Bitcoin crypto-dividends surge! Bgold, Bcash, BSV. New fork announced, CNBC noise? CashFusion, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 14th 2020 strong hand bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and I’m just
gonna leave it with those uh two sayings today I think it’s appropriate for for
this day that I travel from Tucson to El Paso and I’m tired baby oh pretty good
bus strike we’ll talk about that one Saturday’s show but yeah dudes
of course bitcoin is the next Bitcoin crypto dividends are Forks and airdrops
a Bitcoin that we get for free they can pretend to be whatever they want to and
if suckers fall for them hey that’s their business man if people are gonna
come that’s their business because in the end of the day bitcoin is
the next Bitcoin there’s a one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin crypto dividends
they’re like fractions of a Bitcoin I like when I get three fractions of a
Bitcoin of course but you just treat them for what they are their interest
interest on your Bitcoin and if suckers are gonna buy them then well hey
gamblers are gonna gamble man I can’t stop people from doing that this is
where the big boys play ain’t no one here to stop them I’m even usually say
that word ain’t I must be pretty darn tired darn is like a curse word for me
pound that liquid alright everybody check out the links below remember
remember the atom can’t remember a thing was he really wants to go to sleep but
yet this weekend Bitcoin was on Friday you don’t be Friday again working on the
guest hello my elite friends that’s what I forgot to say how could I forget to
say hello to all my elite friends out there all those strong whole
pick strong hands yeah you can see different location
yeah alright if you’re want if you’re watching this hopefully here I just
listening you don’t need to see this all right what I forget okay let me get to
my notes here questions and answers I’ve got if you
got questions I can bitcoinmeister or at bitcoinmeister whatever makes it turn
colors I don’t even know what makes it turn I think you have to do at first and
bitcoinmeister there’s still some people that just don’t get they don’t get it
but like what do I have to pay that you don’t have to pay they asked me a
question you can that would be nice whatever I look like getting money it’s
uh do a super chat if you wanted to send me some money I mean that you $75 super
chat that frickin pays for my bus ride that my $3 bus ride that I took today or
whatever it caught you so cheap get flicks or whatever it was called good
good good bus line only a couple times that I think like he was going off the
road the bus was a little narrow clean a relatively clean and so the news of the
day I uh yeah I said Brad Mills Symon and chef Dan drew were on this weekend
Bitcoin one on Friday I didn’t say their names this I wasn’t thinking about their
names checkout Saturdays beyond Bitcoin show those two days of the week are
always different Fridays this weekend Bitcoin I have guests on and Saturday is
beyond Bitcoin people get very confused even though it’s called beyond bit
quicker why you’re talking about see I’ve been doing it for like uh weeks now
was almost a hundred weeks and you still don’t get it that I’m gonna talk about
like other subject matters during this show and like the title kind of explains
that so here we go what so today well today was it I I get
here I see the Bitcoin price from your Fiat freaks did pretty well and then I’m
seeing be gold and be Dimond these cryptic out of the blue they’re doubling
will not be diamond but be gold was the best-performing cryptocurrency today and
and now that it’s worth very much it’s lost so much of its initial value but he
doubled today and I’m thinking to myself was there some story out in China about
that in forum Asia that informed all the people out there that there’s going to
be something called the halving and it’s a Bitcoin it’s and be gold and it’s a
vsv and some be cash and some be diamond maybe that was part of this now
obviously we know there was some other news today that’s been going on the last
two days the same lies we’ve been hearing for quite some time or becoming
quite prominent again so did the BSD lies trigger the price jumping – and all
the other all coins you know I did it all get combined the one thing I don’t
know does it really matter doesn’t really matter I mean if you’re gonna
gamble you’re gonna gamble but here we don’t we’re not we’re not 80 percenters
we’re 20 percenters we’re long-term thinking we don’t get we don’t get
tempted by these crypto dividends when they randomly shoot up for weird reasons
on these exchanges that don’t have it’s easy to manipulate the price on
something there’s not much liquidity someone had to tweet about that with PSV
great could it all be a good partner you know talking and we’ve talked about this
