Bitcoin Mooning , Litecoin , EOS , Crypto on FIRE. 50TH SHOW!

welcome everyone it’s us the New Kids On
The Block Train and it’s our 50th show
happy birthday to us, it’s been quite
a year we’ve been very busy bringing you
all the latest blockchain and crypto
news we’ve been all over the world and
here we are again to bring you another
show we have been thinking haven’t we
we’ve been thinking we have there are
lots and lots of crypto projects and as
discussing with Chris Coney and other
people over the last couple of weeks
trying to keep track of them all for
content producers is very very difficult
so we have decided from here on in we’re
going to follow like three to five
projects regularly a brief bit of the
top news out there but we’re really only
going to focus on three to five projects
EOS is one that’s very close to our
hearts like coin Tron there’s there’s
loads of you know coins out there but we
would like you to tell us below now what
projects would you like us to follow you
in the unique position have been able to
affect this so take the time to comment
down below what projects do you want us
to follow and why we can then spend time
investing to really get in there and
bring you the very latest news and be
useful in this kind of sea of coins of
the mode it’s just too difficult to
follow all of them isn’t it like a
crypto choose-your-own-adventure
there you go our future project this
week we chat to Andrew from Ankur a new
stable coin but I guess before we do
anything else we should have a quick
news roundup
so the big news this week apart from the
by Nats hack has obviously been Bitcoin
is on a tear it’s six thousand eight
hundred dollars as we currently sit here
or there abouts so I guess our first
news story from news BTC this morning
analyst roars well at the time Bitcoin
topped 6700 but a short squeeze may
sustain in crypto rallying Bitcoin BTC
just hours ago moved above six thousand
seven hundred dollars and even flirted
with six thousand eight hundred dollars
on some crypto exchanges although many
have been absolutely enamored with this
move some have been left asking it is
the crypto currency moving too far too
fast over the past five weeks Bitcoin
has been in a decidedly bullish trend
ever since the asset broke past the key
$4,200 resistance level some like fun
strats Tom Lee had proclaimed that BTC
was in a bull market again from BTC
prominent Bitcoin analyst says if
Bitcoin holds like this for a day or two
I’m flippin bullish a prominent crypto
currency analyst and one of the few to
be convinced that Bitcoin will not sink
lower than its December 2018 lower 3200
once again is teetering on the edge of
bullishness vinny Lingam a South African
entrepreneur and co-founder of the Civic
blockchain identity platform has stated
that we will come round to the belief
that the crypto winter is indeed over if
Bitcoin can stay above the price many
thought would serve as immense
resistance 6,200 lingam has previously
commented that he thinks bitcoin is
unlikely to make any lasting gains until
it moves up and down independently of
other old coins however he did state
that if we crossed the 6,200 price point
we could very well be looking at a new
bull run regardless of decoupling the
finance hack it’s time to follow the
money from CCN 44 million dollar finance
hackers shuffles seven crypto wallets
with the stolen Bitcoin hackers who
stole 44 million dollars from Viners are
busy shifting the 7070 for Bitcoin to
seven wallets they work to convert their
bounty to Fiat eagle-eyed analyst at
london-based research team coin firm
tracking the stolen bitcoins and a
family hackers have now spread them
across seven digital wallet addresses
hackers first split the coins and put
them into separate wallets as they work
to cover their tracks from aetherium
world news banning bitcoin would
actually drive adoption says legendary
crypto investor as the price of Bitcoin
has boomed serve the number of
incumbents of traditional finance and
politics taking to the streets to bash
cryptocurrency in Washington DC on
Thursday one American politician and a
prominent one of that suggested that
cryptocurrency should be banned
yikes during the Financial Services
Committee hearing early this week US
congressman bradley sherman who
represents the democrats in california
the home of technological innovation of
all places suddenly brought up crypto
currencies during his rant desk
statement which was reposted by industry
non profit coin center sherman remarked
that congress could outlaw crypto
currencies for US citizens he explained
I look for colleagues to join with me in
introducing a bill to outlaw crypto
currency purchased by Americans an awful
lot of our international power comes
from the fact that the US dollar is the
standard unit of international finance
and transactions
so as part of our featured project today
we’re joined by Andrew serega from
anchor and are you there Andrew welcome
to the studio thank you very much
appreciate being here and taking the
time to to speak to me thank you great
well welcome and I guess first of all
for any of our viewers out there who
