Bitcoin organic growth, Litecoin & Bcash Tues active address spikes, Libra lit a fire, Altcoin mobs?

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day and yet we’ve hit another Fiat high for the year this is uh this is trendy
man this is something we’ve been going through having hype pound that like
button for the having freaking hype so yeah you feel freaks for me one Bitcoin
still equals one Bitcoin the great SSM 59 and if you have a question type of
bitcoinmeister do a super check SSM 59 left this comment and we can analyze
this comment a good a good story from out out in the field I was talking to
one of my employees today and she mentioned she had an interesting
experience at her tax preparers office regarding Bitcoin several years ago she
decided to invest a small amount in Bitcoin in the past her tax preparer had
chided her for messing around with a scam however this year was different
why is this night different than all other nights Bitcoin was front and
center Center on the tax preparation question year further my assistant asked
if the tax preparer was seeing more people declaring Bitcoin
on their taxes she replied oh yes quite a bit and then followed by saying and
had I bought some back when I thought it was all BS I wouldn’t be doing this job
right now and that’s the truth bear in mind this was not a high-powered
accounting firm dealing with rich people this is a Walmart level tax preparation
firm dealing with mostly blue-collar paycheck-to-paycheck folks this is the
organic growth we have been talking about for the last decade
pound that light button hey man that’s a good story
I do hope regular people are buying it are stacking SATs at as they say and
that’s a there’s an example a real-life example United States of America someone
who has encountered this will we’ll be hearing more stories like this this tax
season and or or this year I think so having height will get more regular
people interested in it’s also and I those people because they are getting in
before some institutions really go whack into into this space and they won’t be
the ones complaining oh why did well Wells Fargo buy up so many a Bitcoin and
now it’s so expensive and I can’t buy any okay so let’s let’s talk about Pete
that you know people complain about the banks again personal responsibilities
new counterculture you get the Bitcoin people complain about the Fed again if
you don’t like the dollar by the Bitcoin well here mister Fed chair j-pal just a
link and at two hours ago this was just tweeted out by a reporter that I guess
he’s Jake I was speaking people started asking me about cryptocurrency related
stuff j-pal on Facebook Libre Libre lit a fire and it was a bit of a wake-up
call that this was coming fast and could come in a way that is quite widespread
and systematically important in other words Libre is setting the example that
not only you not only governments can print their own money but private
companies can do it they’re going to do it it’s going to inspire governments to
print their own fed coins also but and it’s it’s
somatically important it’s gonna change the whole freaking system now does he
say is he gonna give him a hard time well let’s not worry about that right
now but hey J pal asked about it didn’t didn’t shoot it down and say no this is
it’s totally illegal we’re going to destroy it he said it’s systematically a
it’s gonna change the system and it is changing it was a wake-up call and they
weren’t maybe they weren’t expecting it so soon and now that they know it’s
coming they’re gonna have to get their fed coin off the ground also but I
didn’t say all that I’m just kind of adding the Fed point part but I as many
of you know I think Libra existing is a great thing because it does show the
world they hate governments aren’t the only ones that can print money it will
get people into Bitcoin it will open up some people’s mind and unfortunately it
will get some people into fed coin when it comes around also and we’ll talk
about that later right no we’re talking about it right now pound that like
button so for most people on on the planet Earth and most people the planet
they’re used to their fiat currency they’re stuck a lot of them are stuck in
horrible fiat currencies that are just inflated and they’ve gone through
hyperinflation they’ve gone through all sorts of horrible situations through
their lives and most of them would love a negative interest rate u.s. dollar fed
coin okay or a Facebook Libre over it they would consider it so much more
credible than their local currency and this is something at the bear in mind
here they all so many people because brand names mean so much people Facebook
United States dollar those are brand names if for many people unfortunately
they would prefer those a u.s. dollar negative interest rate yes that they can
they can figure out a way to make a negative interest rate and you know if
you’re holding this at your your fed coin sponsored bank you we take away
some every month whatever there’s negative interest rates
right there but it also beats Bitcoin sadly for some in some people’s brains
for the non thinking people that are just used to so I for me I we’re smart
here okay we’re 24 centers we know like hey it might be tempting to have that
dead coin or that Facebook coin it shouldn’t be something but Bitcoin beats
them all but we have talked about on this show before the credibility factor
and in terms of credibility it the Libra and the US dollar negative interest rate
fed coin many people will prefer that at first then some people will learn that
those ones have their you know being monitored by Mark Zuckerberg or being
monitored by the United States maybe it’s not worth it
maybe I’ll gain the Bitcoin and then I do I do want to remind all Allpoint
freaks out there that man your way down the totem pole in turn in terms of
credibility factor in people in these countries adopting your coin I mean
they’ve never heard of your coin before dude they’d much prefer the US dollar
something to do with Facebook then Bitcoin then then you’re all coin but
they that they’ve never heard of so just just want to point out that that thing
out also but be patient be patient as we talked about above regular people the
United States of America are giving you the it’s a process long term thinking
guys it’s a lot and you know the 20 2024 strong and 2024 it’s gonna be a lot