on yesterday’s show I think maybe Pete that since the document has come and
it’s not to die the The Courier has come and that’s a lie obviously to that year
now it’s time to pump up the price a little bit it just gets all the suckers
like excited they keep buying into it but they I mean there could be people
there just like well then one of those Bitcoin crypt of dividends is doing well
that means all of them are doing well so I’m gonna buy all of them I’m gonna be
going I’m gonna buy bsv I’m gonna buy be test I mean be bsv is worth more than
some organ cap is worth more than me cash now but be cash did very well today
too so it’s all such a not it’s nonsense buying maybe it’s all coin season no
it’s it’s not who cares we’re bitcoin holders in the
end of the day we’re doing pretty darn well and we’re just watching this
watching all this experimentation these gamblers and Liars do what they’re gonna
do this really big boys play gamblers and Liars yeah they’re here they’re
gonna do what they’re gonna do between the Meuse says bitcoin moon says
does the color what does the color what does the color
he said that bitcoinmeister does the color I do the color I don’t know what
the color is I’m not a color commentator on the NFL
today I don’t know but it’s always good to see Bitcoin to the moon here and
actually CNBC used your line Bitcoin to the moon we’re gonna get that into that
into a second where you get to that in a second oh I I look forward to sleeping
oh I look forward to sleeping now fun fact from me ooh T in Tel Aviv oh I love
Tel Aviv I love the land of Israel God bless the Land of Israel the eternal
home of the Jews Jerusalem the eternal capital of the Jewish people
mm-hmm long live but and gifts Jerusalem is also great Tel Aviv is great
Jerusalem is greater than Tel Aviv and in many ways of course now the fun fact
from Unni he says the ESV plus B cache combined value in terms of
Bitcoin and of course of course in terms of Bitcoin review value your wealth and
Bitcoin whether you’re holding all coins whether you’re holding Bitcoin you bet
you thinking sure as a Bitcoin but most of these all pointers are just like Oh
dollar goes up no they are still smaller combined than they were when be cash
originally split alright he says when be cash originally forked off yeah that’s
true too they’re both true actually so it adds up to less less than 10% okay
now and adds up to less than 10% of a big point still when you add up the two
so the sum of the two parts doesn’t even add up to what it would have been if
it’s stuck together just an interesting back there and yes that the bsv get used
to the bsv stuff the lies will not end they will never end this is the new
normal they can just go make up stories all day
long maybe got the other lire coins to you in the future I don’t know people
this is just all sorts of people in this space they don’t have to tell the truth
they all tell the truth a lot but there are a lot of people out there whoops
someone says something and it says it sounds really grand it’s spectacular it
must be true no it’s it’s false but that’s the crypto world the Bitcoin
space Liars are gonna lie gamblers are gonna gamble pounders are gonna pound
that like button Romek uses bitcoin is the risk-free
asset don’t FOMO on us well I mystery is a very strong term there.i bitcoin is
not risky at all when compared to the off coins how about that that’s a better
way of saying it bickering the moon said I mean typing bitcoinmeister highlights
your name so that you can see it no need for the app thank you and you’re right
that’s what he meant by color you got to turn it colorful so I can see it cuz I’m
not looking at the chat I’m looking at my notes trying to talk to you guys
alright so here’s a tweet about whatever nonsense documents were filed in some
nonsense court today by some nonsense guy who says he’s Toshi Nakamoto he says
that this is a from dog Toshi I mean freaking dog Toshi is more of a
Satoshi that fake Toshi but the document produced by fake Toshi is simply a list
of sixteen thousand four hundred four addresses yeah and that gets but gets
people to buy the thing I mean good for him that he can he could fool people
like that I guess suckers are gonna suck I don’t so there’s a legitimate article
on this from modern and consensus dot-com it talks about
what was filed in the court that all the bsv people are I guess excited about and
other people are excited about it’s popping up all sorts of got Bitcoin
crypto dividends and there’s going to be a new Bitcoin crypto dividend I found
about out about I’m gonna talk about that the end of the show because there’s
some warning involved there alright I think I’ve wasted enough breath on that
BSP nonsense it I mean maybe since so I mean the logic is out there look BSP
