Bitcoin Bull Run Indicator?! Tron TRX #2 On Rankings?! 100,000 Lawsuit! (Cryptocurrency/BTC News)

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the technical analysis I do want to go
through this really quick because I want
to highlight this new Bitcoin bull run
indicators a lot of people have been
talking about a lot of hype has been
generated from it but I do know you guys
love your technical analysis well to
stay up-to-date with the prices so let’s
look at what’s going on now on the daily
it doesn’t look like much we do have two
decently sized candlesticks down into
the previous target zone now obviously
since this zone was highlighted for a
reason being the previous tops that we
had all the way back here and acted as
resistance as we can see on this time
it’s no surprise that after a bounce
from this
from the resistance up here we came back
in this resistance that was previous
resistance turned into support now if
you go to the one hour early this looks
a lot better it looks a lot more like
what we what we could expect to happen
so it went up to the resistance came
back down touch inside this zone found
support here and now moved its way back
up so it looks a lot more clear on the
hourly timeframe but personally I do
prefer looking at the daily again these
two large weeks looks like the Bears
they tried they pulled into the support
like I said they pulled to the support
not enough momentum to even stay there
for a long period of time to guess on
the hourly it was a very short period of
time and so both daily candles closed
with large wicks to the downside but the
candle bodies were small and they were
towards the upside now looking at the
overall stochastic like I said it’s the
chasm the RSI we bounced off of here so
moving up on that we are seeing a
bearish crossing the stochastic again we
see these two candles they are red
although they are red so they did close
underwear they open very small candle
bodies compared to the wick we saw the
bounce that we’re talking about before
so now let’s wait and see what happens
we are still waiting for a break above
this this resistance at 8850 ish so that
we can start moving our way to
potentially seeing that five point then
that nine point eight or that 10 KB TC
which I know is going to be something a
lot of people get very very excited
about but if that doesn’t excite you
enough about what’s going on well this
might the Bitcoin Bull Run indicator now
bear with me this is obviously not
coming for me this was coming from a
Twitter user so full credit to them from
doing it don’t even know how to
pronounce this pledges out completely
but your day time hundreds not sure but
still the point is this is not for me
this is from them now if you look at the
chart this has only happened two times
previously so that’s also something that
a lot of people are iffy about it’s
always difficult especially in this
market that’s so young to follow a trend
enough times to see it happen over and
over again we’ve only seen it happen
twice but we’ve only had the full
Bitcoin cycle twice right so what
happened is the for weekly closes above
the 50 week moving average has never
failed to initiate a bull run so we see
this back here we had four weekly closes
above the 50 week moving average
from there obviously you guys can see
what happened same thing over here for
weekly closes above the 50 week moving
average we all saw what happened here
and now that just happened again so
that’s something that obviously a lot of
people are holding on to their due there
are several factors that come into play
but again the closer and closer we get
to the halving the less and less we can
expect a job to happen it’s going to
have to happen in the next few months in
a short period of time if we are going
to see a job happening previously the
only time this film I didn’t really feel
but when there were three weekly closes
above the 50 week moving average that
did that was not enough the fourth
didn’t come in and so there was a drop
under there again before having that for
weekly close over here so that might be
some bullish news for you guys again
take this with a grain of salt it’s only
happened twice before this would be the
third time but like I said
so the overall cycle that Bitcoin has
with the bear with the bull market with
the bear market with the accumulation
phase all that has only happened twice
before so take that with a grain of salt
but still I thought you guys would like
to see this if we go to open market camp
we have a 270 billion dollars in market
cap on on coin market cap we have a
fifty five point nine percent Bitcoin
dominance so we trade a sideways above
when we got to that resistance like we
talked about before we saw that little
drop into the resistance that with the
previous resistance that was now turned
into support and from there we bounce
straight off there weren’t there for a
long period of time as we saw with the
candle wicks now we are back at the
resistance of roughly between 8700 to
8800 and that’s where we that’s what we
are trying to break right now but that
doesn’t stop a lot of crypto currencies
being in the green Bitcoin has be
leading the way up 51.7 8% we can all
have different feelings about it but it
is leading the run right now iota is one
that’s not far behind a very good crypto
currency up 21.8 1% and several other
crypto currencies like Neos up as well
are in the green with definitely more
green than red in the mark today biggest
loser is Aurora then Mixon aurora down a
significant amount if you look at the
chart though it looks like it
has had a lot of pumping dumps in the
last week alone probably something
probably several came in before that as
well but overall definitely more green
than red in the market we’re gonna be
touching on more all points in just a
little bit now moving on to the first
thing I wanted to talk about starting
off with some fun guys this is more fun
