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insider information no fancy sets or graphics here but we’re gonna talk about
that today oh are we ever bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin in motion of course the emotion conviction people I’m confiscating and
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alright let us let’s talk about a guy that toward a mr. informed me about I of
course I read toward a Meester’s Twitter feed every day you gotta treat these
awesome dudes Twitter feeds like blogs and pound that like button you’re just
not in there you’re not in Twitter for the drama and don’t worry we’ll talk
about the crypto Twitter drama noise in a second but this is the real this is
the real thing with what he’s tweeting about he tweeted out a man named Mark
Van der cheese I’m mispronouncing his last name sorry who has been in the
space since 2013 he’s a China expert he’s a smart dude he’s got an article
out there which I read I found I think some of you will find it inspirational
it’ll strengthen your hands it’ll give you a little history the perfect storm
why Bitcoin at 10,000 in 2020 is different from Bitcoin at 10,000 in 2017
and he mentions in 2017 when we when we got to the all-time high man Bitcoin got
to the all-time high that it was only met upper range like above 15,000 I mean
for such a short period it was such a short period of time and it’s similar
2013 when we had a the all-time high was like 1150 and it was only above a
thousand for sight like a couple days or a day I don’t even know so he puts in
perspective but now that we’ve been going in and out of 10,000 for a little
while here a few weeks whatever it is that we’re sort of at a new all-time
high here we’re sort of at this new in a new era a new a new price era of a
Bitcoin and that’s an interesting perspective on it he says 2020 is
different I feel the current bull market is led by institutions and family
offices now I’d like to hear about this stuff dude well-informed investors that
invest because they see Bitcoin as a potential store of value in volatile
times how he said 2017 it was a bunch of irrational you know regular
regular people getting into regular people whatever they in any way but now
okay there were not in they were not in the market in late 2017 talking about
these institutional long term thinker type of people because they were either
not allowed to be in it yet eg they were not approved custodians or because they
did not know how to invest in Bitcoin we’ve come a long way since then and
that is so true but it’s still not easy to buy and hold Bitcoin one reason why
we are very far from a new top now remember that people keep that in mind
for all you that frustrate or frustrated oh my mom can’t buy it she can’t hold it
it’s true it’s still hard and let’s just show you how far we have to go the
narrative has changed though and many people start to see Bitcoin as a real
new asset class I agree I agree with that one so it is it the whole article
is similar to that but to read it he talks about China – so everyone knows
that I if you watch my Saturday show I like to listen to videos
I don’t watch videos I just listen to employment 2x play this is 2x if you
watching this little tape of you vowel Harare and you’re on Brook 2 completely
different type of guys but you’ve all talks about the story that you know
there’s all these different stories that the dollar is a story people buy into a
story you have to believe a story and I’m a big believer in that story type of
narrative anyway and a story narrative yes funny stuff so and you’re on Brook
who I is if is a guy who is a financial guy and isn’t too keen on Bitcoin yet
but he is kind of negative too but he expresses a negative view that a lot of
people have because they’re expressing it politically by thinking Bernie
Sanders is their Savior that there’s no real growth in this in this economy
there’s no real great that’s all it’s all fake growth and you know and it’s
it’s depressing just to go to my nine-to-five job and there’s no there’s
no hope cetera but and I I hear that story there
are a lot of people that believe that story there’s no hope there’s no growth
although we’re living in this amazing golden age so the story out there the
best story out there the story that you inside was that bitcoin is the best
story it is so excited it’s such an exciting story in a time when a lot of
people say I think there’s not a lot of excitement out there they think that the
economies are growing slowly but I’m not betting it’s only though the wall street
people are benefiting it’s only the Tesla people that who are benefiting
from this so the Bitcoin story eating in the space to hold it’s such a such an
exciting space and well we have so many people there like telling a hopeless
story this is a story of hope and excitement and it’s very positive and
