Bitcoin bounces back! I told you so! BTC ETF theories, Korea, ICO ban good news for crypto-dividends

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Bitcoin has bounced back real fast now
you know yesterday the trolls and
everyone’s like oh all over you here
this fight from all sorts o bitcoins
going down the 2700 it’s gonna go down
to nineteen hundred and I’m just telling
you go back like it’ll be don’t worry
I’ll be back around five thousand soon
enough and just like that row ever at
4500 you know where we’re at I don’t
look at I don’t look at it at the price
as much as I used to back in the day I
took my own advice I mean I’m too busy
I’m too busy with this stuff
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Adam what do you think about all coin
decks it’s a waste of your time it’s a
waste of my time and I said this before
I know some of you are new and
everything I just want to throw that out
there again um so yeah bitcoin did
bounce back as I said I told you so
and you know we’re back we’re back on
that back on the horse again back on the
path again to the future to 2022 the
having to whatever think long term
all those short term people are feeling
it today okay they’re feeling it bad was
they panicked and you know and that is
we learn a lot from days like yesterday
about the weekend hands and we should
all appreciate it those of us that are
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all right so the yeah all the big
talkers aren’t talking as much as they
used to you all the people are like oh i
ciose our next big thing oh you gotta
check out the ex coin and me oh and this
and everything all fall silent on days
like yesterday and then days like today
when the bitcoin just bounces back
alright so we’re going to read about a
little bit more about the Koreas
situation and it is very interesting and
he gives us insight on some of the ways
people think in America also how it’s
the people who don’t have as much
information about cryptocurrency so let
me Reba’s everyone is this is by the way
for those of you not familiar I have a
contact in Korea who doesn’t want to
come on the show but has sent me a lot
of useful information so we learn about
what’s really going on in Bitcoin in
Korea because it the price our crypto
currency in Korea because many
cryptocurrencies have been pumped up
because of what’s been going on there so
I am going to read you many people
outside of the Korea then asked me what
is wrong with Korea simple question
answer but I say there are primarily
three factors here one cultural I work
in the SM management industry and I see
many similarities between SMN Azorean
cryptocurrency sector in that the Korean
asset management industry also suffers
from impulsive and short term investing
many of the global asset management
companies here in Korea have for a long
time considered existing exiting the
Korean business because of this
impulsive search short term approach a
Korean investors this means that the
asset managers are expected to deliver
new products mutual funds with a three
to six month investment horizon which
global asset managers cannot deliver
Koreans inherently like behalf things
done fast anyone who is familiar with
the corporate culture in Korea knows
that when your boss tells you to do when
your boss tells you to do something you
do it fast
many people attribute this to the
extraordinary high growth Korea
experienced in the 60s to the 90s
something to this in the 60s and I was
likewise investors like to see returns
fast if investors see a short term
opportunity to make big bucks many money
pours in alright people there’s a lesson
we learn there if you’re some high
testosterone young 19 year old 20 year
old 25 year old whatever that’s so
freakin impulsive
dude you got to think long term don’t be
like the Koreans all right
because they don’t store their private
keep your private keys they keep on at
the exchange house all right two
economic cat economic cash in bank
accounts and real estate mainly
apartments are seen as store of value
for most ordinary Koreans real estate in
particular is the standard in which
one’s financial well-being is determined
does he own an apartment where does he
live in Gangwon for many Koreans it is
the ultimate store of value this is why
unlike the US Europe and many other
most Koreans cannot grasp the concept of
Bitcoin being a store of value that is
very unfortunate that’s very unfortunate
but you can see that why because they
are very used to the money in the bank
being a store of value
or real estate being a store of value
why certain Americans and Westerners
that I encounter every day cannot
understand store a value versus getting
into these crypto currencies that have
no limit on the amount that are being
produced don’t have having’s
it’s beyond me because ok in addition
real estate prices are at ridiculous
levels and domestic equity prices have
gone up significantly this year so many
speculators and individual investors
