Bitcoin – The Movie (How Bitcoin.DE works)

Welcome! My name is dr. Münzmacher.
I am an expert
in the new digital currency,
Unlike euros, dollars, or other monopoly
money, bitcoins are not created
out of thin air by a central bank.
That means no inflation.
Beleive me: we had lots of inflation
here in Germany –
and we never want that again.
So, if there is no central bank, where do
bitcoins come from?
Well, everybody can create bitcoins
by using a special software.
But it’s not easy, just like finding
a gold nugget in a ton of earth.
I would love to tell you all the details
of the cryptographic algorithms behind it.
No! Please don’t bore your audience.
No more, Herrmann! I just want to explain
the advantages.
The amount of bitcoins is limited –
that’s why there can never be
a bitcoin inflation.
It’s very cheap to transfer bitcoins
from one part of the world to another,
just like sending an email.
Bitcoins are like cash, so if you want
to pay for something,
without any data-hungry
monster knowing about it,
bitcoins protect your privacy.
But don’t forget to pay your taxes.
But the fact, that bitcoins are like cash,
has one disadvantage.
If your computer crashes,
all your bitcoins will be lost.
That’s why we in Bitcoin Deutschland
are offering a secure account
for your bitcoins on our servers.
Our platform is very safe and
reliable – German technology.
The main purpose of is to buy
and sell bitcoins from other users –
not only in Germany, but worldwide.
And our software developers
are working hard
on more great tools
for the future of money.
And then we will rule the world!
No, stupid, those times are over!
We want our customers to be happy,
and money to be sound and trustworthy.
Just like us…


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