what’s going on guys so Bitcoin this
morning making a huge move over that
$7,000 resistance up there to 7,000 and
$300 literally exploding over $7,000 and
jumping up another $300 making all new
record highs literally every other day
and you can see here Bitcoin this is the
six hour chart here looking probably
like 15-minute my to see that high I got
there two seven thousand four hundred
and thirty four fifty
so really higher than I even thought it
got so you can see here I’m looking
using the G Dax platform and look at
this move up there to seven thousand
four hundred and fifty four dollars pull
them back down here it’s pulled back
down there to 6,800 dollar so obviously
people gonna be taking profit there
after that crazy move literally in the
last couple days this look at this how
it was it over the weekend Sunday this
was at below six thousand dollars and
look at this move over that seven
thousand dollar mark so Bitcoin making
all new highs and it’s pretty crazy to
think that Bitcoin was down there at
three thousand dollars in September and
now it’s up over four thousand dollars
in the last month in the last month so
you know a little over a month this
month Bitcoin making over a hundred
percent move in a pretty steady move at
that so you can see basically following
this EMA line up here this is the one
day charge these are the daily candles
making new highs new highs up there to
seven thousand and four hundred dollars
insane to watch last night I was sitting
here watching this thinking it might
break over seven thousand dollars last
night but I ended up waking up this
morning seeing it right there at seven
thousand dollars and then BOOM exploding
over that seven thousand dollar mark so
a lot of opportunities here to be
trading this to be getting in making
some money even this swing trading for a
couple days buying the dip selling the
rip Bitcoin really doing some crazy
moves here so you can see I started
talking about Bitcoin on Sunday really I
bought my first Bitcoin here on Sunday
and you can see even since Sunday I
bought there below six thousand dollars
it’s made a nice move up there to seven
thousand four hundred dollars so crazy
move really Bitcoin it’s a lot of action
you can see all the orders going through
here the one cool thing about this is
that you don’t need to buy a full coin
to make money so if you only had a 500
dollars to get in you could buy five
hundred dollars
you know below
thousand dollars you can buy $500 worth
of Bitcoin get a 10% move and still make
50 bucks there on that swing trade so
not bad not bad no fees in and out take
a profit when you got it kind of thing
but really just a wild move here people
said that Bitcoin would not break
through the seven thousand dollar mark
and there it is making record highs this
morning breaking over that seven
thousand dollar mark and making it
all-time new high so we’ll see what
happens going into the end of the year
here some people are calling for that
$10,000 break by the end of the year
it’s got a little bit of time here I got
two months still we’ll see what Bitcoin
does I would like to see some kind of
pullback here maybe back down to that
$5,000 area get some more you some more
share get some more get some more fill
down there at the $5,000 area be nice
can’t complain about nice little dip and
then a nice little rip towards the end
of the year here we’ll see what happens
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guys later


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