Bitcoin beats the Coinbase bundle! Cryptsy settlement, Twitter tipping? Bitmain, BSV, King of the Ts

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remember a Friday district in Bitcoin it was awesome
we had Simon from the Netherlands on talking about regulation and we had some
awesome other desks because you know is the best freaking guest in the space
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pound that like button now bitcoin is a savings account that will always be
yours regardless of who you bank with who runs your government or where you
live Americans don’t feel the acute pressure to open such an account be
thankful that it’s a luxury for you and act before you’re on the other side
alright that was from SK WP on Twitter yes he understands this is saving his
account but he elaborates that you will always be yours regardless of who you
bank with and who runs your government and that’s a lot different than other
savings accounts the traditional savings accounts
you cannot bail-ins depending on what country you’re in your bank can sell to
another bank and then maybe there’ll be new fees who knows what bitcoin it’s
yours it’s it son confiscate a good way of looking at it I’m not the only one
that considers the savings account and he really shows why it should be a
saving get why people in other countries know truly that it is the true savings
account strong hand 2024 just felt like saying that this is already 2020 and all
you newbies you got to get with this program baby you’re not selling until
2024 if you’re just buying now all right well let’s let’s jump back five years
here we’re jumping ahead four years let’s jump back five years and talk
about cripsy hey by the way Paul F just sent 2.99 Australian dollars thank you
dude keep up the great work he says bitcoinmeister thank you Paul F I hope
you’re livin I think you’re in Australia so I hope you’re having fun it’s
obviously not the middle of the night there like it is here and I will be
getting up very soon I guess first I have to go to sleep now let’s talk about
cripsy though and for newbies cripsy was a big altcoin exchange a big wet ever
and the gut it was the I want to say it was the original exit scam but the guy
in charge he just he stole everything he left okay but he in order to cash out
some of it he used coinbase so the lawyers came along so people were
unhappy that they lost a lot of money at a cripsy so they got some lawyers and
there was a class-action lawsuit and they sued coinbase because the guy in
charge of cripsy sold it coinbase okay they say he tried to launder money there
whatever he tried to do he did take stolen funds and he did turn them into
cash at coinbase so going clone base has agreed to make a payment to everyone who
signs up now here here’s the catch dudes at
coinbase settlement calm it’s linked to below and I’m I’m bringing this up well
for two reasons just back in the day people didn’t think that’ people thought
oh pricks you’ll be around forever that’s why you don’t keep anything at
these exchanges because no it wasn’t hacked the guy ran away into another
country and stole everybody’s money but um a lot of people since it was early
days a lot of people that look who lost their money over there where there would
be some 50 Rahl pointer god forbid bitcoin they were doing it not under
their real names just using an email address with a fake name etc etc and so
some of those people are probably Americans and they want their money back
and now a lot of time is going by and oh well I’ll just sign up at coinbase
settlement calm wait a second dude if you didn’t know who you were then and
now you’re gonna say who you were they got all the records from cripsy okay so
you’re uh you’re you’re going to tell the law that who you know all these
transactions that you made in 2015 that were to this point not known and perhaps
the law will find ways to tax this and perhaps it’s not worth it at all just to
get your piece of the settlement now remember coinbase
isn’t giving they’re giving millions of dollars to this fund but they’re not
giving it’s not all the money that was stolen from cripsy no no no so you’re
not even gonna get all your money back and who knows what you’re gonna do not
eyes yourself there’s the term I was looking for it I guess okay so think
about it think about it if you were if you were doing it anonymously maybe you
should just take the loss and move on it you just might be digging yourself
digging a deeper hole for yourself how’d that like button but in good news
Twitter is considering a feature that will allow users to tip
sending each other money from their cheap treats okay so they’re considered
a feature that will allow each other to tip by sending each other money from
their tweets that is awesome how would they go about doing it what what
currency would they use I don’t know I hope this up
I hope this rumor is true it’s from Matt navara that would be great if they if
they’re going Lightning Network with that or whatever because uh what’s his
face behind Twitter Jack Dorsey I’m so tired I got stuff in my eyes
I’m not certain I’m ready to go to sleep knowing that I will be tired tomorrow
because I’m one we’re gonna get like forever sleep but no Jack Dorsey loves
Bitcoin here you go patience is a virtue long-term thinking someone at some point
