Bitcoin Focus: Ran Neu-Ner of CNBC Africa 2017- Altcoins, Bcash, BTC dominance, IOTA

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the bitcoin focus show today
we’re focusing on rand-new mirror you
know him from CNBC africa he was all of
this week in Bitcoin show back in
December of 2017 I’m including this
because he appeals to a lot of 80
percenters and it’s it’s good to see
what the 80 percenters eat up
okay what they want to hear what they
want to know this is ran delivers to the
80 percenters he’s got a big TV show
there on CNBC Africa and he talks about
the next Bitcoin and blockchain czar for
more than money for all sorts of
gimmicks and be cash and alt coins Ansel
Lindner and Liddell fo Novak are also on
the show and they get in some legendary
words that I include there’s some
moments of holding in there so Rand is
gonna do what Rand is gonna do he was
actually quite new to a new to
cryptocurrency in Bitcoin at this time
the show his show was pretty new was
only a few months old but it is uh it’s
an interesting flashback you can learn
you could hear about he mentions I cos
enjoy it it’s just eight minutes pound
that like button see you so look I must
say I don’t really listen to much the
South African market I mean the show is
produced in South Africa and ironically
the show is watched out of South Africa
much more than it’s watched in South
Africa and but I’m not going to call it
for the next week or two because I think
I mean to call the Bitcoin dominance for
the next week or two is just silly
but I think if you look at at 12 months
from now the Bitcoin dominance in my
opinion cannot remain anywhere near
fifty fifty percent and I had a very
good backing for that if we take a look
at the technology which is blockchain
technology and we used all the different
use cases of blockchain
we have Bitcoin which has one and maybe
arguably two use cases one being a store
of value and to being a programmable
and three maybe being a currency if you
want to insult it it’s certainly not a
currency at this stage but when you take
when you take those three use cases and
you combine them and you put those
against all the use cases that are being
built around things like aetherium
etcetera etcetera it doesn’t make sense
that one player is going to maintain a
50% plus market dominance it just
wouldn’t make sense it wouldn’t it would
be like being at the beginning of the
internet and saying that AOL would
maintain an intimate dominance of 50%
classics it’s simply not logical that’s
I’m not sure that that the dominance
will decrease because the Bitcoin price
decreases I just think that there will
be more investment into the space
particularly in old coins and that will
drive the Bitcoin dominance down but the
total market cap would ran said the RAM
thinks that there’s you know in a year’s
time there there might be another
another a coin might join Bitcoin up
there not as the number one but cut down
on the dominance my seriously do you
think that’s do you think be cashing
aetherium are gonna wreak havoc again or
a good I completely disagree okay I I
think you know this is the beautiful of
like story values it’s kind of a
winner-takes-all you know you have gold
and then you see all the other metals
right sort of it’s it’s just that
markets don’t like to spread the risk
which is very weird but they don’t so
they find one thing and that one thing
has the compounding effect right and
that’s where you try to make your money
and then everything else just trails
down at least one to ten or one to 20
below that I really think that bitcoin
is gonna have this dominance for a long
time is that forever I don’t know but
with all the stuff that’s coming to
Bitcoin there’s not gonna be a reason
for half of this out coins to exist
mmm I’m very scared I’m very scared to
name names of head coins look one that
excites me but I’m not a big fan of
one that has head around you know under
the big fan I’m not a huge fan I’m bored
oh it’s a very early I saw the return
about one dollar it seems I made a very
big mistake but uh you know if they are
doing what they claim they are doing and
their technology can do what their
technology claims that the technology
can do then Jen may have something now
my personal belief is that the market
price has no correlation to the
technology whatsoever but I’m not but I
do believe that someone somewhere is
going to create something another one
which I’ve got my eye on is Madonna a da
and which is Anna which is Annette’s had
a great run I mean we bought them for a
fund at two point five cents I think
today they’re trading in about ten or
eleven cents and that’s another one
which I’m quite which I’m quite bullish
on and unlike other guys i do believe
that there are a lot of people that are
doing a lot of great things on etherion
I think if serum has its own problems I
think scalability is the major problem
that a Syrian has but if the theorem
they are I mean I was a Def Con there
were 2000 or 2500 of the smartest people
I’ve ever met all working on a theorem
related applications very good
discussion xt-22 discussions and the
first discussion is a technology
discussion and the second discussion is
a market price discussion and we should
put them into different rooms because
there are and related there is no
correlation today between the technology
and the price except in my mind for two
but going in the cerium know the only
thing I can say that there may be a
correlation between the technology in
the price for the other one everything
is driven by by greed and speculation
and money coming in and trying to make
much more money to make the same returns
that people got on Bitcoin people who
bought in eight or nine twenty ten and
they’re doing it they think they’ve
missed the run in Bitcoin and so what
they’re doing is they’re trying to find
next but going by investing in an
altcoin yeah I agree with you that
bitcoin is fulfilling its promise
I do wait to see where the Lightning
Network will solve I know to solve
scalability I don’t know if it’s sort of
the extent that you can use a Bitcoin
instead of tears I just wanted to
understand you know whether it whether
you guys how opposed to Bitcoin cash you
guys are I think I think Bitcoin has
fulfilled that it’s promising and I
don’t think anyone can dispute that but
I think that we mustn’t discount that
they may be other players in the market
that are gonna fall for other needs and
I mean since we all got but quite cash
almost for free I mean I think those of
us that held it and did go down to City
and $400 I’ve bought a whole lot more
and I’ve made a fantastic fantastic
return I think there’s two levels to
holding level one is holding on a dip
you know like say 40 or 50 percent
correction and then level 2 is holding
on a spike a 500 percent spike if you
can hold in a 500 percent spike or even
a thousand percent spike you are you
know you’re a master bitcoin holder at
that point strong hand strong hand okay
how about you ran have you have you been
hearing about people saying oh I wish I
would have held on the more I’d be a
what do you mean I’m putting up my hand
and I’m saying that I do have those
regrets I have spirit grace I think my
first good grades is that I help a whole
lot of Bitcoin and that I’ve sold him on
the way up which obviously in hindsight
is probably the worst thing that I could
have done the second thing that I did
was at cashed in bitcoins to buy some
ICS in the IC o—- heart and never will
those before there’s a cos B at the same
process those bitcoins and I’ll give you
I’ll give you one story I cashed in 25
bitcoins at 4,000 US dollars to buy
$100,000 of an IC o—- which I bought
the 25 bitcoins today are worth well
work it out 25 times whatever the
current price is 14 15 thousand and the
osteo is still trading at $100,000 yeah
it’s so you’ve you missed out on yeah
that’s why I say people buy it whole old
all of that Bitcoin that that was a
beautiful conclusion pound that like
button everyone be careful of those
flavor of them weak altcoin guru type of


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