you already know that but I’m just uh I’m putting it in perspective and lining
it up for you for something I’m about to talk to you so Bitcoin is if not is one
of the most exciting stories out there today that anyone can participate in I
think it’s the most exciting one so it was only a matter of time before some
really mainstream entities started picking up on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
they didn’t talk about it in 2017 okay so uh and next and I think that’s good I
think it’s I you shouldn’t get your financial information from MTV how about
that if you’re getting your fight if you’re making your financial decisions
based on what you see on MTV you’ve got some issues but I I’m gonna put a
positive spin on the fact that MTV is uh doing heavy crypto expert on there and
some people are really frustrated on on Twitter about this and they’re they’re
angry that this this woman and did you know you can check out the links below
I’m like I must say her name um she’s actually I believe she was in a
video once with tone base where she was wearing a bikini she’s a she’s wearing
the bikini base and hey if if you get your if you do your if that’s your thing
that’s your thing okay as I’ve said before this is not a fancy sesor
graphics place this is you’re not gonna see the bikini babes here but lots of
people like that kind of thing and so this person it’s not like she was
invited to be the crypto expert on MSNBC or at CNBC whatever is CNN I it’s it’s
MTD it’s it’s MTV so that’s people wear bikinis there and this is perfect and
I’m you know this person appears like they they wanted she wanted to be a
youtuber or she wouldn’t be popular wanted to you know give giveaways and
all this stuff and this fits it perfectly this is the type of audience
so that’s that’s cool I mean she achieved her goal we should be happy we
should be happy about that and the story is being spread that this
is an exciting story now are people gonna act on it properly by watching MTV
I mean some people in some of these threads like MTV still exists and I kind
of got a chuckle out of that because I mean I haven’t why don’t I don’t have
cable I don’t watch TV and I knew MTV existed but I didn’t to me it might as
well not exist but hey they are uh they are having a bikini babe on their on
their channel to talk about the crypto I guess and someone here here’s a good
tweet about it pulling beautiful fresh simp money into the space we need crypto
experts like her to explain to plumber Joe how to buy the top of shiny big
green candles doing God’s work in my opinion okay so I don’t think Plumber
Joe watches it but there there’s a potential dumb money that that watches
MTV no doubt and will be intrigued but by hearing about this you know you’ve
been sitting home smoking weed all day watching yo MTV raps or whatever’s on
MTV these day I don’t know what the real world and you see if a pretty bikini
girl in there talking uh talking big oh man wait a second I got I got some extra
cash maybe I should get in this thing whatever and again they did
they’re not gonna care about fundament look it’s it’s worth as much as it’s
ever been before this is the best time to buy you’re getting your five you’re
making your financial decisions on MTV you’re you’re one step yeah you’re more
than one step behind but I like it I like it than MTV’s going I’m put a
positive spin on this and there are so many people in our space that just want
to see this type of thing and want to see fancy sets and graphics and love
this don’t think they can have their thing we can have our thing here you can
get insider information here you can watch MTV this is this was a big boys
play and his personal responsibility is new counterculture if a bunch of people
if it really gets popular on MTV and people start learning about Bitcoin
through MTV and E they start to buy up all sorts of thirds 60 or all coins well
this is I mean it’s their fault it’s their thing I mean there’s plenty of
resources out there we’ve been talking about I’ve been talking about Bitcoin
all this is a channel since 2013 and there some people been talking about it
on the internet longer so if you’re if this is the way you find out about
through MTV you could have found about it other ways I mean you’re not some
rock it just gets bad information you can do your own research also but there
are a lot of people that just sit there and do whatever the TV tells them to do
so here we go this is from speaking of simps this is from a guy and he says a
crypto Twitter makes me ashamed sometimes this person I’m not singer
name successfully made made successfully made her a target she provides
femininity and sex appeal to crypto for the everyday people and she is torn
apart MTV doesn’t want to broadcast your ugly
mug okay that’s true yeah yeah no MTV does not want to put ugly people on