different then it’s gonna be a lot different of 2028 somebody asked me in
the chat Adam can you do a show on why the Bitcoin trading volume is higher
than it was in 2017 well there’s a lot more money interest in the space now
okay back in 2017 there were a lot of people going back and forth into all
coins of Bitcoin and just buying alt coins with dollars which wasn’t
affecting the Bitcoin volume that much i SEOs with aetherium that wasn’t
affecting the Bitcoin body we’ve got more professional type of
entities in the space now okay that are just trading Bitcoin at a very fast pace
back and forth back if I mean that increases the volume was
word I’m looking for the whole whole circular ecosystem the the velocity a
Bitcoin trading velocity is way up and there more people that are using Bitcoin
so it’s you’re gonna this is gonna happen all the time more and more people
were here I mean the real simple answer is just there’s more people in the space
but I think a lot of the players in the space are just moving it back and forth
fast they’re doing all these nonsense nonsense with it trading this then hey
they can do what they want to do and also the Bitcoin volume trading volume
metric I don’t care that much about it in the
sense that there was a lot of it that was fake in 2017 and you gotta assume
that not as much of its fake now but there’s still a big there are that you
know be ten reliable exchanges method if you care about the volume I really I
really don’t care about the volume trading volume that much as you know I
discourage people from doing that long term I’m thinking baby
Byam old strong Han of course but hey there’s there’s your answer it’s it’s
not a complex it’s not a very complex answer and it’s that and that’s not
anyway so moving on we got the this is a good one for you white coin and be cash
freaks out there case study and metrics freaks out there we just talking about
trading volume as a metric dick we still we’re still early on in this game where
these metrics are questionable and here’s another questionable one new case
study in how on chain applications can skew important to coin metrics and
metrics coin metrics are especially unreliable when you go down the upcoming
totem pole okay with Bitcoin that can be a little bit more they can actually tell
you something as you start getting into like second to your third year they’re
not really going to tell you anything because they can be manipulated and
skewed and this story is about to talk to your altcoins
getting they’re getting skewed the the metrics in in relation to well here
we’ll talk about this short post illustrates using on chain dad
to investigate the source of a seemingly anomalous weekly bump in active address
use using you active addresses using litecoin and be cash for these
cryptocurrencies active addresses are highest on Tuesdays by as much as 50% or
more so that’s that’s freaky a prominent coin metric is active addresses okay in
an interval of time it represents how many unique wallet address is engaged on
on chain transactions as as inputs or outputs okay in the metric pertains to
scaling value use cases adoption and so on okay I agree with that it’s simple
and powerful now should you be putting so much worth into it though some
projects show an intuitive trend bitcoin has a robust weekday and weekend rhythm
more wallets are active during the week than during the weekend and that makes
all the sense in the world if you’ve got a legitimate coin out there like Bitcoin
the active addresses are going to increase on the weekdays that makes
sense that’s where people are working this with people weekend people take off
and not on their computers we all see at the numbers down in social media on the
weekends too it’s the same so big aetherium demonstrates the same trend he
says it’s not as pronounced so why the heck is be cash and litecoin why are
they different well here you go a company called Bitcoin aliens produced a
game that gives away be cash and litecoin every Tuesday as a kind of
faucet in exchange for viewing ads alright so those coins are so well
they’re not really being used for that much that this one so this is telling us
something about the coins but it’s this Bitcoin aliens it’s it’s big it’s
totally screwing the metrics Tuesday’s there should be pumps on Tuesdays that’s
just wild so it
not much really going on a litecoin and be kasev if something like that can
happen and you know in when you see weird free-cos away numbers like that
you got to dig deep to see what the heck is going on well the it’s linked to
below if you want to read more about the about that situation but the good news
is that Bitcoin makes sense in that in that metric now are we got a question
from roaming Q I buy Bitcoin over the counter with lightning none of this is
captured in the stats the rule the real stats are not priced in the having is
not priced in like that alright let’s see we got JA Rocko says made 9.2
percent of my Bitcoin today with my MWC my HOD hold is bigger it is a great day
a strong hands well dude yeah I give you all the credit in the world you held on
to that crypto dividend when many of us were like whoa I can pay 4% 5% on this
which was amazing that you held on to that crypt of dividend any 9.2 percent
more power to you – more power – no regrets for the people who did it just
there will be more crypto dividends and you were hear about them first and you
are I kick gel or I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing your Portuguese name if
it’s Portuguese if it’s Indian whatever it is I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing it
you know that Bitcoin it to be a holder that you get interest on your Bitcoin in
the form of dividends and you really made the most of it so I say count out
like button for you to really you’ve got more Bitcoin today and that’s what it’s
all about getting more Bitcoin through this process not getting tempted by
these whack all coins and valuing your wealth and dollars and keeping your big
if you were to kept your Bitcoin on an exchange or a platform that gave you
interest you wouldn’t have gotten 9.2 percent more Bitcoin no no personal
responsibility is the new counterculture and that’s what crypto dividends are
there are about personal responsibility you get them when you take care of your
private key when you control your own Bitcoin or your treads or your ledge or
