Bitcoin BTC MAJOR Resistance Approaching! Ethereum ETH Ripple XRP Price Predictions News Today

We’ve got a lot to talk about today we’re going to be covering Bitcoin a theorem and Ripple technical analysis
However, we’re also gonna go over B and B
I’m gonna talk about why I’m holding the by Nantz coin right now, and then there’s some awesome headlines to talk about
fidelity institutional
investments coming into this market
We’re also gonna be talking about tether not being backed and what you guys need to do about that alongside
with Facebook building a new cryptocurrency and I’m gonna talk about why that’s important and we’re also gonna look at daily transactions per day and
Bitcoin dominance is we’re seeing a lot of things cooking up
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we’ve been posting a ton of bit mech signals and we have been on the dot with some of these bit Mexicans you can see
Today, we actually predicted this break out of Bitcoin
We had this signal with an entry of 50 for 10 and I think we already hit that 5500 target
We’re looking hit that second target
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I’m telling you guys. There’s so much opportunity this market. We’re gonna start to see more and more alt coins. Pop now
I’m gonna go right into this Bitcoin technical analysis as you can see we’re starting to rise up towards this very strong resistance here at
6,000 US dollars you can see acted as previous support multiple times and as we know if you guys are traders
Anything that was previous support that’s broken down is now gonna turn into the next resistance. And so
Looking at where there’s potential opportunity this market
I am assuming that we’re most likely gonna see pull back at the
6,000 level and if you guys watched my technical analysis from last
the last couple of weeks we’ve been following the consolidation trend that I
Expected and we’re also testing these highs, but I believe we’re gonna see a pullback maybe a healthy pullback
Towards this support here right around that
4950 level so if you haven’t gotten your positions in
Bitcoin as we know we’re starting to see a lot more bullish momentum this market
We’re gonna talk about institutional investors coming in
But the point is it is time to start dollar cost averaging in my opinion into Bitcoin because we’re starting to see this long-term downtrend
Starting to go ahead and curve up and we’re starting to see this correction come to an end and a new bull market
to emerge and so I wouldn’t be surprised for us to see this pull back down towards these moving averages you can see we’ve got
This 50 the 100 the 200-day moving average here as well
And so it would be a very healthy pullback for us to see Bitcoin drop down towards that $5,000 level
So don’t be surprised if that starts to happen looking at the RSI
You can see we’re heading towards these overbought levels and we don’t want to stay at these levels too long. And so
Looking at other opportunities in the market. We’re gonna look at a theremin Ripple’s technical analysis
But I do want to mention a couple things here just so you guys know I’m still very bullish
About Bitcoin in the long term. I’m gonna show you guys this chart here
So here we’ve got the daily transactions per day. You can see here. We’re starting to maintain these
300,000 of 400,000 transactions per day levels, and these are the same highs that we saw in
2017 when Bitcoin was at 20 thousand US dollars, obviously, we’re not at that right now
but as you can see
We are
Staying at these levels. And what I’m looking for is just to see how long we can stay at these higher levels
You know, I’m gonna talk about some really cool things as well
I actually had a chance to sit down with Brock Pierce several weeks ago. That’s why I’ve been out
So sorry you guys I haven’t been making videos for three weeks
But I’ve been watching the markets if you guys are part of our discord premium group. You guys know, I’m there every single day
We’re posting daily trade signals for crypto stocks and Forex
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Traders but looking at this chart here you can see in the fundamental sense
We’re still very bullish about Bitcoin and we’re going to go into some news articles to prove that point
But what’s also exciting is if we look at bitcoins market dominance?
