BITCOIN BÖYLE YÜKSELECEK! 🔥 10 Maddede Dünyanın En Zenginlerine Dikkat! BTC ve Altcoin’de Ne Olacak?

If you’ve watched my previous videos, you’ve
heard that all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are as big as a grain of sand in
the universe, and there is a long way to get, walk, grow. Today we are going to take a journey with
you and store a little hope with six full analyzes for the future, and where and when
the big money is now traveling around the world in 10 items, why and when can it come
to Bitcoin and altcoins, and more importantly, what should we do while coming? How should we be ready for sudden and sharp
rises that may happen, especially in Bitcoin. Here, install on your seats, we will try to
find answers to these questions now. There are 4 little things you need to do to
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of comments. Without losing any time, but never giving
investment advice, we enter the bam bam event. Before moving on to these 10 items, I came
up with new data that could defend Bitcoin in six full ways. First of all, I would like to say that this
is a very ordinary situation in the stocks of companies like Facebook, such as Apple,
and I would like to bring this graph to you. This issue is also very, very important. See, just as Bitcoin is experiencing sharp
rises and decreases, stocks are also doing the same thing in their own balance. For example, there is a Chicago-based, American-based
company called CBOE. Many of you heard the name of this company
as the first company to open futures in Bitcoin in December 2017. This company has been publishing a fear index
for the rises and decreases in the market, which we call volatile index for a long time,
and this index is analyzed quite a bit in tradingview. In fact, the definition of Turkish in tradingview
is as follows. Often referred to as the fear index, VIX shows
the expectations of the market in the stock market volatility in the next 30-day period. Volatility means excessive increases and decreases
in price. The more this happens, the more the investors
have fallen or lost the trend, the fears that I missed the trend, the regret increases. Is not it? We have all experienced them. Here you see. How feared the stock markets, volatility has
come. Let’s remember the news from that time, if
you want. Fear really made the ceiling. 2018 is the worst year of the last 10 years
for the stock market. Like a worldwide stock shock. So as Cem Yılmaz said. We were marginal? Behold, Bitcoin was a ball, very bumpy. You live them in your own closed world. In the meantime, I am doing other research
on this volatility index, if I catch something, I will share it with you. Now, as we said at the beginning, there is
a huge amount of money on the whole world stage. Let’s see how much of this money is now? Don’t be too stuck with the numbers, it plays
three or five or more, but you please listen carefully. The total money in the world is exactly $ 86
trillion. If we rank from smallest to largest, in the
10th item, the 10th is Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. His wealth is $ 90 billion. Our baby Bitcoin is in 9th place. $ 112 billion. In the meantime, you can even understand from
this list how Bitcoin came with a devastating effect. The newest thing on this list. Neither technologies nor companies have emerged
in the last 10 years. Some did not, some became trash, some did,
but could not even enter this list. For example, where is Uber and where is Airbnb. Because they’re not big enough to be on this
list. I also exaggerate, but there are companies
like Yahoo who have been between 30 years and not being. Anyways . Anyway, let’s continue. In the 8th place, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos
has a fortune of $ 112 billion, currently around $ 125 billion. All cryptocurrencies are in 7th place So you
put it on top of each other and you are collecting the biggest 7th of the total money in the
world, but don’t look at what I say. Superb to start. Even being in the last place in this list
is a great success. But here are the crypto coins that make up
this value, after all, they are not the same, and which ones we should keep in the future,
we will talk about them in the rest of this video, we must continue to watch, we came
to the 6th place. Amazon is $ 970 billion. And we are gradually getting older. Apple is the company that takes 86% of the
money from all over the world. Yes, Apple is in 5th place with a fortune
of 1 trillion dollars. In the 4th place, the live dollar that we
know that the American Central Bank burns the freckle freckle by throwing the hurt it
hits whenever it wants is coming. Yes, 1.5 trillion dollars. For example, this may be the most out of this
list. There is the American government behind it,
but it is uncertain when and how much to print. It has no equivalent like gold since the 1970s. There is gold in the 3rd row. Gold has a market value. $ 7.8 trillion. We will open a separate bracket about gold. Keep watching. 2nd place all dThere is unnoticed physical
money that is visible in the world. The value of this is 34.4 trillion dollars. In the 1st place, there is all the total money,