don’t know can you kind of pictures what
anchor is so yeah actually anchor is a
stable coin that seeks to kind of fix
the problem that off fiat currencies
have and that’s kind of their
devaluation over time due to inflation
and and other factors so what we’ve done
is we’ve created a stable coin that’s
pegged to a proprietary algorithmic
index that tracks global GDP so on a
very basic level we said hey why are
people just looking at a small piece of
a larger puzzle let’s look at the entire
picture see what in fact money is worth
in the entire world and give people that
value and help them preserve it over
time as well great because I think one
of the reasons people love the idea of
crypto currencies in the first place is
just the idea of your money being eroded
away by inflation you know over time is
obviously quite a difficult one to look
at if money sat in the bank slowly
getting eroded but I guess the
volatility in crypto currencies makes it
quite hard for some people to you know
to kind of get involved so why are
stable coins so important you think in
that well again you said it yourself
volatility is kind of a barrier to
entrance for a lot of people they’re
afraid that they could wake up the next
day and lose half of their money
literally overnight and then as we just
noticed with finance the fact that you
know their server was just hacked and
they lost a good deal of money granted
the end consumer doesn’t pay for it but
it does give you a little bit of you
know skepticism or at least give some
alarm to the fact that is it really a
safe way to do business so I think
stable coins coming in actually provide
a kind of happy medium between the
volatility and the safety side of it I
think blockchain technology is an
emerging technology that will replace
traditional fiat currencies in the
future granted obviously has to develop
as well but in terms of volatility a
stable coin is actually pegged to
something of value there’s something
behind it that gives it value for
example the US dollar its values based
on the fact that the US government says
hey we will pay you back or we will
basically value that money at that price
with Bitcoin for example there is no
real value behind it it’s just kind of
pie in the sky money so people can trade
it for whatever they want and people are
always looking to make a quick buck the
difference being stable coin there are
stable crypto currencies have a backing
whether it’s the US dollar gold oil you
know whatever commodity there’s
something behind it that gives it that
intrinsic value so on that note with
ANCA my understanding is you basically
pegged it to purchase of of sovereign
debt or can you explain a little bit
about how that works and maybe the
relationship between the two sides the
anchor and dope yes so let me start with
basically our what’s called our M mu
that’s a that’s our peg of value or that
algorithmic index basically what we’ve
done is we’ve taken 20 of the largest
economies in the world that have at
least 1% global GDP participation and
we’ve taken data from those countries in
terms of forex we’ve also taken GDP
output real GDP from a hundred and
ninety four different countries and
we’ve calculated a nominal value for the
entire global economy including its
future growth we can it’s kind of a
predictive algorithm algorithm as well
because we can tell you roughly what the
value of the world economy will be over
a period of time so having this new
financial index or this new measure of
value we’ve actually created a very
powerful tool in terms of stability so
now that we have this this financial
index what we do is we take our anchor
and we pay get to that value so your
anchor will always be worth more or less
what the world economy is worth at any
given point
now you mentioned doc what the doc is is
basically a utility token in the back
ground that we use as a measure are as a
sort of defense against volatility Black
Swan event so for example if the price
of the anchor begins to drop below the
MMU we issue an immediate auction to buy
back anchors in return we give these
individuals docks which they have to
hold for a period of time and then they
will be given anchors back as the price
stabilizes within the anchor project and
will also receive a premium so it’s kind
of an incentive for them to participate
in this mechanism that really stabilizes
the price of the anchor at that MMU
price and conversely if the price of the
anchor begins to skyrocket we then issue
anchors through the docks to be able to
bring the price back down because again
our end goal isn’t volatility it’s not
for day traders to make money it’s for
the end consumer to have a currency that
holds value over time and enhances its
value so that your purchasing power
isn’t eroded like it is with traditional
Fiats I guess also with stable coins the
the main thing with them is that the the
kind of Garrett guarantee of liquidity
is kind of needs to be the the promise
that everybody holds true and we’ve
obviously had this big thing with tether
recently there’s been lots of kind of
thoughts in the past from certain people
that these guys hadn’t got the money
