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Bitcoin? blockchain and real estates.
Hi my name is Xolali Zigah and I’m your high return investment expert.
So today we are going to talk about the connection between those three words
but first of all let me explain to you again
if you didn’t know that before
the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain.
Today most people disconnect those two words totally
but back then when the Bitcoin was created in 2009
Bitcoin and blockchain were basically the same.
So the only difference between Bitcoin and blockchain was the fact
that Bitcoin which was a network in order for people to exchange value
to exchange money,
this network needed something which was called a ledger.
You know a ledger is where you write all the details of your account
so the blockchain was just the ledger for the Bitcoin
so when you were talking about Bitcoin
you were always talking about blockchain.
Because it was just the ledger of the bitcoin
where all the transactions were written
and were verified and that was just it.
So today with the evolution of all the system
all the new applications related to that
blockchain and Bitcoin are disconnected
but for me it shouldn’t be the case
but if it’s this, it’s okay.
Why? Because now with the blockchain you have a lot of application
and among these numerous applications there is one
which is for me the bigger one called real estates.
So Bitcoin is used to exchange money
blockchain is used to exchange that data
but in an environment that is totally decentralized.
Regarding real estate there’s something that I would like to tell you
I always wanted to buy and to invest in real estate
but not in my country in France.
I wanted to invest in other countries
such as Africa such as the United States
such as Asia for example
but you know with the different laws
and the different policies of the countries
it was almost impossible, right?
Except if you have a permit if you go to this country
if you have a visa and then you have the authorization to invest in real estate.
But I was in Miami in 2017 or 2018
I don’t remember exactly
and I was seeing a lot of condos
a lot of buildings and apartments on sale
and when I was there, there was a little sign
with “this is a company related to blockchain”.
Which means that you go to this country
and now you have the ability to invest with the blockchain
but what does it mean exactly?
So today there is another expression another word
that maybe you will hear more and more often
which is called tokenization.
So what is tokenization?
Tokenization is a way for you to be able to invest in other countries
and to invest in big apartments, big mansions for example
even if you don’t have a lot of money.
Because it allows the market of real estate to be more liquid
because as you may know the real estate market is not that much liquid
What does it mean? It means that when you want to invest in something
you have the obligation to put like a down payment of 20%
but for example if you see a big opportunity in Miami in New York
and want to invest and this opportunity costs like 2 millions
3 millions, 4 millions or 5 millions
you are not able to invest.
Why? Because the market is not enough liquid because you need to put 20% of that
20% of 2 millions I’ll let you do the math.
But with the tokenization you can invest just 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%
or even 0.05% depending on what the people that are spreading this new token
related to this real estate investment put on it.
So that’s something really really interesting
because like I told you I always wanted to invest in real estate
but in many countries.
The thing is I didn’t have a way to do it
without putting like hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Now with what we call the tokenization this is possible
which means that you today you have the opportunity to invest
in any countries you want and in any apartment you want
of course if they have created the way or the token
that makes you able to do that.
For me that’s something really important
when you talk about Bitcoin, blockchain and real estate
you understand right now that the blockchain is a new model
is a new way, a new technology for you to be able
to have new opportunities of investments
in any part of the world.
So I’m just talking right now about the blockchain related to real estate
but you will see and we will talk about it in other videos
that the blockchain allows you to invest in such numerous amounts of sectors :
Real estates, musical industry, sports industry, energy industry…
anything that you can think of you can invest right now
because it allows you to invest without any third party
without any government, without any special structure behind it
that are watching you every day
watching all the transactions you do.
It’s all in confidence with the decentralized system which is called the blockchain.
So you need to watch it really really carefully.
As you may have understood, handling investments correctly
can give you the life of your dreams.
So now, if you wish to be guided to learn the best solutions adapted to your profile
I invite you to click on the link below the video
in order to make an appointment with me so we can further talk
about everything that can help you have high return investments.
There we go, that’s all for today!
This was Xolali Zigah expert in high return investments.
See you soon!

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