Bitcoin Halving 2020 – Explained & Price Prediction

yes guys welcome back to the channel as
always so guys in today’s video we’re gonna talk about the Bitcoin halving or
the Bitcoin halvening Ning whichever way you want to say based in this video I’m
gonna quickly explain what it is like the fundamentals how it works and then
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give my prediction about what I think the
Bitcoin halving is gonna do to the Bitcoin price looking at history and
then my predictions into the future but it’s really important guys it’s probably
one of the biggest events Bitcoin goes through over its cycles and also is one
of the only you know monies or you know kind of economic instruments which have
this kind of like planned into the future so it’s actually really cool
really important but yeah guys in this video I’ll explain all that kind of
stuff but let’s dive straight into without further ado I see on the screens
here we go so let’s crack on and I’ll quickly explain to you what the purpose
of the halving is and then we’ll go into my prediction after that so basically
the Bitcoin halvening was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto to basically keep
inflation on Bitcoin in check so what happens is every two hundred and ten
thousand blocks which is on average every four years the amount of Bitcoin
that gets rewarded – – if you want to learn about mining as well it probably
look at another video but basically miners are computers running to secure
the network and run transactions so basically every single the idea of it is
that every single four years to two hundred ten thousand blocks the amount
of Bitcoin which gets rewarded to miners gets half so in this chart you can see
all the previous halving events and this is when the Bitcoin went from I think it
was 25 Bitcoin then I got half – 12.5 and then we’ve got the one coming up so
this is actually the third holding bitcoins ever gonna go through and this
is gonna make the rewards for our miners go down to six point two five Bitcoin
per block mined and then obviously the miners are just all competing to this
cool proof of work you guys can check that out if you probably know that if
you’re learning by the halving anyway but you can see here this is kind of a graph
of the price of Bitcoin and then what happens after the halving – the price
I’m gonna go into my predictions a little bit more in depth on trading view
in a second but this just gives you a good overview of how you know the
dynamic of the market it kind of works with the halvening you know because this
event is hardwired in and programmed into the code and it can never be
changed you definitely get front-running selling
and a whole basically economy and a whole structure a price structure built
around it it’s like this you know if the Federal Reserve had a sheet which told
you exactly what the interest rates were gonna be over the next ten years it
would probably affect the price of stocks equities you name it loads of
different things in economy way before the actual event happened so this is a
it’s actually really really powerful because it’s the first kind of money
economic instrument which is using code and a protocol to determine what’s gonna
happen to you know in this case the money but this could happen in a whole
load of other use cases in blockchain as well but you can see here yeah this is a
kind of graph showing you the halving every two hundred and ten thousand
blocks happens so what I’m gonna do now is I’m because this is basically just
explain to you what it is but what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to give you a
prediction of what I think the price is gonna do this time round so whether the
price is gonna go up or down you’ll see in a second but let’s dive into the
price prediction now so guys this is the price of Bitcoin over the last about
product for years now looking at this but just to put this because it looks
quite complicated but actually it’s really simple to understand so basically
guys the two purple lines on the screen are the last two halving sorry not the
last two the last halving and the one which is about to happen so we haven’t
actually got to this one yet the next halving is gonna happen on the 14th of
May roughly it might be the 15th or the city yeah around that area if it
projects to the future when the next 210,000 what’s gonna be so this is the
halving coming up and this is the halving which basically previously
happened and then these two green lines are the previous all-time highs the
Meuse we mount a little bit for you so these two green lines are actually the
previous all-time highs before we broke it so this green line represents $1,200
the peak of the last bull market this green line represents $20,000 the peak
of the last bull market as well so you lease two green lines show you where the
top of the market was at that specific time all the way into the future and
then the purple line shows you where the halving are I’ll put you zoom out a
little bit for you as well so you can kind of see like this is basically just
a price chart of Bitcoin over a long period of time so let’s just study the
last ball to bear market so basically guys this is a massive bull market
another bit of bear market all the way down here so bull market bear market
that was over about a year or so maybe two years you can see there was a bottom
created a bottoming out pattern then the price came round held us held a support
line created a whole bunch of a sending triangles you know higher loads just
kept going kept going keep going the halving happened it create an apex
in this purpose this blue box here and then you can see the price rally below
its twenty thousand dollars this is really interesting guys because this is
basically you know looking at past performance is a good indicator for the
future obviously you know the futures and tell you exactly what happens in in
in and in the next cycle but markets never a repeat but they do rhyme so
basically what it shows you here Bitcoin when it was priced at like three hundred
dollars all the way up to up to it’s actually broker’s all died mine in this
area here guys nobody was talking about Bitcoin you have to remember this this
whole area Bitcoin was dead everyone was saying it’s going to zero there’s no
value proposition very similar to the kind of stuff we’re getting now in this
market but I’ll get into that little bit further in a second but and then
