Bitcoin Q&A: How to get people to care about security

my question is going beyond just transaction and financial the trust their application in for political and social kind of manifestation so what does it what do you think it’s gonna take for us to see a application of transfer beyond just financial so political and social that’s a good question what what do I expect to see for the application of this technology to the social domain to governance to politics to society beyond the financial time lots of time because this technology has a long way to go to mature but I also think that before you see it apply it in the political sphere it has to work first in the financial sphere one of the things that we’ve seen with Bitcoin which is really astonishing but really promising is that people don’t care about passwords people don’t care about private keys people don’t care about security until they have Bitcoin on their smartphone and suddenly InfoSec becomes an interest if you have money on your smartphone like money real money and at first you don’t think it’s real money but you hold it for a while and then maybe it goes up in value and then one day you look at it and you go home that’s real money that’s a lot of money it wasn’t that much last time I looked at it I was in Prague in a bar having a conversation with someone and they asked me what I do and I said I work in Bitcoin and they said oh I remember that I mind that back in 2011 on my pc how is it going so I said did you keep that PC I’m not answering the question yet did you keep that PC they said yeah I think I have the hard drive somewhere do you remember how much you mind so no much maybe 150 200 Bitcoin so I said sit down at today’s price your Bitcoin is seven hundred dollars each he said no it’s not so I showed him on my smart phone and he went white I mean he was already white but he went white I’m like a lot whiter he just started like shaking and he told his friends I’m going home right now I could just imagine the scene where he’s like digging through hard drives so I advised them to look for the wallet thought that but anyway side story the point is you never know when suddenly that little hobby you were doing back in 2011 becomes money but one thing becomes very real people start caring about security people who never set passwords people who set their password – password one two three four and I’m seeing a few faces in the audience here who going home that’s my password how did you know they start caring about security before you go and use this technology to vote you have to take the security seriously if someone can steal your vote and you don’t particularly care about your phones you’re gonna lose the keys you’re not going to maintain the backup but if that same device is holding your money released to your car your house and your vote primarily because of the first thing your money it’s wall backed up it’s the most secure thing you run maybe you’re using a hardware wallet instead you care about the security so one of the reasons I don’t think we’re going to see social applications of this is because first you need to care about it and the only way we found to care about it is to put money on it [Music] you

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