Bitcoin Focus: Gold & Hold! Peter Schiff was wrong, Don’t value your wealth in Dash, hedge fund fail

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the bitcoin focus show today
is September the 16th 2016 strong hand
Gold and hold all right people this show
takes you back on of it awhile and when
I came up with the term golden hold the
golden holders I tell you not to be a
traitor I tell you I talk about Peter
Schiff some talk about all sorts of
subjects like – that I’ve been talking
about for a while – has only gained in
terms of dollars so little since I made
this video I talked about the hedge fund
nonsense it will get your hands stronger
don’t be a traitor do nothing with your
Bitcoin town that like button bitcoin
2017 gold and hold that was part of the
title and I thought of that today when I
was running around Lisbon they’re a
bunch of people out there who are gold
holders and traditional investor types
who are into just long-term investments
who contact me and contact other people
that I know I’m not going to name their
names like almost every day wanting to
know about Bitcoin they want to know how
they can buy Bitcoin I mean we need to
reach out to these gold type of people
in a friendly way and this is the
greatest time to do it because the price
of Bitcoin is around the price of gold
so there’s gonna be this constant talk
of the – of a Bitcoin surpassing the
price and they’re just gonna be coming
up at the same time in debates with
Peter Schiff on CNBC so this is this is
the best time to start to get these gold
people in and we don’t need to talk
about text often segregated witness and
microtransactions because they are
holders they don’t care about those type
of things let’s just make it simple
bitcoin is he holding the type of
financial instrument just like gold is
so gold and hold for
Bitcoin in 2017 let’s compare it to gold
let’s stress that you can hold you don’t
have to play games with it so it’s a
it’s a great way to get newbies into
into Bitcoin who are responsible adults
who are into holding and long term
investments also in the comment section
you have the FIDE there’s one person and
I saying that uh George Soros his sons
are own all the Bitcoin thumbs up if you
laugh at these insane Bitcoin
conspiracies okay tone Vaes it has a
tweet out there it is hilarious it links
to a between hedge fund of some sort and
it it produced worse results than just
holding Bitcoin so if you invest your
Bitcoin in a Bitcoin hedge fund or
invest your money in a Bitcoin hedge
fund instead of Bitcoin it would have
just been simpler just a whole big coin
so again do nothing with your Bitcoin do
not think just just hold it you don’t
have to do anything with it you don’t
forget into investments in cloud funding
you come mining and all this nonsense it
does better just holding it Peter Schiff
at the 31 minute mark of his latest
video he doesn’t even mention it in his
title he talks Bitcoin no way and so I
watched all Peter’s his video in the
first part of his video is actually okay
but when he gets the big point in the 31
minute mark
at first it seems like he’s almost
coming around to it he talks about the
ETF and he was actually impressed that
Bitcoin came back up in price but he
concludes that it’s going to crash and
his speculative and he says buy gold and
he is hey but the thing is Peter ship is
bringing up Bitcoin now he’s a
businessman he knows there is a demand
for him to talk about Bitcoin on his
channel that he has a lot of Bitcoin
people coming to his channel so this is
a sign of this is a good sign that these
both these guys are talking Bitcoin
because it’s in the new news they’re
gonna be more and more people talking
Bitcoin as you remember I predicted but
one of my predictions last year was that
these people like this we’re going to
talk big point and sure enough they are
hey my cervix said today on his show
that all men think they are stock
traders and he actually said Bitcoin
traders – it’s funny and he said you’re
not a traitor and then Tony Bayes also
has brought up how no they’re not real
traders in Bitcoin guys don’t try to be
Bitcoin traders just just don’t don’t
try it you’re going to lose your money
to two separate voices besides me out
there saying it completely different
people you’re not you’re not traders and
guys who think people who think their
day traders also it’s the same thing as
people who think their Bitcoin traders
they lose your money in the long run
complete nonsense also tone brought up
something that I I that had not been
brought up yet the sec you know in our
little bubble we cared a lot about the
ets the sec and in the real financial
world it’s just a blip on the radar
screen they don’t think twice about it
they make their decision that’s it
that’s it it’s over so we were where
everyone was worrying about that SEC
decision for months SEC worried about it
for like a second the regular financial
markets didn’t it was not even blip on
the radar it’s just something to
consider there sometimes we we blow
things that are proportion in this
little little bubble we’re in you can
tell that some money it has left the
Bitcoin ecosystem though after all this
jumping around and it is clearly going
into – and aetherium there there are
some of it at least they have helped
fuel the – pump – is over $70 now o I
assume that a lot of people are jumping
into these things especially maybe a
theory because they’re easy to buy and –
because they think it’s the next big
thing that everyone wants to be in the
next big thing they are positioning
they’ve always positioned themselves
well to be the next big thing and
they’re easy to buy relatively if you’re
Miz easier to buy with others then –
though it also doesn’t take that much to
pump even though they’re the number two
number three cryptocurrency compared to
pumping up Bitcoin it doesn’t take
as much to pump them up so some money
leaves Bitcoin goes into them it’s going
to pump that you’re going to see a
difference and I think we’re seeing that
so it has been a great 24 hours for
Bitcoin let’s get it up let’s let’s from
here up up and away we got to fix this
this scaling or we don’t have to we just
have to just move on from it let’s talk
about let’s talk about golden hold get
new people in here


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