almost doubled in price clearly it’s the real Bitcoin well no obviously be gold
did better so be gold must be the real Bitcoin according to that logic why
aren’t you guys a big old train you PSV people it’s obviously the real Bitcoin
right is is there a wears gold Toshi no there is there the founder of be gold is
a good guy actually he’s never where they when they call him yeah so yes
according to the the OP coin experts out there that talk about you know what’s
the real Bitcoin will clearly be gold must be the real Bitcoin in that
freakazoid world that they live in hey we’re here in the real world
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin town that like fun
alright but I mean the things you can read on Twitter you gotta be careful
wasting time on some of those threads just these guys are in in a trance you
think I mean the way they speak I mean it’s it’s all about worshipping the
authoritarian I guess these guys just can’t be their own men they can’t they
need an oath or authoritarian leader to tell them what’s real well and that you
I’ve got the solution but yes he is the solution the scapegoat is the B coiners
the bit is Bitcoin hahaha we are the true Bitcoin race people people fall for those
authoritarian leaders and it leads to disaster for that there’s uh oh you know
in terms of countries we’ve seen it’s happened before with those authoritarian
leaders when the people blindly follow though
know anything they’ll say anything they’ll destroy us scapegoat anyone all
right do coin joins really require equal transaction amounts for privacy part one
cashed fusion so for all you coin joint people Aaron Bob weird them yeah he’s
elite that’s guests in the space he’s been on the show of course was like it I
bring you the best guest in this place he’s writing about that this weekend
picked my magazine it’s linked to below everything I talk about is linked to
below fast money on CMD C they may have a clip Brian Kelly seem to be going
crazy over Bitcoin today Bitcoin to the moon the cryptocurrency is taking off
again so he he talks about Bitcoin he doesn’t mention the having I his
analysis was not very deep he talks about the number of new Bitcoin
addresses yeah dude I like but I mean Brian was a very nice guy to have on the
show he’s not always right but hey fast money
jump sauna they jump old trends like this bitcoins pumping better can make a
story about it like we loved it all along well hey they’re spraying the word
I’m not gonna complain don’t get too excited just because it was on Fast
Money if that’s what gets you excited about Bitcoin I don’t think you get it
dude you’re a little behind if you’re waiting
until if the mainstream sources like fast money get behind it yeah that’s
that’s not no get him get him before they get on it on it okay alright no one
else is doing the super chatting or the any chat what is this
I skip something here I know I skipped something yeah it was I’m not gonna
write there was one thing I skipped about bsv that I wanted to say yeah yeah
this is from Mooney and he says and this is a this starts an interesting
discussion here the fact that bsv is a thing and get speculative attention
indicates how far we are from mature crypto markets so what what is a mature
crypto market dude III I’d love to narrow if that’s
something we should really be aiming to be because this is where the big boys
play and and if fools are allowed to make mistakes here like that and to get
to speculate and that bsv keeps on getting all this crazy attention from
all these naive people out there I think that’s good that there’s no like nanny
out there saying no no that’s clearly wrong you can’t get into it let them
learn for themselves that guy’s clearly a liar why would you
buy a Liars coin no let them so if this I don’t think crypto currency and
Bitcoin I mean people are always gonna be able to fork off nonsense Forks and
give us free the free crypto dividends which is great and then make up stories
about them and that’s just what’s different between our new financial
world and the traditional financial world that is heavily regulated and of
course would never be involved with someone as unprofessional as some of the
people that we’ve seen in this space come and go big connect people you know
fake toshi etc etc so I think this might dilemma this could delay you know
financialization of Bitcoin but we’re never gonna have full it’s always gonna
be a party atmosphere okay there’s always gonna be crazy stuff
going on and I think that’s a good thing I think that shows there’s really
freedom in this space when things like this can happen
over and over again and people keep falling for it over and over again so is
cryptocurrency could ever be a mature so for mature space compared to the stock
markets and some of the other traditional financial markets out there