is a big company is going to incorporate Bitcoin and lighting Network and
whatever into their social media platform so whether it be Twitter it’s
coming the rumors are obviously there we will
see a the funding is there all the funding is in the house he’s in
Australia he’s in Perth uh always good to see him here he says not selling
until not selling to 2024 savings retirement account good yeah that’s the
way shit people should use it is it is a savings account it can be your
retirement account it could be whatever you want because they’re not big no one
can take it away for you what’s up what does why is Leigh Leigh say saying it’s
over I I’m not gonna say what he said is he’s acting like the Fiat freak no it’s
not that number I just had to check the price because uh
someone this someone said something that wasn’t true in the chat oh dude okay
let’s move on let’s let’s let’s keep this going
late night baby like late night spread the word on Twitter retweet this baby
all right oh my buddies over at the four satoshis
put this thing out I hope it’s linked to below
I believe I link to it below it speaking of coinbase I it was a over a year ago
more than a year ago now they came out with that bun
where they were encouraging people to diversify for the sake of
diversification because everybody wants to diversify well I just don’t want to
own boring Bitcoin I want the bundle and they’ll make the bundle of all coins for
me well if you were to both $100 worth of Bitcoin versus $100 of the bundle and
I believe this is a year ago yes coin basis bundle is now worth about $20 and
bitcoin is now worth two hundred and thirty dollars that that $100 is
terminally 230 and that a bundle a hundred dollars has turned into 20 so
there you go another argument against diversification for the sake of
diversification hey the coin base made out they people are gonna do what
they’re gonna do and Kobes has since gotten rid of that bundle I believe I
don’t know I never try please come on but as I say people well I try to guess
which altcoins gonna pop next especially when the coin base was thrown in like 30
or all coins in that thing I think just stick with the real thing over time
long-term thinking bitcoin is the winner 2024 2020 whatever you want to say so
let’s talk about 30 or all coins for a second like bsv here oh it’s not a third
tier right now it’s probably a second tier right now I mean that’s that’s how
crazy cryptocurrency is when bsv a fork of a fork but they’re a crypto
derivative crypt of dividend of a crypto dividend is a is is a second tier off
coin you would expect better to be in the second tier but uh there’s an
article I linked to below it says bsv pumps on fake toshi receiving missive
missing toilet trust key rumor so again they’re putting the rumors out there I
just I am just fascinated by how these people whenever there’s a rumor
speculators just buy even though they know the rumors not true now again some
of up the blind followers the cult followers of Jim Jones people are like
yes the moment is coming the moment to buy more now I mean
like it’s it’s quite magical that what they do it’s black magic but they say
come up with a rumor that that someone might get received something in the mail
and pump the price now it might be a little coordinated maybe they’re buying
some at the same time Calvin’s buying some why even theorize
about it but there’s a there’s an article about it and so that’s the
latest noise from there now some whatnot I personally bring that up because
there’s a tweet by gate a guy named Tom Canterbury now this is an interesting
theory I don’t think he has proof of this but it’s I wouldn’t be surprised if
something like this happens what I’m gonna read you and I think it’s a it’s
somewhat novel and it should really get the cult followers uh going wild
drinking the kool-aid more than ever he says bsv Genesis upgrade and that’s a
long-term plan bsv has had to upgrade and make some changes on their plot I
don’t know all the technicalities but it’s not part of it’s already happened
but some of its not gonna happen till next month or a month after that I don’t
know but he says the bsv Genesis upgrade is a Trojan horse for being able to move
Satoshi coins on that chain by the way Satoshi Nakamoto is not Satoshi Nakamoto
kind of like fake Victo she’s in Satoshi Nakamoto but anyway he says it’s a
Trojan horse for be that you get shirts like this little blue Trojan horse for
being able to move Satoshi coins on that chain they won’t and can’t move them on
Bitcoin obviously in order to continue the narrative that fake Toshi is Satoshi
this is all being coordinated alongside the court case truly spectacular and I
would have to say that people are so pure over weird
have you analyzed the code that will allow them to move the coins so if
there’s a Satoshi coins that are bsv no I have and I don’t know if this guy has
either but there comes a point when I think that community
they can do what they want to do if they want to move coins that you know belong
to another entity that isn’t claiming them then let them do it why not
I think there’s been other a cryptic dividends that move Satoshi coins so why
not they can move these and because and they all believe he’s Satoshi so they’re
gonna make up some excuse like well they’re his anyway let him have it and