they were saying they’ve got and I know
kind of recently it’s come out that they
have admitted that it’s not one-to-one
backed what’s your opinion on that whole
scenario well I I just think it’s a
ticking time bomb to be honest with you
because if they have a runner on the
bank and people start cashing out it’s
basically gonna unravel yeah largely
because they were my opinion
irresponsible with the things that were
promising people and what they were
actually delivering I will say this
though tether was a good starting point
it was something to kind of get the ball
rolling there were mistakes made and
mistakes that can be learned from to put
forth a better product for you know
consumers users whoever wants to
participate in this crypto economy if
you will so I’m not gonna say that
tether was a horrible thing you should
have never been done no in fact it was a
great start unfortunately it had many
flaws and
those flaws are coming to light I think
now it’s going to be that time where
your new stable coins start to come in
that are better in many different ways
and address the issues and failings of
tether and some of the more traditional
stable coins that are already out on the
market I guess that’s the same with a
lot of blockchain projects right isn’t
it there’s lots came out and a lot of
they’re all good ideas but maybe they
were version 1.0 and we need to get to
like version 5.0 before it becomes kind
of you know kind of practical in the
marketplace and I guess that’s an
example of that from what you’re saying
absolutely I mean look at computers for
example in in you know in the 90s you
basically had hardware that couldn’t
handle even the hop of the software at
that time and as time progressed
Hardware got better software got better
and we are where we are today we’re
literally a phone is thousands of times
more powerful than a supercomputer was
back then that’s kind of the progression
of technology and my opinion humankind
as a whole we’re always looking to
better ourselves for the next generation
and the next generation carries that
mantle forward as well so it’s the same
thing in the crypto world I just think
it’s gonna be a matter of time before
these services before these products
truly become you know perfected in a way
and talking about time we where are you
guys where is anchor on its current
timeline and what’s your what your plans
from from here on in so we’re actually
gonna be at consensus next week and we
have a couple big announcements that
we’re gonna make there I think we’re
we’re in a very good place right now
we’re moving along very well we’re just
waiting for our letter of Nan concern
from FEMA because were based in
Switzerland obviously their Regulatory
Authority has to sign off on us I think
that will be forthcoming very soon and
once it does we’ll be ready to launch
our pre-cell beginning of third quarter
contest a.m. where would people go to
find out a bit more information
obviously we will put links below in the
show notes but just just if you could
let people know what’s the best way to
find out more yeah so basically our
website the anchor dot IO
is a wealth of information we have our
white paper light paper a number of
other resources that people can can look
at I think are some of those big
announcements that we’re going to be
making that information or those
products will be available online as
well they can follow us on social media
which again links for the website as
well and if they really want to get in
contact with us and have some specific
questions we’re always available and
we’re looking to address any concerns
any questions any thoughts that people
might have
and in fact in doing so actually make
our product that much better so we’re
looking for a community input we’re
building community at this point and I
think we’re gonna be ready to do this
beginning a third quarter and really
kind of surprise a lot of people in the
market great well we will follow you
keenly with what’s going on maybe we can
get you guys back on when you’re close
to launch and as always it’s a pleasure
to have everybody on to catch the show
and learn a little bit more about anchor
so thank you very much indeed thank you
so much appreciate the time and love to
be back on
that’s all folks so hopefully you’ve
enjoyed the show remember we want you to
comment down below what projects do you
want us to focus on also give us a like
and subscribe you know it helps us it
does but before we go everyone may
remember that we went to a Bitcoin in
the woods event and there was a very
lovely video with us and our hound with
everyone else at this amazing camping
experience in England and there is
another one coming there is Nigel is
doing a living outside the matrix
weekend which is on the 25th 26th and
27th of May we’ll have links down below
it’s a beautiful setting
three days of talks with loads of
interesting people we did a whole talk
on crypto currencies there it’s very
very cool links below well worth going
if you have the time so until we see you
next week folks please do remember you
in blockchain


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