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News and I’m Derrek. Today were talking about Bitcoin. Bitcoin
again this week is seeing numbers around the 10,000 mark. This just after a low last week that
dropped to 9800. This turn had analysts predicting a bearish turn for the digital currency. Especially
after its drop from 10,200 on Sunday. Just this past June it was up around 14,000. Bitcoin the hottest digital asset today,
some said that 9800 was the lowest it could drop; some analysts said even as low as 7700
was possible. However, this past Tuesday it shot back up
to 10,000. Coincidentally, this past Tuesday the central bank also announced that it was
going to start backing blockchain. There’s no doubt that a largely due to Chinaís Belt and Road initiative. China will eventually be rolling out their
own digital currency. The Belt and Road project is the China’s largest infrastructure development
in the country’s history. The Chinese intend to build a road from East Asia to Europe.
This would greatly increase the Chinese influence over the world as well as allow them to maintain
a ledger of every transaction. While this financial model doesnít appeal to the US financial
markets it has caused the FED to ramp up their own blockchain development. At what point do you buy into blockchain? I would
watch the spikes because it is still an emerging technology. The success of Facebook’s Libra
could show us a drop in points so that’s a stat to watch. For a more a predictable investment,
I would look at blockchain development. Medical, legal, advertising, and technology
fields are all already implementing this technology. Check the link in the description to learn
more about the blockchain council where you can train to become a certified blockchain
developer in just a matter of months. Thank you for watching. Remember to share
this video with anyone you know that might be interested in computer programming or maybe
looking for a change in careers; because blockchain development.. thatís the next hot tip. See you in the comments!


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