no it’s a different it’s a different breed we’re in a new
world it’s a golden age and yeah you do I’d like it all the time but sometimes
it seems so incredibly childish here no I’m not a child so I don’t but I can
take some steps back and say you know what it is what it is it’s different
we’re gonna have to adapt the things like this and and the best thing is that
they’re gonna learn the hard way the people that eat up the liars lies are
gonna learn the hard way and next that’s the glory of the free market and on the
other side when these child children are playing their childish games the 20
percenters will be doing the right thing and making doing well off of these other
people’s mistakes and we’re warning them too we’re saying but there’s only so
much we can say people are going to make them in a free market people are going
to make their silly naive mistakes and he’s going to appear really childish
sometimes but but but you’re gonna remember among all those children there
are some really mature 24 centers here that are demonstrating what personal
responsibility is the new counterculture what that means and so I’m looking at a
pod I’m gonna look at it that way like you know what we we demonstrate more
than in all the other financial classes we have more person responsibility as a
new counterculture here okay because they have people bailing them out and
all the other ones they have but something goes wrong and the other one
they say government do this for me or I’m gonna sue or I’m gonna do this who
can I sue who couldn’t hear you lose the private keys that’s it that’s the end
you give up your precious Bitcoin to buy some a cryptic dividend usually got for
free no one’s there to bail you out and so childish
the liars bring the childish stuff the strong hands bring the person
responsibility as a new counterculture which no other financial asset has like
we do here in the Bitcoin space so there we go I just thought of some of that but
while I was talking so that was that wasn’t that tweet Mamie Mamie
quite a bit there and follow me on Twitter Tech ball TCH BLT I didn’t
really retweet a lot today because I was on a bus and but Oh roma Q says oh I
just I had forgotten about the this one thing that people fell for one eco coin
pump today in US dollars well the December Eagle coin of the month is
still near zero don’t buy we can get for free exactly
yeah yeah I mean they’re obviously similar just the type of people who buy
into those things are very similar it’s it’s it’s unbelievable very childish but
again people let the children be children that’s fine and okay now I’m
gonna go to what is this new crypto dividend that Adam found out about I
think last night someone on Twitter copy me and said well you should look at this
and so I linked to it and the guy was trying to be nice thank you for
informing me about this I wouldn’t have found out about it any other way but I
gotta warn people about this thing okay I just I hate that I during my little
playing with this I messed this up okay up dude don’t do two things at once
don’t buy it don’t don’t play with your shirt when you’re supposed to be talking
this shows that I really need a good sleep but it’s from the people who
brought you litecoin cash they’re forking off litecoin cash and at the
same time forking off Bitcoin to form something called ring will be the
world’s first four-way fork private keys from four different block chains will be
valid for import into a new wallet in order to claim the new coin okay dudes
there’s your first sign this thing is gonna be worth very much they’re trying
to resuscitate their el cash okay okay let them do what they’re gonna do if
they want to have a crypto dividend off of out cash that’s fine it’s worthless
that area what they can call a ring like the doorbell that ben shapiro average
on the show found that like button then call it whatever they wanted this is
what a big boys play but dudes do not put your Bitcoin private key in this
some wallet out there to get you get one ring for every Bitcoin one ring what’s
it gonna be the months it’s gonna be worth a dollar you’re gonna risk all
your Bitcoin for a dollar because that’s out of this world
type of stuff now and this goes back to the point of crypto dividends that the
airdrop crypto dividend then you should be doing air drops dude so we don’t have
to do to eat so no one will be tempted to do what you’re suggesting to give up
your private to share your private key in some ring wallet what is this but hey
this on the other side I try to find positive in things that are risky and
it’s good to see that crypto dividends are coming out again you know you’ve got
a crazy gimmick there you know what people do their for way gimmicks go have
a four-way with with fake Toshi ego coin and king of the trolls okay you’ll have
your four-way with that I don’t that’s four so that’s not even that’s beyond
