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which is people’s money is going to take
out the scam US dollar this is said by
the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad now
first of all if you guys have not read
Rich Dad Poor Dad it is one of the most
it’s it’s so over 32 million copies it
is one of my favorite books make sure
you guys do check it out if you have not
read it already some of you might have
read it so let me know the comments if
you have before we get into this article
I want to ask you guys do you think
bitcoin is going to take out the US
dollars let me know that right now in
the comments down below do you guys
think this is going to happen at some
time the future I’m not saying 2018 not
even saying 2019 maybe 2030 24 do you
think this is going to happen well the
world renowned author Robert Kiyosaki
who is the author of the author of Rich
Dad Poor Dad is saying that the biggest
economic crash is coming just like a
number of other experts like Goldman
Sachs and Bill Gates he further said
that the dollar is toast while gold and
silver and crypto currencies the
people’s money are going to take out the
scam US dollars so talking a little bit
about the economic crash the biggest
economic crash he thinks is coming well
the but his book they mentioned so
432 copies now he’s warning that an
economic crash like never seen before is
coming up though he says he can’t
predict when this crash will happen
obviously no one can the market is
already starting to feel the ripples
according to him the four shocks are
surrounding right are sounding right now
which means it might happen sooner than
later Taylor I’m talking on the crash he
said unfortunately we had a big crash in
2000 they called it the dot-com crash
then in 2008 it was the subprime real
estate crash now the next one was we’re
hoping is of the crash involving the you
know cryptocurrency a block Chan’s gonna
take down the US dollar that is going to
be the biggest one of them all so when
he talks about the US dollar he said
that in 1971 Nixon took the dollar off
the gold standard and the US dollar
became fake money the problem is that it
also became invisible so they could
print as many as much as they wanted
which is why savers got wiped out and if
you talk to any wealthy person nowadays
anybody who’s been in the stock market
anyone investors real say any wealthy
person in the world they will all say
and you will notice that they do not
save a majority of their money a
majority of their money is invested it’s
like the top was 0.001 percent of people
in the world a majority of their money
is invested because holding it in the
bank just makes it lose value as
everybody inflation happens every year
you lose the valuation of your money by
keeping it in the bank so in order to
keep it you know trying to maintain it
trying to grow it it they always have
their money invest it and I a hundred
percent agree that I don’t think
people’s eyes are open to how much of a
scam the u.s. dollar is and other
currencies around the world as well but
I’m using the US dollar because I’m in
the US and it is one of if not the
biggest currency out there competing
with the Euro I don’t know which ones
bigger but anyways I don’t think people
are noticing for the amount of a hard
time that they give cryptocurrency that
people are scared about cryptocurrency I
don’t know how people don’t realize that
what they’re using for day to day
purchase nowadays is completely made-up
the valuation of it is completely made
of now they say all the time Oh Bitcoin
isn’t backed by
anything to show me what the dollars
backed by then I would love to see what
the US dollar is actually backed by
given that they can print so many every
single day cause inflation and just
create a cycle of effect which then
obviously inflation happens things get
more expensive people can’t afford these
and then they need to increase the wages
and then when they increase the wages it
just goes on in a cycle cycle sex I
don’t understand how this happened but
of course some bank had to say something
so the Netherlands central bank says
cryptocurrency isn’t real money now I
don’t even want to go into this article
much I just wanted to share with you
guys exactly my point
that when it comes to banks and when it
comes to people who actually the people
who use the currency that they’re using
right now they are not a fan of
cryptocurrency coming in it’s going to
be significantly harder near impossible
for them to actually control the price
control people if we are using
cryptocurrency so that’s why a lot of
bad news is going on and given the fact
that the media and everything those are
all tied together and since they’re run
by very big people then we actually see
that then this is why we are seeing all
the bad news this is why people are
trying to suppress Bitcoin and bitcoins
price movement and try and make it seem
scary to the rest of the world basically
playing on people’s fear and playing on
people’s lack of education so terrible
thing to see but overall in the long
term I am still very very bullish and I
wanted to know what you guys think do
you think cryptocurrency or Bitcoin will
eventually take over the US dollar now
talking about some good news guys Tron
officially integrated as a payment
option on on pornhub further boosting
TRX adoptions so TRX adoption is now
complete this is through the roof
pornhub is um the integration with
pornhub has been complete how guys I’m
just kidding this probably isn’t as big
a deal I just thought it was funny to
add this in after we talked about the US
dollar and talked about the serious
matter throwing some of this in there so
now for those of you who are holding
Tron and you had to be using your US
dollars to buy your pornhub subscription
don’t worry you can now use Tron’s so
for those of you who are going to be
doing that I’m not gonna ask you too
many questions about it have a fun now
the owner of the New York Stock Exchange
launching new Bitcoin market is a
double-edged sword this is said by The
Wall Street veteran by a Wall Street
veteran and the reason for this being
some of the positives along with backed
are that attracting institutional
investors to crypto currencies of course
bringing in a lot more money from the
market hopefully causing significant
price increases solve the custody
problem that has kept many institutional
investors in the sidelines all along now
now there’s a qualified custodian which
the SEC requires for investment advisors
that manage one hundred fifty million
dollars or more it’s also going to help
regulators become more comfortable with
the sector once they see the IC e
involved and it will attract corporate
users to raise capital using the backed
ecosystem crypto currencies offer offer
users the prospect of covenant free and