actually guys if you remember norm was talking about Bitcoin here but as soon
as we broke the all-time high that’s when Bitcoin started getting exciting
and I basically bought my first Bitcoin around eight hundred dollars and I was
buying in this apex tone here because at that time there’s a lot of talk about
Bitcoin on my goddess is gonna break your time and that’s when I got
interested in that and I started buying so basically guys very very similar
thing happening now so look out look how similar this is so there’s the apex to
the last one boom all the way up we’ve had a crash you’ve had a bear market
we’ve had a distribution we’ve had an accumulation we’ve found the bottom
we’ve rallied back out of it for our for our first parabolic rise just like the
first parabolic rise here now we’ve crashed and now what we’re doing guys
for my prediction not not financial advice I think we’re gonna rally into
the hardening I think we’re gonna rally into the halving we’re gonna find
resistance maybe just after the Harmony happens or maybe just before depending
on you know how excited the market gets you can’t pinpoint it to the day but you
can kind of give the odd the whole macro idea but what are things gonna happen
guys is we’re gonna rally into the halving
I haven’t really explained why the halving does this to the price the
reason you know you know people like to buy into the halvening is because if
there’s less supply on the market and there’s a same amount of demand there’s
only one way the price can go and then what happens is when people start buying
in anticipation for that event the halving event then you start seeing
FOMO you see so more people buying then you see oh
he’s buying all by heat and then it creates this whole knock-on effect then
the media get involved and it creates this big blow off top you know that’s
what markets do it’s all about human emotion so you can see here after this
event the halving happened then it just went into a frenzy of a bull market
so that’s that’s what I think’s it happen is we’re gonna rally into the
harvan maybe a little bit I think I think we got one more crash as well I
think well I don’t think we’re gonna though it’s potentially we could break
20k if we break 20k guys we are going to go to the moon and if we hold above 20k
if we break it and then we come back below it then that’s not gonna be the
same if we get above it we hold a couple of weeklies up there or even a monthly
above 20k that’s when you’re gonna really start seeing some price increases
in my opinion but personally I think we’ll have probably one more crash
because it’s a long way to get to 20k still we’re at you know 87 you know
people are gonna be doubling their money or more to get to 20 so there’s gonna be
sellers in the market and short sellers as well so I think we’re gonna rally
into it we’re gonna come we’re gonna crash back down and we’re gonna hold
this a sending support line guys this support lines been valid since 2015 as a
five year support line on a logarithmic scale so in my opinion you know the
longer you know support is gonna eat along that the longer in history
supports held the more likely it’s gonna hold again and then what we’ll do is
we’ll create a triangle here’s the blue box the apex zone like just here we have
an apex on where you know the price was really building some steam I feel like
in this zone here we’re gonna start building up some steam and then it’s
very difficult to pinpoint exactly when we’re gonna break out it could be near
the beginning of the box at the end of the box but I thought in this zone here
is when we’re gonna break out and then when we break out you’re gonna see
astronomical price increases when everybody starts thinking oh my god I
saw Bitcoin at 6k and now it’s back at 20 but you know it is the the whole
markets gonna get going in and that’s what the halving does to markets it
creates scarcity obviously it limits the inflation it also creates a way of you
know that there’s gonna be the same amount of demand in my opinion okay look
if the demand of Bitcoin goes away then yeah it’s not gonna go up in value but
in my personal opinion looking at Bitcoin at a 200 billion dollar market
cap you look at something like gold which has an inflation rate of about
three percent a year depending on the year depends of how much gets mined at
the end of the day guys Gold’s been holding its value for the last 5000
years and I feel like Bitcoin is the equivalent of gold online and as the
access to online things like the laptops the phones that you know whatever it is
as the doors to that the virtual realm increases then I feel like the the need
for a digital gold increases as well and that’s another whole debate I’ve done
some other videos maybe put a video the top now about gold and Bitcoin but in my
opinion guys I feel like you know gold and bit kind of very similar but I think
that Bitcoin can capture more of the market I think it can capture some of
the gold market basically and you know being 200 billion today and gold to ten
trillion dollar market cap and go keep and go higher
I think gold could do twenty trillion in the next ten years so think about that
if Bitcoin can take one to five ten percent of that market cap you’re
already looking at a trillion tenderly and you know eventually could take half
the market so there’s gonna be mental gains guys but yeah that’s what I’m
thinking guys I feel like we’re gonna do something
very similar to the lost I’m Harvin also you can go even further back in history
looks very similar as well but my prediction is this guys we’re gonna
break out between this point here we’re gonna break out for about may 22 jan
your jun 21 so basically from me this year to June next year I think we’re
gonna be going higher a lot higher in the Bitcoin prices not financial advice
close to you’re in research but that’s what I think personally but yeah I hope
I didn’t ramble on too long that’s basing my prediction for the halving
ignore the halving whichever we’re gonna call it please come up what you
think as well in the description if you think I’m completely wrong tell me think
I’m completely right tell me like comment do that kind of great stuff but
yeah guys like always say like sly subscribe hit the bell if want to keep
getting this kind of content in the bottom and I’ll see you guys in the next
video ever guys Cheers bye


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