Bitcoin Cash Register App – How to start accepting Bitcoin Cash

Mary is a coffee shop owner and decided
she wants to accept Bitcoin Cash payments to attract new customers. She downloaded the wallet and got started accepting Bitcoin Cash right away. “Mary is usually at the shop, but sometimes she needs to step away and
have it run by her two assistants, Peter and Sarah. Mary wanted an easy way for Peter and Sarah to continue accepting Bitcoin Cash payments while she was away from the store. Enter the Bitcoin Cash Register App. Mary can install the Bitcoin Cash Register App directly on Peter and Sarah’s phone, or on the store tablet, and have payments to the store sent directly to her own wallet. Now Mary has peace of mind that she can accept fast, cheap and reliable Bitcoin Cash payments, even when she isn’t at the store. So how did Mary do it? To get started, simply go to the App Store or Play store and download the Bitcoin Cash Register App. Now, let’s get you set up. After setting your pin code, begin by inputting the name of your store. Click Destination Address and Scan or Paste your Bitcoin Cash Receiving address If you don’t have a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you can download the Wallet for iOS or Android devices. Finally, select your Local Currency. That’s it! You are all set to go. Enter the amount to generate a QR code. Your customers just need to scan and confirm payment and it will be sent directly to your wallet. Since the app is protected by a pin-code, only Mary can decide where the funds are sent. Simple, Secure, and Faster than Lightning. Bitcoin Cash Register


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