have turned to the crypto market as an
alternative ok language number 3 now
this is important people and this is
where an opportunity there’s opportunity
here for people who can translate ok
language despite the rise of kpop and
soap operas Korea is still a very
homogeneous society and still very few
people are comfortable with using the
English language there are very few
Koreans who were educated overseas and
speak fluent Korean English like myself
that have any meaningful interest in
cryptocurrencies this means that the
majority of Koreans are stars of unfor
unbiased and accurate information or
start-up unbiased and accurate
information that shows such as yours and
WCN provides there are reliant they are
reliant on mainstream media local
is fear and forums and their sources are
Bloomberg coin desk Bitcoin economy
cetera there is so much misinformation
to the extent that every time I do a
lecture about Bitcoin and
cryptocurrencies the typical reaction is
one of amazement and surprise a lot of
them find it refreshing because I give
them a completely different viewpoint
all right so thank you because the
language barrier they don’t even they
don’t know what bitcoin is now I don’t
know what the excuse is for all these
the 80% of the English speakers who
don’t seem to grasp the concept I don’t
get that but at least the Koreans there
you go there’s a terrible language
barrier if you can speak Korean you’ve
got it you can translate stuff you’ve
got an operon entrepreneur do you get in
on this or if you know someone that can
do partner with them I’m trying to bring
the opportunities people there’s always
money-making opportunities out there for
entrepreneurial people who are in motion
who aren’t doing corners who just you
know lay in the basement worrying about
the end of the world all right so I
believe that the best way to solve this
Korea puzzle is education I am doing my
best by talking to many people directly
and or telling them about your show and
others but the language barrier is the
big problem when it comes to your show
and WCN if maybe someone like simon
dickson tone Vaes erik Lombroso or
yourself comes to korea in the future
that could make the difference
all right people so education if you’re
if you’re up for educating the Korean
people if you’ve got some ideas dude
there are a lot of they want to learn
they need to learn all right back to the
all right how that like button and then
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right watching the post has something
online I don’t know if it’s in their
newspaper the economy the economics of
change and they mention blockchain and
cryptocurrency they never say the word
Bitcoin it’s very interesting link to
below that’s linked to below remember
this time I thought food is linked to
below remember follow me at Tec vault on
Twitter it’s been rockin on Twitter
Tec HP alt speaking of that Zero Hedge
tweets out Bitcoin exchange coin base
hits 10 million users I assume that’s
worldwide I don’t know how many people
in Bitcoin don’t ask me that’s it’s a
hard question I doubt all of those users
actually a Bitcoin some of them I just
signed up and it’s just not got through
the whole process but people tell me all
the time let me sign up and then they’re
just like they want too much information
and Quimby’s won’t let them buy their
bank accounts won’t deal with coin basis
there’s some issues but that’s
people are trying to get into this
individuals are trying to get into this
that is bullish all right
I’m Dre US anthem that was has a new
video out I enjoyed it I always watched
when Andria’s has a new video ok I link
to his channel below and one of the
things that you should take note of is
that he gets a lot of views of his
individual videos he is a lot of
subscribers he gets a lot of views out
there that that deal with to have the
fun titles or have the wild prediction
titles or talking about icos
or just click bait or talking about
genesis mining or scams or you know
trying to trick people into this up corn
and ICO lunacy they get way more hits on
average than his educational videos do
and I want everyone to take a step back
and think about that for a second and
just be how be proud that you were part
of the 20% who actually watched his
videos and not that dog that’s out
that’s out there and if you I mean it’s
a free world what what free were the
free world watch what you want to watch
okay okay I’m just telling you you only
got so much time out there try to
educate yourself Andreas is a great
teacher you learn a lot there other guys
out there that are great I mentioned
them all the time in the Twitter feeds
that I talked about ton Bay’s Vinny
lingham is great money Triggs is great
I mean there are all sorts of great guys
on Twitter I reference all the time you
just check out my links section below
you just check out them and you’ll get
to get smart
re re Pub was on the show and an expert
ETF thing that’s going on let’s talk
about these ETS I actually had a