the beyond Bitcoin show man I don’t even talk about nasty stuff like that thing
well so don’t even picture it dudes alright and yeah so I link to the blog
post that this this litecoin cash L cash guy whatever you want to call him said I
mean do I predict it back in the day that coins coins that are doing very
well they should try to fork off and just recreate that coin again just for
for the sake of forking to create crap that there was a to create news around
your coin I don’t know this is this is a time to experiment that’s what
cryptocurrencies about this with the alt coins you’re there to experiment but
dude you don’t have to participate in that experiment do not give your private
key ducked and I and elk a stood at likely cast you maybe
you’re a nice dude and the guy who told me about it maybe you’re nice that’s
great but you can’t do risky things in this space Bitcoin is precious man
bitcoin is precious so maybe you guys should reconsider it should reconsider
and do an airdrop crypto dividend okay do an air just airdrop it to Bitcoin
holders and to ello cash holders why don’t you do that but there’s my
suggestion it really might be a valuable oh there was something I forgot I’d link
to it below I went to check the Australian Bitcoin auction winner from
2016 the ultimate strong hand who bought 2000 Bitcoin from the Australian and
government auction and he still has never moved it to this very day but
people do occasionally send this address little bits of Bitcoin just a I guess
test it out and I note it and again it’s linked to below you can see that it
hasn’t moved what a strong ham and he has not moved the be cash the Bicol the
big old the bead I mean anything why didn’t take the be diamond but I checked
the bsv in the B cash in the pin the beak and whatever it be gold he hasn’t
split them off yet he hasn’t moved them so he’s got 2,000 of them also but I
noticed someone with a vanity address sent him a little bit of Bitcoin a
couple dollars and that bad he addressed is and it’s linked to below one Bitcoin
wanted and then it’s got crazy letters and numbers after it now it’s I Andreas
has explained how to create these bandy addresses before one Bitcoin book so I
checked out one Bitcoin wanted I checked out his vanity address and injected
believe he’s in July he spent he bought it he had $200 worth of Bitcoin and he
sent bunches little bits of it to all these people with big big coin addresses
so by the what I conclude is that he was sending little bits of Bitcoin with hope
that one of these people would send him one Bitcoin back as it was called one
Bitcoin wanted no one did it no one sends a
back but nice try dude hey you stop trying though oh he did it in July and
that was it so I discovered that you’re not gonna hear this anywhere else yeah I
could I find some odd stories out there but there you go
but the most important story out of all that is the dude who won that 2000
Bitcoin all she has it moved it yet what and again Bitcoin was worth like 600
bucks back then so he it’s worth quite a bit and older he could have sold it all
a bit of millionaire about Lambos no long term thinker pound that like but
all right dude I’ll leave it was roaming Q here he’s got something previously you
guessed that in the future there will be corporate coin Forks yes there will do
you think 2020 will be the year of corporate coin airdrops to Bitcoin no I
don’t think it will be I don’t think this will be the year but I do hope and
I do think there will be more Bitcoin crypto dividends this year just regular
wants airdrop some Forks I think this L cash dude is the sign of things to come
or maybe I’m just hoping to well I think it’s AIDS a bullish sign though when
people are starting to do this again so I we shall see
it’s the having year having hype is starting clearly maybe that’s why beagle
baby that always want now – I don’t know why the heck – pumped maybe some people
do they do they know they don’t have a having I don’t even know I don’t care
about that no they know but all right who else all right that’s it
yeah what about my question Meister says none of your biz none of your biz you’re
a moron because I said it 50 times during this show already you’re supposed
to type in bitcoinmeister so if you asked the question earlier and you’re
just a moral I I don’t know you have no listening comprehension or you weren’t
here but that’s it I’m not Annie I don’t see your question was you didn’t make it
colorful i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister and i don’t even go to
sleep this up meister lever to subscribe this channel like this video share this
video check out the links below pound that like button bang that bail
bond i’ll say hi you guys in the chat thanks a lot
El Paso Texas in the house

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