We’re starting ahead towards these higher levels at 55% right now
And that’s actually one of the same highs that we saw recently September 10th of 2018
We haven’t been at these highs since then and so that’s a very positive thing. But please note that we know
This is a resistance area for Bitcoin and I just don’t expect this to shoot up out of nowhere
There will most likely be a healthy pullback as we look at the technical analysis for Bitcoin
And so I want to dive into some headlines right away because I do want to go over this XRP and athenian technical analysis
However, i’ve got some really cool head
It’s to show you guys you know, I think that’s why I like making videos when it matters, you know
A lot of people they make videos every single day every single week, but for me
it’s like I want to make videos when it matters because
Understand that you can be patient in this market and still make a lot of money
That’s why we provide stocks and forex signals as well as bit Mac signals because obviously swing trading altcoins and swing trading bitcoin anthem
It’s not always a good opportunity in the market as it was back in 2017 when we were in the bull market
so there’s so many other opportunities but understanding the fundamentals is what’s most important you can see here says
institutional investment in cryptocurrency likely to grow
22 percent of respondents have already purchased cryptocurrency if the survey accurately represents institutional interest
This is a remarkable increase from the near zero institutional investments in
2016 and so I want to talk a little bit about this
What’s really cool is I had a chance to sit with Brock Pierce? If you guys know Brock Pierce is he is you know, he
Founded you know, he was part of the founding team of yose. He was also a part of some of these major coins
working alongside
Jed McCaleb working alongside
Dan Larimer and and even some other big hitters like Roger ver as well
He’s been the sphere since World of Warcraft coins
And so if you guys don’t know Brock Peters, I highly recommend you guys search him up
But he’s most prominent for the eos and he’s also you know
one of the founders of the largest fundraising funds in the cryptocurrency sphere
He’s a billionaire in this market
And so a lot of people know him and I had a chance to sit with him two weeks ago
In a private event and what’s interesting is he mentioned can bridge
Analytics which isn’t can bridge analytic which I you know is part of that whole Facebook data drama
But this is a separate company that actually works with
Institutional funds and they pretty much create
benchmarks for these funds to invest in to have the safest investment and for the first time ever two months ago Brock Pierce mentioned that
they added blockchain and crypto currencies as 30 points of recommended investments in their funds and so this
Report from Cambridge analytics goes to over you know
Two most of these institutions and I think it represents over three hundred billion dollars
If I remember what Brock Pierre said and what that means is over the next three
We’re obviously you’re not going to see these funds just start investing in crypto and Bitcoin because they have a lot of compliance paperwork
they have to go through a lot of things they have to go through to start investing in new assets, but
This article is proving Brock’s point because you can see it says more
promising is that four out of ten respondents are open for future investments in cryptocurrency within the next five years if
Opinion remains unchanged this means that institutional investors can increase by up to 18 percent over the next five years
So if only twenty two percent right now have already purchased cryptocurrency and we see another 18 percent come that’s 40 percent more
Institutions investing in crypto and I believe that’s exactly where starting to see and it’s proven here with confirms transactions per day as well as
bitcoins dominance and the technical analysis
so I’d love to hear you guys his opinion on that in the description below and we’re gonna get into tether as well as
Facebook but first let’s go over a theory. I’m technical analysis. So looking at theory and we are below this EMA
This is exponential moving average. It’s a momentum indicator. This is showing bearish momentum
We broke major support here right around that 30
I’m sorry
I believe that’s 30 or three million Satoshi mark and you can see we’re starting to head towards that 26 level here
That’s the first target that we have from previous support and we’re also looking at this RSI here with bearish RSI rejections
constantly being rejected here below that 40, which is
Anything below 14 RSI would be considered bearish so not looking so good here for aetherium
We don’t want to look at the USD chart because if the Bitcoin chart doesn’t look good
Then there’s no point of looking at the USD chart but looking at ripples technical analysis
Very similar below the EMA below all these moving averages
Broke major support heading towards its next target here right around that 4,000 satoshi level looking at the RSI very bearish
Multiple rejections down here below 40 not looking so well
And then finally where I’ve been hedging the majority of my crypto has been the by Nance coin as you guys know
I’ve been talking about this. I was the one that made the video in January of 2018 last year
Say the most top performing best coin of the year is gonna be the buy Nance coin and guess what?
