’ve heard about them you
know pretty much from the get-go I
remember early 2010 hearing about this
project I did some digging back then and
now it’s cool to see that they are still
around like several all coins you can
tell that they’ve had a little bit of a
rough Street in terms of prices we can’t
blame anyone the bear market pretty much
wiped out a majority of gains that we
saw if not all gains that we saw in 2017
the bear market definitely put a lot of
people in check and you can see the
price right here it has seen some
accumulation at this point after a
significant drop now int is a Chinese
project founded by the a team of IOT and
blockchain specialists funded it had a
private ICO in August of 2017 and it’s
mainly net launched in January of 2019
so January of this year now speaking
about new technologies the blockchain
technology the int blockchain can create
new sub chain to meet the requirements
of any company DAP use case or even
device in terms of scalability their
their blockchain can therefore
potentially reach an infinite number of
transactions per second and in q4 this
year they’re going to add anonymity to
its blockchain via two protocols is
going to be a minimal Wimble I’m sure
some of you guys have heard about this
before especially if you follow some of
the bigger names the spaces you will
have heard the name member will thrown
out there and z:k snarks is going to be
added in sub chains the smart context
making one of the most secure Internet
companies and best suited for the IOT
market now some of the use cases and
partners that we I have heard of now
this is a little bit of inside
information not something everyone knows
of right now but they did initially come
out with a blockchain router this was
co-developed with China Telecom this
came out to early investors and moving
forward now we also are seeing we’re
hearing that they’re going to create a
device for the Internet of vehicles it’s
going to be coming in a few weeks in a
collaboration with a pretty big a car
manufacturer and lastly in addition to
the China Telecom
they are partnered with two other IOT
and 5g Giants you guys may have heard of
them this
is huawei you guys probably heard of
that name before if you are into the
tech space and ZTE with more use cases
in the pipeline again more and more
stuff continue to come out they’ve been
under the radar like I said they’ve been
under the radar for some time building
you know developing everything they need
to develop and now they are starting to
do a little bit more marketing this
being a perfect example if they’re ready
to roll out some cool features and share
with you guys some of the things that
aren’t coming now some more information
about partnerships that are coming up
that they wanted me to highlight is that
they are going to be partnering with a
leading Oracle blockchain project this
is going to be revealed either this week
or next week they’re also having a new
large exchange which is going to add
them like I said before you can get it
on okx but they’re looking to get added
two more more exchanges as small
projects do and that is something that
is in the pipeline in eight now they’re
also having a maintenance upgrades in
August we’re going to provide ten times
faster than it currently is going to be
a one second block generation speed come
inch before ten second ten times faster
than it is right now they’re going to
have an ongoing Ambassador Program of
1.5 million dollars focus on three areas
of development that is the external Rd
business sourcing and of course
marketing something that they haven’t
done as much as of right now but like I
mentioned and with this video as proof
they’re trying to get their name out
there and I thought this be it would be
a good place for them to do so because I
have heard of them before and I’ve heard
of them from the beginning didn’t keep
up much with what’s been going on in the
middle but I am again excited if all of
this does come to be now again this is a
small cap project it is risky as an
investment but if it does work out the
way they wanted to this could be
something very very good now of course
we like to talk about pricing currently
it’s at 10.2 I believe it was we go back
we can check ten point two million
dollars in mark cap it’s very very small
they believe that obviously it should be
worth significant significantly more
compared to some of the other projects
out there that are trying to tackle the
same industry now a lot them compared to
the other projects haven’t done as much
marketing they’re not talked about as
much they’re not you know making the
headlines as much because obviously
they’re smaller so they’re not make the
headlines with their partnerships but
also they haven’t invest as much into
marketing so they’re not as big as some
of the other name though that does
provide for a
tential good investment if this is what
suits you if this is something that
suits you this could provide for a very
very good investment but again make sure
you do your own research make sure you
trust this make sure you like this
project before you invest any of your
money although it could be a good
investment if it works out well at ten
point two million dollars obviously in
market cap it obviously is definitely on
the riskier side than some of the other
big names like Bitcoin for example but
they like to compare themselves with
Iona they claim to have more use cases
than iota does and Iona sitting at a 1
billion dollar valuation so again if you
do the math there if it does ever come
up to compete with Iona for example we
can see some very significant gains now
one last thing really quick I wanted to
end before we end off this segment is
that after a long phase of accumulation
of 33% of the circulating supply so
roughly 125 million plus is now locked
in their official node plan meaning that
both the available they gave like 15 to
20 percent annual ROI this means that
obviously the overall supply and the
available supply on exchanges is lower
than it was before and it is very small
so the small amount of demand could
trigger a price increase as we know how
supplying to men works I talk about that
a lot on this channel so that’s
something to watch out for as well guys
so much watching and sorry for the
little bit of a longer video but I
thought this was something that was
worth putting in there for you guys to
go ahead and check out I know you guys
are always looking for new projects for
new potential investments and so
everyone still well when I see something
that could be pretty cool I throw it at
you so you can go and do your research
and see if there’s something that suits
you but guys thank you so much for
watching don’t forget to subscribe and
leave a thumbs up on the video if you
did enjoy and I’ll see you guys next
time on another video


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