BITCOIN Price Prediction

Bitcoin price to $27,000 in the next
four months it’s not even possible while
ultra-rich investor Trey’s mayor
predicts Bitcoin price to go to 27
thousand three hundred and ninety five
dollars in the next four months and
here’s why so I stumbled upon an article
that’s pretty interesting
a lot of speculations are gonna go are
going out to the Bitcoin price some say
that is gonna go to ten thousand a
hundred thousand a million dollars per
coin in the next year three years five
years ten years twenty years but this
guy right here he says that is gonna go
to over twenty seven thousand dollars in
the next four months and he has some
reasons behind it he recently tweeted
that it’s a good month of BTC
consolidation a 200-day moving average
rising well next six months should be
very interesting and fun he said
basically what ultra rich investor
Trey’s mayor did was he looked at the
moving average most traders look at the
moving average because it filters out
most of the noise on the markets and he
like I said he tweeted that he believes
bitcoin is currently under valued and
his target price for coming February is
over twenty seven thousand dollars per
Bitcoin he based his prediction on a
steady increase of bitcoins 200-day
moving average Trey’s mayor is one of
the first popular bloggers to publicly
recommend blockchain technology and
according to his website at the time
mayor recommended that his followers
purchase bitcoin back when the price was
just 25 cents per coin he also put a bet
a wager for 25,000 Bitcoin which is a
hundred and twenty-one million dollars
at the time of the recording and he was
he provided seed money for Kraken
Bay and armory on his website he
describes himself as an investor an
entrepreneur a journalist monetary
scientists an ardent defender of the
freedom of speech
analysts are clear to point out that
their work is based on probability thus
it’s possible to say that the price will
likely go up or down but the
unpredictability of the markets keep it
from being a certainty
according to infest Opia a moving
average definition of a moving average
is a simple technical analysis tool that
smooths out the price data by creating a
constantly updated average price a
moving average can help cut down the
amount of noise on a price price chart
or act as support or resistance the
200-day moving average that Mayer cites
is simply an average price of Bitcoin
over the last 200 days every day the
oldest day’s data is removed and the
most recent days closing price is added
and the metric is recalculated because
the 200-day moving average is weighted
with such an old price data in a bull
it lacks significantly behind the
current price a measures purpose is to
show the general trends of price
movements in bitcoins case the 200-day
moving average continues to rise
indicating that we remain in a bull
market so that means that momentum is on
our side or on the side of the bulls
basically should we shoot the moving
average falter that would be a sign of
weakness and possible reversal and then
the momentum would be on the side of the
Bears going down the current price
should remain within a certain range of
the moving price if the price goes too
far above it the gains are likely
unstable the current price should remain
within a certain range of the moving
average if the price goes too far above
it then the gains are likely unstable
mayor’s predicting that the 200-day
average moving average will continue to
rise and that Bitcoin will remain a
reasonable level of
of the measure only time will tell if
mayor is right or wrong the article says
but history certainly seems to be on his
side after all I wouldn’t want to bet
against a guy who has made at least a
hundred and twenty million dollars off
of bitcoins growth that was the article
I’m really curious to see what you guys
think of the article I’ll link it below
so that you can read it but seriously if
you guys if you’re a trader let me know
maybe we can set up like a training
group or something like that like a
different community around solely
trading because there are some simple
hacks to profit on cryptocurrency I’ve
seen a video recently that this 23 year
old guy made a hundred made a million
dollars within a year and he started
with a hundred dollars so we can build a
community around that as well we can
talk about trading in general I’m pretty
sure I could learn a ton from you guys
as well and um yeah that was basically
it I wanted to say one thing though I I
keep getting emails from people wanting
to send me stuff and then me talking
about it in videos I am very open to
this like for example this right here
kings of crypto I absolutely love their
products I cannot guarantee that I will
make videos about the products or that I
will even wear it in videos because I
don’t like promoting stuff that I don’t
really believe in this is awesome
quality I really like it I wear it in
real life as well it’s awesome and I’m
not actually making any Commission off
of making videos about this stuff other
companies offer this but I just wanted
to test this out and I really dig what
they’re doing I dig their movement so
that’s why I promote them for free so I
want to say that if you want to send me
stuff by all means go ahead I’ll check
it out I’ll try it if I like it I’ll
promote it if not then yeah that’s it so
that’s it guys for today I hope to see
you on the next video and until then
stop settling and start living the corn
life Joe


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