It was the top-performing coin in 2018. I’ve been in this market for over nine years
I have a lot of experience. I underst stand that use case is what creates intrinsic value therefore. That’s what we’re looking for
We’re looking for these coins
And so I’ve got a list of about fifty alt coins that I’d look for swing trays and that’s where we post our crypto signals
However, when it comes to these major coins as long-term investments, we’re looking at like the bienniums coin
For example, the bittorrent coin is a coin that I’m very optimistic about as well
But that’s a very long-term trade
A lot of you guys got in or not 17 or 18 Satoshi’s of you guys are part of our premium group
But I wanted to stress that this is a very long-term trade. So whether it’s at eleven satoshis twelve thirteen, it doesn’t matter
I’m looking at the bittorrent token for the long long long term and so the buy nance coin very interesting
We’re seeing a bullish EMA currently, we’re below because we’re starting to see Bitcoin rise
But once again Bitcoin is starting to head towards these resistance levels
And that’s actually allowing the buy nance coin to hit that 50-day moving average so I can see this as a very strong entry
right now to be quite frank because that fifty days a
support level and it’s a good Bitcoin hedge what I also like about keeping my money in the buy Nance coin is we’re seeing very
Strong volume on a consistent basis and then on top of that. We’re in a constant
Uptrend and it’s held very strong over the past few days
I can expect this next target to be right around that 50000 Satoshi mark and so um, that’s what I’m excited about
We look at and sorry if I mess up Satoshi’s I’m always looking at this right hand side
I’m trying to count these Satoshi’s but when you go through so many coins it gets confusing
but you guys get the point and so if you guys know a satoshis are every Bitcoin is broken into
a hundred million Satoshi’s and so
10-man I’m confusing myself. It’s 1:00 a.m
Like this video if you guys appreciate me making a technical analysis and use video at 1:00 a.m
But anyways appropriate RSI here. It has a very strong support. It’s in the neutral zone
I’m really liking what I see here with the by nan Schoen
I would be hedging in finance right now
If I were you and so very excited to see the buying ance coin starting to trend up
Let’s move on in some awesome news here. So this is another interesting article
I had a chance to sit with a buddy of mine
who raised over a hundred million dollars for his I see I’m not gonna specifically name because they are going through some stuff with the
SEC right now
Alongside a lot of icos, but he did mention to me three weeks ago at this private event
He was the one that actually hosted this event that broth Pearce came to that
He is very worried about tether and now you’re starting to see things come up with tether
You can see her says tether confirms that 26 percent of its UCSD
t supply is not backed by fee on they were being sued by the
US attorney general’s office, I believe at this moment
due to the fact that they were hiding the fact that they lost money and
They just print more tether to cover it up and that’s a very big deal. So I would not be holding USD T
That’s the pretty much the the main point here
I would be using USD CT USD and there’s a lot of other
Alternatives and so looking at this next headline here. A lot of people are talking about a Facebook building crypto based payment system
Let’s talk about why this is important
you can see R
Facebook is building a stable coin backed by Fiat and that it was recruiting dozens of financial firms and online merchants to support the crypto
Ecosystem very good for positive growth and mass adoption, right?
But what’s most interesting is this part it says Facebook was looking to raise 1 billion from investors
Which the report confirms the money will go towards backing its stable coin
Well, guess what? If you see a billion dollars enter a market that is currently under 180 billion in total market cap
That’s gonna bring the market a lot higher and so understand that when you’re looking at market cap
It doesn’t mean that there is 180 billion dollars in this market
That’s just a total valuation if you were to take every coin in this value right now and multiply
But obviously we started to see a huge sell-off the actual liquidity is a lot less than what’s the total market cap
So a hundred I’m sorry 1 billion can make a very big impact as a matter of fact if we look at the last
Bitcoin move here this huge move here. This is a 100 million dollar order that brought Bitcoin up about 23% in one day
And so imagine if that was a hundred million that did
23 percent then 1 billion that Facebook is already raising from investors going into a stable clay that they plan to
Create and they’re already hiring developers for 1 billion to 100 million
That would theoretically mean we’d see a 10x of this 23 percent
And so that’s over a hundred percent over two hundred percent gains
just from Facebook putting a billion dollars in this market and that’s why I’m gonna end this video with the fact that I am extremely
I hope you are to like this video if you haven’t already if you guys want to make some money
join our premium group
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We only have daily signals right now, but I want to get to a point where we have not just daily signals
but three or four analysts on every single category posting signal so that’s when things are gonna get exciting and with that being said,
Thank you guys for watching
I will see you guys soon as we started to see more market maturity and momentum and with that being said
Until the next one. Thank you guys


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