Bitcoin Era App Dragons Den Exposed! Fake Recycled Scam Returned!!

FAYSAL here and welcome to my
channel. how are you guys doing? I’m doing
fine and today I’m talking about Bitcoin Era App. it has been vital for the internet
and I am getting consistent emails from them to join the Bitcoin Era
so I was thinking about
digging a bit deeper about Bitcoin Era.
the first thing I noticed that the
promotional video and I have seen this
man’s face a hundred times. so let me
just introduce you to Bitcoin Era.
it says Bitcoin is making people rich
and you can become the next millionaire!
this is statements is true but this
Bitcoin Era will not make you a
millionaire. as usual the fake badges of
Norton, McAfee, and blah blah blah. the
fake news badges and obviously the fake testimonials. nothing
new! I have seen the similar websites and
similar statements. do you one wanna know
where did I see? OK let me show you. we
are in this site called
so you the same exact video and the
identical dialogues and everything. so
it’s Bitcoin Circuit. then Bitcoin
Hero. the same promotional video. Identical dialogues
and everything. I can show you
hundreds of similar recycled scam. you
can see Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Revolution, Crypto Exchange, and many
more. so what does that mean? that means a
group of fraudsters is very active and
they just recycle old software. create hundreds of websites and give
the software a different name. promote via different channels. so scammers are
very active so you should be careful
with that and never join Bitcoin Era,
Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Hero, or
similar trading applications. don’t
do these mistakes! until then take care!

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