maybe that’s like I mean if he could this is the people to do that he gets a
lot I mean that’s how many there are a million of them and bsv how much does
bsv worth so he gets a multi-million dollar present from all these people
from from the kool-aid drinkers in the BSB cult and maybe that’s been his goal
the whole time that’s a pretty darn good goal right there hey he can say yeah and
by the way I’m not really Satoshi but you just gave me all this BSP Thanks I
think he won’t do that because there’s more to all this sociopathic but yeah if
they want to make him a millionaire because he has nothing now clearly let
them do that and it just shows how deep their belief in him is if this actually
happens now is this built is this a Trojan horse in this upgrade I don’t
know they might just vote on it and say hey let’s let’s put something in there
that does it it’s not a Trojan horse we’re putting this in the upgrade
he’s Satoshi we want him to have his coins here’s a million of them they’re
hardly worth it yeah then I guess they’re worth a how much this bsv worth
now two hundred dollars or something like that that would be worth two
hundred miles let’s give him two hundred million
dollars we’re at the BSP now yeah a day he couldn’t cash it all in but it
wouldn’t do it dump the price or whatever but I see I aim to be
interesting to see if they actually do that because maybe that I mean maybe
that’s his long-term plan I mean that I get I just said it before to become 200
million dollars richer because again he has nothing now there was a good play on
your part if you could do you make a fork of a fork you make you make up all
these lies and you convince these suckers to give you to millions of
dollars worth of coins you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do it
let’s see what happens with that let’s see maybe that’s that’s been the goal
all along all right I don’t even know how much BSP
I know how much PSV I’m trying to do the math in my head I know it’s worth a
little over 2% of a big coin right now because it’s all the people been buying
you up as they think he’s gonna reveal something or maybe Calvin’s buying it I
all right let’s see who else is in the chat arcade barefoot Barry is in New
Zealand tone days we’ll be in New Zealand soon and out Leah tone raises
conference on confiscate Bowl on February 22nd in San Francisco I mean
Las Vegas he’ll be back in the country by then obviously all right pound that
like button people now what’s next and and then if it gets the the Satoshi
coins maybe it’ll be also this you see I I got the Satoshi coins here so I
deserve them on Bitcoin – uh-huh and people will say yes of course you’re
deserved was yours – oh god the cult but it will be interesting to see how that
plays out them really well if they make this liar a millionaire this is where
the big boys play dudes if you get fuller than that it’s personal
responsibilities new counterculture you did it you people over there in the BS
VLAN you can do whatever you want to do with that stuff all right so you guys in
the past have asked me about my friends what do they think about me being in
Bitcoin and have I convinced anyone to buy Bitcoin and I’ve said not many
really mention it to me and I’ve only convinced like two friends to buy it and
relative anyway but I get one Facebook today I get a Facebook message from
someone from Washington University that I went to college with who I knew a lot
during my sophomore year because she lived below I live with the five other
guys in a suite and she live with five girls below
on the second floor we lived on the third floor and they were our friends
and whatever and I made the entire time she’s telling me this message I just
kept thinking about these things I would say my sophomore year about them these
predictions I made I’m not gonna gather just say that for the Saturday show my
prediction did come true I think I can’t say it on this show it’s not appropriate
but now so uh so this is here here here it is dis the message she sends me out
of the blue I mean literally I it’s been quite a few years since I mean she’s
been my facebook friend she reached out to me and friended me years ago and but
he’s never sent me any messages but here here we go hi Adam
sorry for randomly contacting you but I know you are into Bitcoin do you know
how I can get one it is kind of an emergency with my parents my number is
nine one seven because she’s in New York I’m not gonna say the rest of it please
text me so I can ask you for the help I need so right away I when I got the
message I wrote her back and I said do that did a hacker get into your Paris
computer and now he needs a ransom to release your parents computer and she
wrote me back so yeah that that’s what’s going on and my brother-in-law has been
able to I think my brother-in-law is gonna get a Bitcoin now or when it get
ahold of some big I don’t know how much she would they asked for I don’t think
it was one big one I have no idea what it was but yeah so I guessed that one
right but it’s bullish it said that her
parents a computer was hijacked like that and that they have to pay a ransom
but they’re not gonna be like Baltimore City and just like spend millions and
millions of millions instead of just sending over the Bitcoin and this is a
this is a reason that maybe some people’s parents should have some