there they know so they picked this person out of your superficial reasons
and then they’re and you think it’s good that you know she gets promoted because
it’s super that’s right you should watch the MTV day and you you are right there
is a lot of noise on crypto Twitter a people getting angry
this person got this is you know you should take it take my summary of the
whole thing Bitcoin is getting popular it’s an exciting story it’s so excited
that MTV is even even covering it now so maybe we’ll get some new people into the
space and hey don’t worry about it it’s not like this person is that the crypto
expert on CNBC or anything like that so and just use Twitter not to argue about
something like this but to read all of tornami stirrers tweets or zack bowl or
so someone like that ball could get caught up in the drama too but he’s been
on the show before anyone remind feet a tech ball te CH b alt so in turn so
here’s some more mainstream news so MTV is way that’s not financial mainstream
that’s like entertainment mainstream but hey bitcoins getting in there
thanks to bikini babes so mixed so the mainstream financial media this is from
bit steam steam he says this he’s commenting on a CNBC segment that Mark
usko was on mainstream financial media is trying to get in on the Bitcoin
maximalist podcast game stack your sex SATs if if you follow stock and flow
store a value not designed to be a visa marketing substitute great interview
market so they they’re starting to use these terms that’s good that’s great
that’s awesome it’s an exciting freakin story dudes
more the more the merrier this is where the big boys play
bring them on bring them on all right we got people talking in the chat no
questions you can type in bitcoinmeister do super tab if you’ve got questions
moving on speaking of CNBC here’s a story from
CNBC and i’m going to tie in the bitcoin here’s why morgan stanley is spending 30
billion dollars to buy e trade how much is coinbase worth its coinbase next what
would you think of Morgan Stanley ballpoint bass now is
bases big as etrade no it doesn’t deal with stocks etc et-cetera but I mean
coinbase is in a space that is growing very fast and people brought this up
before corn base will be purchased one day I believe it will be purchased there
are some people who think coinbase will purchase other other companies won’t
they that may be quite basal purchase a bank but when I see when I see a story
like that the e-trade is being purchased by one of those evil banks
I think coinbase must be it’s attractive to them too
all right let’s go to crypto dividends for a second i feld recently about the
one we got MWC and how there’s one buyer of it out there and he’s trying to
dominate the market and manipulate the market I’ll let an interesting
experiment well there is this one guy it’s got his own blog and I went to the
that like coin Telegraph heard about this island when I link to the blog post
ok this guy has analyzed be gold which was another crypt of dividend we got
back in 2017 and apparently there has been an entity that has been buying up
be gold for quite has an incredible amount of beagle the article explains it
and this guy feels he thinks that he will try to manipulate the be gold
market because it can it’s a relatively low volume traded coin relatively for
like a top three tiers I guess it’s if you have an incredible amount of it
you’re gonna be able to manipulate it apparently you can attempt to do it so
it’s a fascinating study you know we see what they’re trying at what someone’s
trying to do with MWC this is on a much larger scale let’s see if this guy’s
predictions that come true if there is if there is one he thinks it’s a South
Korean entity that owns like a tremendous amount of be gold that is
going to try to pump it and and maybe this will be a trend in the up corn
space maybe this is going on in other lower tier all coins – we just don’t
realize there are entities that are trying to
buy up as much of it as possible to try to create some hype and excitement
around it and then dump it on on the retail market that was the word I
couldn’t think of before that 2017 was mostly retail okay so that’s linked to
below if you want to study that learn about all point pumpa jizz from people
trying to dominate for entities trying to dominate them bisque is growing there
is a thread that I linked to below that gives all starts as source of statistics
that compare 2018 and 2019 not only did Bitcoin volume increased
significantly with the sheer number of trades on bisque almost doubled 91 went
up 91% and almost 60% of those trades were for buying and selling Fiats oh boy
I’m offended by something for Fiat but if you’ve got fiat and you want to go
through the cup I think it’s a great way to dump your altcoins
anonymously over there if you want to but a lot of people want to vomit when I