whatever it is alright and just what a world we live in where
that one entity keeps on buying up that MWC for whatever his his or her its
reasons are and that we as regular people can benefit can be directly
connected in the old days you would have to have insider connections to get a
flow of money like this you know to be connected to people who made
questionable economic decisions by buying something like only only what
fellow one-percenters remain money off of one percenters making and there’s
nothing wrong one percenters but now regular people can make money off of
funds and one-percenters doing wild things like buying MWC at any price when
in fact it was free why buy something that is for free hey look he’s gonna do
he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do you are benefitting it’s a great story
that you got a nine percent nine point two percent and I think right now I you
can guys can go over to hotbed right now I don’t know what it’s worth a lot I try
all right all right select let’s move on here I’m talking
about Bitcoin aliens let’s all got Jameson lapa about a tweet Bitcoin is
creating a new class of high-net-worth individuals who will reshape the world
the entrepreneurship investment and philanthropy so I agree with that there
are people now who back in the day when Bitcoin didn’t exist they if these dudes
existed in the 1960s many people would not become high net worth individuals
they’re going to be that are becoming high net worth individuals and it is
really awesome that this financial innovation has come around that allows
more people to get into the game as it as it were and what are these new type
of high net worth individuals going to do with their wealth in when they become
one percenters again nothing wrong with being a one-percenter when they are one
percenters you know next year or already or in ten years or in 20 years when
they’re about to retire it’s it’s a whole new
it’s unpredictable and these are the type of people they’re in motion okay
they’re creative type of people a lot of them some of them will just do the same
thing you get getting the same old boring philanthropy some people are
going to create you know what I say you know cloud cities on Venus baby
oh shoot shit fern tell just you for the moon shoot for Venus so it is
interesting too and some of the replies that Jamison lop got to this we’re so
we’re typical of people that are not in motion that like Oh bunch of rich white
guys yeah what are they gonna do different hey that’s okay compete don’t
complain the people who are gonna be the high net worth individual they were
complaining they were competing so more power to them and yeah it’s gonna
reshape the world you’re gonna reshape the world in all
sorts of different feels because they’re gonna invest in other people and
businesses that never would have been invested in before so that kind of that
kind of tweet is very inspirational and yeah I’m happy to be pop be part of it
wink wink alright so let’s so let’s go the opposite here opposite direction
talk politics no speaking we’ve talked about
productive individuals now the people in the government they’re not very
government jobs are not productive of course but it’s funny when you’re trying
to get these political positions elected positions you create a whole industry
around you that is like you know Mike Bloomberg I mean he around his brand you
know vote for me he’s creating a whole lot a productive in just productive
industry pain pain from newspapers for advertisers pain paying people to work
etc etc in the end of the day there well anyway the point is is that there is an
article from the bulwark and it brings up something that is a little disturbing
in terms of politics it talks about the burning rose and the that do you need a
mob can you win a presidency without an online mob now okay because the Bernie
bros because them brown shirts that that they go around
online if someone says something bad about Bernie they tie one on them and it
seems the work it’s it’s some some say that they were the bag of people were
like that and so I thought about this since it appears that it works and then
I thought about you know in in Maya when I’m reading Twitter and I’ve read it as
a blog but I see all these people spending so much time attacking other
coins attacking Bitcoin and I wonder if the and and they’re definitely some all
coin mobs out there you can’t deny it now are those people real doesn’t really
matter if they’re real or not you can you can create fake people online that
are part of your altcoin mob so is this going to be an integral part of all coin
pumping in the future having a Burnie like mob having an altcoin mob is this
going to be a new more illegitimate marketing technique for businesses even
having and obviously they’d be friendlier mobs for a business one would
hope I mean but in terms of all point pumps is its if Bernie successful
becoming a prominent politician winning elections due to mobs I’m and all coins
already have these mobs that are similar to his one would think that they might
be you might become more prominent in our space which again this is where the
big boys play so you can ignore those people and just no one Bitcoin equals
one Bitcoin but a lot of people aren’t and I think we’re in to see some up coin
wobba up corn pumps in the future that’s why you don’t you don’t want to gamble
with these things but if they’re successful and I’m thinking about two
coins specifically that have mobs and do pumps sometimes and have no basis in
reality for any value we will see it’s the wild wild west around here so you
can read that article if you want about it doesn’t mention all coins at all but
I just extrapolated it upon the Crippler space and I believe that is the end of
the show and I got to clean up the Airbnb get out
here thanks a lot dudes you’ll see me in LA in a little bit over 24 hours I don’t
know what time the show’s gonna be on maybe they’ll be a little late I just
want to make sure I covered everything what was the title of the show anyway ah
hey we got it under 30 minutes though i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this
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yeah i did i did cover everything i will say hi to everybody in the chat right
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