question Ferrari that I asked him off
air and I should have asked him on air
like what did he think about other
cryptocurrencies getting him to ETF and
because you know we’ve heard about
greyscale and Barry Silbert trying to do
and and is here in classic ETF again
going back to what I already said well
this week in Bitcoin he thinks we’re
gonna have an ETF of some of a Bitcoin
ETF very very soon and difficult is
gonna go to the moon it might not be the
wincle by the winklevosses Mukul buy
whatever you want to call them if they
might approve someone else first and
we’re getting to that in a second but
something he said to me is grayscale is
working on like a dozen separate
proposed proposals Barry wants to be the
Blackrock a giant asset management firm
with lots of ETFs and et NS so I mean
there’s a little inside baseball for you
there I think we all know that Barry
silver is very aggressive but I mean he
has worked in he’s got so many things up
his sleeve apparently and I guess that’s
bullish for cryptocurrency in general I
mean this guy is trying to make bring it
you know say what you will about him
he’s trying to bring cryptocurrency in
general and bitcoins the leader of
cryptocurrency true the mainstream
financial markets and we all know that
mainstream finance is tremendously
powerful tremendously wealthy and if
that money flows into Bitcoin crypto
currency it is just huge and so on that
note there is a medium article dear
crypto you’re being played by The Wall
Street by Wall Street breathe but this
guy who wrote in the first paragraph I
do not agree with everything he says I
don’t think there’s a conspiracy here
but I think so the points he about how
people panic and about how there’s a
quite a bright future if the once the
etf thing happens okay like many of you
reading through the hundred
of crypto projects out there has kills
my attention span for crypto are true
articles so I’ll skip to the ending
right here it’s my belief based on my
decades of first-hand experience of
seeing Wall Street’s games play out over
and over that this entire China that
this entire China banning ICO story is
the last ditch play by Wall Street to
get you the new bleep crypto trader
holder to sell your crypto before a
Bitcoin and or etherium ETF is approved
in a matter of months or possibly weeks
okay again I don’t think $5 on the super
chat Johnny and why babe any Johnny and
why has a great steam it page by the way
ivory steamed um a funny video he made
about the New York subway system so you
go to my steam it I am at bitcoinmeister
there and you will see Johnny’s and so
you know click on it click on it watch
it see if you think it’s funny if your
have been he’s a great he’s an artist he
makes his own comics in studied he’s
good he’s good man and he’s straight out
of New York – definitely definitely
alright so where am I going with this
okay so you’re going back to this dude
so yeah what I don’t think there’s a
wallstreet conspiracy here trying to
scare people out of set you know scare
people to sell their Bitcoin before the
big pump but I’m saying people there
were or entities out there who know who
have been through this China fought a
million times who were spreading the
China Fudd to scare people out of their
Bitcoin so they could get it for cheaper
because they know that this etf thing is
going to get approved eventually and I
used to be of the mindset that and back
in April I was right that this way it
wasn’t gonna get approve the first time
but now I know a little bit more and
it’s not just the wincle buy you want to
do this there seems to be some upward
pressure pressure from below and there
there seem to be some changes over there
and I think this thing is going to come
sooner than later I mean I don’t know
about this year I don’t get people’s
hopes up but 2018 I think done that shit
again sends me thank you for the $5
mention big towel
he said something hilarious Newport is
it’s the shmita baby and again he’s big
he’s joking around big towel is a great
lifestyle though invention lives it to
the fullest extent of the law over there
baby lot of great meat I’ll content
producers up out there talking about
Bitcoin right now so I want to partner
with some of them you know get a Bitcoin
McDow partnership going because those
dudes are the ultimate market for
Bitcoin guys who think outside the box
who are competent enough in themselves
not to care what the world thinks about
them and not and to value themselves for
themselves not for a woman and just not
to need a partner or a partner who
steals from you there’s any wait okay
going back to this though do you comment
like button if you like Adams tangents
and yeah this this etf thing is closer
than I originally thought it’s going to
be I don’t know about the end of the
year like I read Paul I mean I don’t
want to misquote I recall I read Paul’s
also check it out
but yeah 28:18 I think we’re gonna have
this thing come I think would have some
sort of etf thing and it is good up so