proper and preference free capital at
low cost so these are some of the good
things involved now they did she didn’t
mention this was a double-edged sword
and it does make sense while I am
reading through this I would love to
hear your guy’s opinion in the comments
after I finished talking about the
negatives let me know what you guys
think but the sub up the negative she
said that Wall Street’s only shot at
controlling crypto currencies is to
financial eyes them via leverage by
creating more financial claims to the
coins than there are underlying coins
and thereby influencing the underlying
coin prices via derivatives markets so
financial institutions will begin to
create claims against crypto currencies
that are not fully backed by the
underlying coins which could take the
form of margin loans coin lending um7
several different things or ETFs that
don’t 100% track the underlying coins at
any given moment
none of these are happening in the
market yet those these aren’t happening
yet but she thinks that this is a
possibility and a way that Wall Street
might be able to actually control
cryptocurrency or their best chance at
controlling cryptocurrency now let me
know what you guys think in the comments
down below the pros I think are spot-on
I think 100% these are some of the great
things in crypto currencies one of the
reasons I’m still very very excited
see all the price movement that’s going
to be coming in the future but I do
understand the issue that there is on
the other side we’re gonna have to wait
and see how things play out I think Wall
Street for sure has a plan I don’t think
they’re just gonna come in here wanting
people to make money I think well then
what’s important for them is for them to
have to control because that’s when they
can make the most money so obviously
something to watch out for it is I agree
like she stated a double-edged sword but
I do like the positives and I am hoping
the positives do outweigh the negatives
with all the institutional investors
coming in on all the money that we will
be making when the market goes back up
now let’s take a really quick look at
the cryptocurrency over the overall
cryptocurrency market before we talk
about specific crypto currencies two
hundred fifty three billion dollar
market cap Bitcoin dominance at 47
percent some of the biggest winners
today would be hollow at 25 percent mo
AC at 12.5% z cash is up as well and
then scrolling down we get to the res I
believe there is more rent than there is
green in the market today but not by a
law if you take a look at some of the
losing percentages very very small
percentage again it just looks like the
market is trading sideways more than
anything some of the biggest losers is
Metaverse ET appeal down 6.5% elast
those down a little under 5d seneschal
an iota down 3.5 as well but like I said
a majority of crypto currencies look
like they are trading sideways as you
can see Bitcoin and aetherium doing
right here even iOS stellar are showing
good indications of this but talking
about some specific cryptocurrencies now
eight share I don’t talk about eight
share much but it is ranked 44th so I
figured I would I would talk about this
in case any of you guys do own some age
share finance will support the AHS are
maintenance swap to hyper cash HC so
keep that in mind if you have any and
you are looking to get it swamped during
the maintenance you guys check out the
fact that finance will be supporting it
make sure you figure out what you have
to do and all that I don’t want to spend
too much time on it but V Jane had some
good news so the entity it’s announced
the 5g Corporation list for the next
generation of mobile communications
systems in this open partnership program
fijian was selected as a global public
chain participant but by participating
in this program VM will work with NDT to
develop the blockchain project the V
chain Thor and there we go now now this
is big because this is Japan’s largest
mobile communication company so you guys
can see by the headline feet chain was
selected as the NTT DoCoMo 5g program
partner of Japan’s largest mobile
communication company so big partnership
here for Vijay and hopefully good things
come from this I know Vijay has been in
the news a ton recently there always in
the news ranked number 20 those still
under there are pretty much a little
under three-quarters of a billion
dollars let’s see how things go for
Vijay I think V Ching has a bright
future ahead of it now lastly I want to
talk about replicas rip will also had
some very good news I know the price is
down a little under 1% but there is some
major support from it it can now be used
to buy in two hundred thousand plus
online stores now as cool as that sounds
it’s not as big as you might be thinking
I’ll explain why in just a little bit
but XRP has been added by the company
Bitcoin superstore that now allows
customers to purchase from over two
hundred thousand online retailers via
XRP and five other crypto currencies to
boost XRP adoption which has the XRP
community excited so you can see the
tweet about them integrating ripple over
here and people of course on Twitter got
very excited groom
someone said great work so essentially
anything at Walmart Amazon Starbucks etc
could now be purchased with XRP through
the Bitcoin superstore platform which
the company replied saying precisely
nearly anything you can order online can
be purchased with XRP through our
community now Bitcoin superstore isn’t a
huge thing I checked their Twitter up a
little over a thousand followers and I
haven’t personally used them before so I
am gonna preface this by saying I don’t
know how it works I don’t know how
trustworthy it is I have not used this
before so maybe someone else will have
tutorials on YouTube or you guys can
figure it out if you are interested but
this is what the website looks like it’s
super Bitcoin superstore dot US buy from
retailers all major cryptocurrency 6x
I’m assuming it’s going to be if it says
ripple and five more is probably gonna
be a big point aetherium ripple litecoin
Bitcoin cash something like that I’m
assuming those would be the ones that
are being accepted but still good news
for a ripple if you guys are interested
in buying something and you’re
interested in trying out Bitcoin
superstore make sure you do go ahead and
check that out now I’m actually going to
be talking about ripple today in the
trade alert group I’m gonna be posing
some technical analysis indicating my
trades when when I’m looking to buy in
when I think bill the reversal forex RP
is coming and what are my specific
targets with it so if that sounds
interesting to you guys if you guys are
looking to make some more money with
trading XRP today make sure you guys are
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