Bitcoin just the case and I said to her when you get this Bitcoin get some for
your kids at least two as savings so this is bullish for Bitcoin more and
more unfortunately more and more as this is going to happen and random people
from college are going to need to buy Bitcoin that never thought they had
never even heard of it before it only heard of it from some dude talking about
it on Facebook that they were friends with their soft
year so that’s unfortunately for her but this is the the bad people out there
that do these type of things they want Bitcoin there is value in this for those
of you who say there’s no value that is a a real life story right there so
there’s a question for you about my friends and big coin she was my she she
was my friend sophomore year but obviously now time has passed it’s just
two kids or something like that um quite quite those stories I can tell about the
there sweets below us alright moving on moving on from that classic what else do
we have here people talk about bsv alright next one this bit this dude um
beats e cking five high five he’s a notorious hater a bit mean okay but he
does get inside information about bit me and here is his latest rumor breaking
bit been to cancel its USA IPO plans insider tells their a tons English very
real and insider tells there is investigation by American Department of
Justice on bit main selling huge amount of equipment the Ponzi scheme bit club
with bit Mane’s Yoshi go toe playing key role some of those sales numbers were
apparently fudged to accommodate alright so if that’s true yeah then they’re not
gonna IPO and the government it will stop them from doing this such an
investigation would would derail that and I I’m no fan of it main all right
but I want there to be cryptocurrency related companies big crime related
companies IP owing in America I think it’s a I think it’s good so it is
unfortunate that if this rumor is true and they they were that corrupt if they
were in cahoots with big club then know that they’re not going to be able to IPO
no that’s that’s not going to happen that was a big mistake on their part if
they did that that’s on for but if that didn’t happen I would have
liked to see them IPO and just someone’s got to do it but I’m patient I know
we’re just another day closer for some big IPO Wall Street IPO that involves
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and that’s the end of the show I think was that did I
cover everything that was in my title what was this tough show even called I
don’t even know okay that is it then no more questions
awesome work you do Adam good to see you or still going strong of course a new
show every day learn from this guy people he knows what he’s talking about
thank you very much fellow world citizen and I’m about to travel the world not
that far get on a bus in the morning to help Paso Texas where I have never been
before the birth of Texas that one’s for you fun D it’s in the middle of it’s in
the western part of Texas not near any other big Texas City just like your
beautiful city of Perth is near no other big any City Australian city any cities
the most Perth is the most isolated big city on the planet Earth it is also the
farthest big city from Washington DC on the planet Earth so I’m a completely
other side of the globe and Gus I’m from Baltimore and then Perth is the furthest
city away from where I grew up too I guess
okay that’s it people i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out
the links below pound that like button and bang that bail bond I’m just
checking if I covered everything okay yeah cripsy dead twitter tipping bit
maybe sv alright dudes oh no I forgot the king of the trolls
thing didn’t I the king of the trolls thing dudes who almost I some people
probably already stopped the show there’s that king of the trolls thing
that I forgot to show I knew I’d forgotten something all right
king of the trolls this is a tweet about him we’ll leave it with this this guy is
time blocked in 2015 repeat repeating the same old nonsense from the scaling
battles rambling on about fees and box sizes not knowing that the world has
left him by reminds me of Hillary Clinton still throwing out talking
points like she doesn’t know she lost years ago dude that is so true man that
is so he is the Hillary Clinton of crypto he’s saying the same thing he
already lost same talking points move on dude but I mean the thing and just like
Hillary Clinton’s got her following two of people that repeat her same thing
over and over and over again you lost change your tune it’s over your
boss just like him dude you’re just you’re saying the same
stuff from the scowling abate it segment button your be cash is worth very little
you can just do what you have fun in be cash land
do your thing over there why you still complaining about the and people just
and people blindly repeat Hillary people blindly repeat him they’re like oh it’s
so expensive to send it’s not expensive to subjected I’ve seen transactions
recently Thank You MWC that we’re very very cheap and all right that’s it pound
that like button everybody I already gave you the conclusionary stuff I
always say now I just have to find the button that I click on to end this thing
bye-bye see you guys tomorrow someone you probably missed that ending
all right


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