talk about coinbase well there I talk about bisque that’s a decentralized be
centralized as a guess in the space so there was a a debate last night and I’m
only bringing it up because I brought up the FTX
presidential prediction markets before and it’s still pretty low volume on
there but sure enough after yes after last night’s debate the Bloomberg
dropped 26% one there which is no shot at you you expect if this is a true
prediction market then now a la after what I heard about last night’s debate I
didn’t watch the course that a lot less people would think that Bloomberg is
going to become president after last night and sure enough the Bitcoin the
prediction markets where people are betting the precious Bitcoin on people
like Bloomberg it it they don’t expect them to win as
much as they used it and someone says Cass eighths say do you think we’ll see
em WC on base soon no yesterday it’s it’s
located stuff to get those type of coins on bisque apparently and just because
Manero is on there doesn’t mean and I don’t is if-if-if nimble Wimble is on if
one of the other too nimble wind blows are on there I don’t think they are on
there that’s why I said no so fast yeah I I don’t you never know you never know
I should if if one of them is already on there now I’m starting to think one of
them might already be on there grin or grin or the other or beam if grin are
beam is already on there then we could see it on there if they’re not if
they’re not on there no it’s not gonna be there but it take it’s like you
really have to be proactive to get on the bisque you you really have to do all
of like the groundwork okay it’s it’s they’re not too many P it’s
decentralized its descent they don’t have work employees or anything like
that okay two interesting questions so yesterday I
mentioned I want to be Oh a friendly again linked to below is our the Israel
Tel Aviv the the parties of a piano on May 21st best having party on earth and
finally I just want to quickly mention something I mentioned yesterday that I
said that people who love the dollar should love stable coins but one can see
how those Inc I want to get the other side of the story that those in
government who want to see the dollar remains strong could become very
paranoid and worrisome and panic and distracted because that the the stable
coins seem like that they seem like dollars they seem like they seem well
they’re centralized just like the dollar and they’re similar to the daughters
those similarities could make them feel very uneasy and thus panic when they see
something like Libra which they clearly had they clearly had now I take that as
a positive again dad they’re not gonna think logically and
see how these stable coins can help the dollar if they’re going to Peck because
they see something so similar and they’re offended by companies printing
their own money well it’s it’s going to distract them and they’re gonna spend
all their time worrying about Libra and what are they what are they gonna do a
Bitcoin bitcoin is gonna be able to breeze through now and I am not worried
about government regulation etc for Bitcoin but there been people have asked
me recently what what do you think about this Forbes article and we kind of we
kind of talked about it on Fridays show a little bit but here’s my thing there
there’s a lot of people that write these broad articles that the government
doesn’t like Bitcoin but what it boils down to is that the people of rank
article don’t fully understand and the government doesn’t fully understand the
difference between Bitcoin stable coins all calling cetera et cetera
and they get fixated on something that’s easy to get fixated on which is a
centralized competitor to the doll or a company printing its own money so hey
it’s the rate the regulation can really only stifle something like Libra or
something like a staple so keep that in mind when you read these stories about
Oh bitcoins gonna be threatened by government regulation it’s it’s not and
it’s not it’s their radar is only so big bitcoin is far off on that they’ve got
easy targets let them that’s why Mark Zuckerberg
doing up doing some good work out there putting his Liebherr out there putting
his name out there letting everybody attack him and bitcoins doing its thing
so hey there’s a positive spin on it all right i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister speaking about positivity i’m gonna be
talking about that tonight and in Long Beach I look forward to seeing all you
click on their squares bang the bell button and of course pound the like
button we’ll see you tomorrow 115 Baltimore time hopefully Bitcoin
Tino will be on with Boris and someone else because I don’t have too much time
to manage the guest was I’m gonna be on the road real soon I’ll see ya

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