than anything serious so bear with me on
that this is a post from five years ago
somebody said they were a time traveler
from the year 2025 and they were talking
about Bitcoin and what happened overall
so definitely an interesting read if you
guys are interested in going ahead and
doing that if you type in Bitcoin time
travel or reddit this is probably gonna
be the first one that came up but I
thought since they predicted a one
hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin in the
year 2019 since we are in the year 2019
we’re almost halfway through want to ask
you guys what do you think will we be
seeing a one hundred thousand dollar
Bitcoin in 2019 let me know your
thoughts in the comments down below
don’t get me wrong
it’d be really cool if that happened
it’s sure a lot of you guys would agree
it’d be really cool if that happened
although I do expect me maybe the 10k
first and end all the next all-time high
you know breaking the 20k the previous
all-time high though some steps would
have to come in first that I’m looking
at more in the shorter time frame
however if it does explode to ten
hundred thousand dollars which we all
know big point by this time if you doubt
anything Bitcoin can do cheers you’re
you’re a fool because bitcoin is proven
time and time again that it does
whatever it wants whenever it wants and
the volatility it’s we haven’t seen
anything like it before so let’s see if
we do hit a hundred thousand dollars I
thought I’d start the news off with some
entertainment but moving on to actual
news China crypto rankings first of all
they used to do this every month they
now are going to switch it for every two
months so if you don’t see me talking
about this next month now you know why
they do release their rankings and well
they have they have a OS on top they
have Tron at number two a three member
three steam at number four ontology and
number five Bitcoin it’s all the way
down here at number 12 we have SIA
making a move up at sixteen not bad one
that not many people know about
definitely worth looking into
if you have it ripple at 17 iota at 18
several good crypto currency
on this list of course this is their
ranking for cryptocurrency so I want to
take this opportunity to ask you guys
what are your top five crypto currencies
again let me know in the comments down
below we’d love to hear your guys
thoughts on what are the top five what
you think the rankings should be or what
the rankings are to you give me your
rankings I’m gonna read through all of
them always curious to see your guys
thoughts on specific things and so
they’re 5eo s Tron aetherium steam and
ontology and well putting China number
two that along with Justin Suns
announcements of announcements that have
been coming char’s been performing very
very well ever since the 26th of May
when it was at 2.7 cent making a high of
three point six one that’s been making a
move again
this partnered up with the announcement
of announcements could be some of the
reasons we have seen Tron move upper so
I want to highlight that for you guys
another possible reason for Tron moving
is being ranked number two and again for
everyone that doesn’t like Tron you
don’t have to like Tron but it’s very
very difficult at this point to sit here
and call it a scam given everything
that’s happened I’ve ranted before about
calling things scams when they’re not
scams using the word so loosely I’ve
talked about that before I’m not a fan
of how that works but again to each
their own now let’s move back to some
entertainment this is pretty funny
obviously not funny for Peter McCormick
I do feel bad for what’s going on but
but Craig Wright is in the news again
Bitcoin s B’s Craig Wright is now suing
Peter McCormick hopefully I pronounce
his last name correctly for 100,000
great British pounds for libel so he
actually did go on a thread on Twitter
if you guys go well if you do want to go
check it out if you do want to go just
you know support him in any way just
with words could be good as well because
obviously this does suck for anybody to
be sued for a hundred thousand dollars
and it could be up to 750 thousand
pounds if you do break it down so the
claim is for a hundred thousand great
British pounds if you chose to hire a
lawyer that would cost him an extra 25 K
250 K pounds however if the case goes to
a full trial they could easily amount to
as much as 750 thousand pounds which if
he loses he would have to pay for Craig
rights legal fees as well which would
obviously double that would all almost
double that
a mouse so obviously we don’t know if
he’s gonna win if he’s gonna lose he
does explain a lot of it of what his
options are what the different paths are
he hasn’t given a full update on what’s
going to happen but didn’t want to shed
some light into this because we’ve
talked about bullying in the space
before we talked about you know trying
to censor people’s opinion a lot of the
reason why Craig Wright goes after him
in particular it’s because one he’s got
a pretty big platform if you go on his
Twitter 61.7 thousand followers and also
he is very he has said several times
before that he does not believe Craig
Wright is Satoshi so I wanted to share
some light on this because I don’t like
to see people try to censor people
especially over an opinion I don’t think
he’s done anything wrong but again
that’s not my place to comment just want
to shed some light on this end it on
unfortunately this bad know this sour
note that is the case that’s going on
right now but guys that’s gonna be it
for this video hopefully you guys did
enjoy let me know what your thoughts are
on this bullish Bitcoin indicator the
Bull Run Bitcoin indicator in the
comments down below and let me know your
top five rankings as well love to know
what you guys think the guys thank you
so much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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