Bitcoin Climbs Over $1,600- May 8th Cryptocurrency News Round-Up

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cryptocurrency news round-up.
The cryptocurrency market cap is now over
$50 billion US dollars.
Bitcoin continues to climb over the 1600 level.
Let’s take a quick look at the performance
of some other AltCoins.
Ethereum is around 91 USD, Ripple has gained
over 76% in the past 24 hours, Lightcoin is
around 28 us dollars, and Dash is over 100
Moving on to the next story.
India’s leading IT solutions company, Wipro
has joined the newly founded Enterprise Ethereum
Alliance as a founding member.
The company will work closely with its international
counterparts to promote and implement enterprise
grade Ethereum-based blockchain applications
across industries.
Let’s take a look at a recent study conducted
by the University of Cambridge’s Centre
for Alternative Finance.
It revealed that there are around 3 million
active cryptocurrency users across the globe.
The Centre has found that the market share
of Bitcoin is steadily declining due to the
popularity of other AltCoins.
Over the past two years, Bitcoin’s market
capitalisation has dropped from 86 percent
to 72 percent of the cryptocurrency industry’s
total market capitalisation.
The study also revealed that cryptocurrency
mining has developed into a professional,
capital-intensive industry where bitcoin miners
earned more than $2 billion in mining revenues
since 2009.
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