from the bank’s digital number, all the money invested in Bitcoin or an Apple stock is bought,
all-inclusive, the money is $ 86.5 trillion, but as I said, the numbers can change constantly,
but the ranking in the list does not change so quickly. There is another contract point here. They are also the subject of market cap, the
subject of market value. We usually fall into this mistake. When we say the market cap of something, the
market value of 100 billion dollars, we think that the money invested there is 100 billion
dollars, but it is not. Think like this. I went and went 10 years ago, for example,
bought 1 full gold for 300 liras. Let’s say that gold has risen in 10 years,
my gold is 1000 lira. The market value of gold has also increased,
but I can sell that gold for 1000 lira, or the current exchange rate, but if anyone tries
to sell it, what will happen will fall. I hope I could fully explain. This is also the case with Bitcoin and altcoins. The market value of Bitcoin is currently $ 178
billion, but the man who buys 1 full Bitcoin from $ 3000 is now counting $ 9800 as Bitcoin. Yes, it is true if it goes away, but if everyone
sells it, Bitcoin will drop with a jet speed, and the one who is left under will get hurt. So there is a somewhat confusing situation
about market value. Now let’s come to the issue of gold just before
extending much. We said the market value of gold is 7.8 trillion
dollars. We put this data in one hand. There is money under it, brother, 7.8 trillion
dollars. We put Bitcoin in our other hand. Digital horse is the next generation of gold
in the digital age, but not even 1 in 7 of Bitcoin gold. If Bitcoin steals 10% of the cake share of
gold as time goes by, there is no need for ultra performance. Bitcoin doesn’t need to do anything either. This is all I want, whether it is in the middle
or its price is very low and it does not go away. As time goes on, people trust. As time goes by, did I say Bitcoin or the
image of something that pops like a balloon in 2017, Allah Allah has been in the market
for 20 years. I guess they say something good, both in digital
gold, and now let me get to the barrier. We said that if it stole 10% in this way,
not more than gold, that is, if the market value of 10% of gold comes to Bitcoin, it
makes 780 billion dollars. What is the current market value of Bitcoin
at $ 178 billion. How many times does this increase? 4.3 times rise. We roughly calculate but let’s continue. How much is Bitcoin now, 9800 dollars. When we multiply by 4.3, it tells us 42 thousand
dollars. These are scenarios, but scenarios that are
very likely to be possible, but let’s get to the subject we said when opening the video. If we take such a path, what will we do as
early investors? If we act right once, we will be much luckier
than people who will meet Bitcoin with cryptocurrencies 10 years later, 20 years later. Just like people who met gold 50 years ago
were lucky. I do not give investment advice, but I think
we have to do it in its simplest terms, just like taking it and waiting. You also have to ask. Was gold as precious as it is now when it
first came out psychologically? Silver and copper were also precious assets,
but there are other waves there. We talk about them in a separate video. A story similar to gold is also in Bitcoin,
so that it can be in cryptocurrencies, now that all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin
are at an early stage, they have to prove that they do not prove themselves one hundred
percent, so we need to invest and invest two baskets as low-risk and high-risk. It is necessary to discard the low-risk Bitcoin
and the first 15 coins from the first 100 coins, such as Cardano, which seems to be
useful for now, from Ethereum like Stellar, BNB, and from the first 100 coins to the very
risky. For example, it can be Algorand, Link, Waves,
Enjin, this type of risk is very high, the risk of losing money can be chosen from the
altcoins that can promise in the future. Oh, I was forgetting. Very important. Also see if the coins you choose are distruptive,
that is, the existing technologies, the destructive effect of companies. They should be distruptive. In technology, Apple is Google, big companies
have already covered corners 10 years, 20 years. A destructive, preceding technology, a company
that has demolished the companies, which we call them disruptive, can push the project
down. Be demanding when making long-term investments
in altcoins, and when you buy a coin, think that you
are actually investing in that company and question whether that company is worth this
investment, disruptive, that is, disruptive, technology that is disruptive like Bitcoin. These filters, these inquiries, meanwhile,
apply to long-term survival altcoins. If you say I will make a hammer in the short
term, I already told you in the previous video. That’s another head. Here I am talking about the criteria to choose the coins that can survive in the long term
and the value we can leave to our children and children. And friends, I tried to provide satisfying
information. Subscribe to my channel and touch the bell. Do not forget to like my comments and write comments and join my Telegram channel
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