money’s gonna flow in and they’re gonna
be up you’re gonna be other ETS for
other cryptocurrencies and those
cryptocurrencies the areum will be the
second one to do it but whoever’s third
is gonna become like the number three
crypto currency in the world real quick
so they’re probably a race to be that
third one and Barry Silbert friend of BB
if you’re in plastic anyway end of topic
all right
oh and here someone wrote in the comment
to that up that post left lol long on
aetherium but not Bitcoin one word for
you having because the author said he
was long on a theorem but not Bitcoin
but I think that was a cool line one
word for you having that’s a good line
people you should know what the bitcoin
having is that’s just my reminder of the
night I had another related note the
gbtc price is down again even though
Bitcoin went up and again this makes you
wonder some insiders know if this ETF is
coming sooner than later because gbtc
price is going to go down quite a bit
when ETF is approved that’s the Bitcoin
in that’s another very simple thing that
you BTC you think all right enough that
so here’s a quick that’s okay now this
tested you would big be cash and Ceglie
and 2x coin those crypto dividends
that’s right
kind of thinking that’s I like that kind
of thinking I caught I caught into it
about three weeks ago
imagine if QX is a distraction that is
going to be leveraged by BC by B cash
alright so what this guy is referring to
there’s some logic behind this are are
the people behind 2x just pumping up 2x
to eventually drop to X and then just
pump up B – to use it as something to
make B – B more attractive so in the end
B cash is the winner that the 2x is
forgotten who cares and the people that
had financial interest in B cash and AC
boost or did immensely with a huge be
cash pump it will be very interesting to
see what happens if 2x falls completely
on its face to be cash that might be
some master plan because it just feels
weird that they took this two-prong
that’s why do be cashing 2x and what’s
going on and there’s there’s i jus just
feel like those bad actors haven’t had
the last shot yet and they got something
up their sleeve so I’m not here worrying
because they’re just crypto dividends my
logic is you just keep talking about
them as crypto dividends you talk about
all the other ones like be gold that are
going to be coming out and it really
minimizes them at the same time they’re
always going to be people who are gonna
buy in this stuff just because they
think something else is going down and
you know the 80%
what are you gonna do
never by a crypto dividend just get them
for free by holding your Bitcoin okay
here’s something to retweet speaking of
bad actors it’s for a while in terms of
boycotting this dude don’t hand the bad
actors like shape-shift ops a fifth I
thought I oh okay don’t hand them in the
Bitcoin ecosystem your business and then
it gives a link to change Lee calm so
retweet that and use change Lee calm
instead of the stuff that uh you know
get into all coins or whatever don’t you
shake shift shift use change Li because
Voorhees is not on the good side of it
history here okay alright now that the
uh now that the icos are fearing Chinese
regulate our feet are fearing worldwide
regulation they’ve been kicked out of
China I mean I see crypto dividends and
is getting a spark here yeah you know
some of these people in China who might
have like started I want to do an icy
you know now they want to start their
own for friendly Fork of Bitcoin I see
this being very good for crypt of
dividends a question that was actually
this was sent to me have a crypto this
person has a crippled activity an idea
but make them use x11 proof of work for
this a crypt of dividend so it will be a
direct attack gold – so some so you can
create a forked Bitcoin it does a lot of
things this guy also brings up you can
have a make a proof of state Bitcoin as
a friendly fork so who knows where
people are going to use these crypto
dividends for attacks on – experiments
in – proof of in – proof of States using
proof of state but no no I said proof of
work to say create a proof of state
Bitcoin anyway these are interesting
topics I don’t know what you guys think
about it the cryptid dividend thing can
go a lot of different directions if
you’re thinking of creating your own
crypto dividend your own friendly Fork a
Bitcoin your own friendly Fork of
litecoin whatever email me at of Metro’s
or help calm you can also email them a
there if you need a crypto consultation
you need help setting up your trays or
you just need you just want to talk got
some questions we can set up some
arrangements and some station alright
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister just
for meister remember to subscribe to
this channel like this video share this
video do check out the notes section
below pound that like button I will see
you guys in the chat right now


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