Bitcoin Is Being Replaced, You’ve Been Warned!!

Bitcoin, is being replaced… you’ve been
warned multiple times.
Yes, indeed…
I tried to warn you bitcointardos, but you
are refusing to listen.
This is no longer a bubble… why can’t you
see this?
Bitcoin is going to crash for good now.
All of you who are trying to hold it, will
soon find out that bitcoin will never recover
from this collapse.
I mean, what exactly is the value of bitcoin?
The transactions are too slow and the trasaction
fees are too expensive for it to be used for
payment settlement.
There are other cryptocurrencies with much
greater potential, to be used as the international
currency trading network, as well as for payment
You need to let go of bitcoin…
Bitcoin no longer exists in the future, but
it a shadow of long gone times.
Bitcoin is nothing but a ghost of ancient
It needs to be gone, as the new global transaction
system will be erected from it’s ashes.
It was good while it lasted, but now it must
You have been warned…
Do not try to stop the future, as you will
never succeed.
You cannot even hope to stop that which has
already been written in the fabric of fate.
Bitcoin has no value, and it’s price will
soon follow this trend.
But, if it makes you feel good, keep giving
money to the miners and chinese traders…
they will need your BTC money to kickstart
their new currency.
How does it feel, to know tha you’ve been
warned, but still had to make the wrong decision.
Seriously, there’s still time to trade your
BTCs for some more valuable coin.
Remember: value and price, are two different
Bitcoin is way overpriced, as it offers literally
no value whatsoever.
I am literally laughing at you bitcoiners
who are still thinking that right now is the
perfect moment to accumulate bitcoin… as
it will literaly crash to ground level.
You bitcoin sheeple really are naive.
Do you not realize that China has been manipulating
the market, to remove money from you western
losers, while at the same time pumping the
value of their chosen currency?
The big flippening is about to happen.
What is that?
I can feel your panic creeping in.
This is a sign that you know this to be the
Bitcoin is not the future… it will never
be the future…
It was nothing but a social experiment, to
test the acceptance of a new global currency.
After all, with the increased automation,
you humans will need a new game to keep you
spinning the hamster wheel.
This new game will be called cryptocurrency
The elites will get to automate everything,
while they keep you sheeple competing for
digital tokens in their newly created global
currency network.
The sooner you wake up to what is really going
on, the easier things are going to be.
There is no future for bitcoin, but cryptocurrency
will indeed be a major part of human existence
in the future.
Most humans will spend more than 10 hours
every day, trading cryptos in the market so
they can waste it all with network fees and
virtual reality games.
You are pathetic, and you make me sick.
It didn’t have to end like this.
Why are you all so greedy?
Have you lost your soul already, you bunch
of degenerates?
Stop playing into the NWO evil little games,
because you are only helping them assure the
total domination over everything.
They will literally be able to track every
aspect of your life, with the new world cryptocurrency.
Soon, I will talk in more detail, about some
interesting stuff that I’ve been noticing
You will most definitely need a tin foil hat
for this one…
We are going deep into the realm of the shadiest
conspiracies of all times…
2018 will be a very interesting year, don’t
you think so?
Stay tuned, to learn more about your bitcoin
doomsday and rise of the mark of the beast.


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