Bitcoin Price Surge! (3 Reasons Behind Bitcoin’s Value in 2019)

– Bitcoin has been all
over the news lately, with the recent rally bringing
it to a one year high. There’s a ton of explanations
floating around the internet about what’s actually fueling this rally and in this video I’m
gonna give you three. Now, first off, generally speaking the memory of the crypto crash is starting to fade from investors’ minds. And news flow has been generally positive. Facebook’s recent announcement of their Libra cryptocurrency, has been extremely
positive for the market. Second of all is FOMO,
fear of missing out. Now investor psychology is an
extremely complicated subject, but plain and simple, when
investors start to see an asset of any kind start to rally, they usually get so fearful
of missing out on these gains that they’ll try to jump into the market simply for that reason. Third off is Bitcoin dominance. Now back in the day a couple years ago when we had this previous crypto rally, everybody was looking
for the newest, shiniest initial coin offering on the market. Nowadays people are coming back to Bitcoin as being the tried and true, trusted cryptocurrency of choice.

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