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Bitcoin is a magical word we hear so often
what is Bitcoin ?
Something, that is constantly increasing in
Increasing, increasing.
OK, I think it can be bought, But Can we sell
and can we take our money back as dollars?
OK .
Come on, let’s take a closer look at Bitcoine.
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Bitcoin is actually called the crypto money
We talked about the ‘blockchain’ currency,
which is not yet fully supported by law as
an investment instrument in the world, for
those of you who are curious.
The symbol of Bitcoin: ฿. Abbreviation for
Bitcoin: BTC.
Bitcoin does not belong to any central bank.
Bitcoin is an electronic currency unrelated
to any official organization.
Bitcoin can be split into units up to 100
millionth of a penny, after comma.
It is also the most used currency in Deep
Bitcoin, When did it come out?
The bitcoin network passed on January 3, 2009.
Manifeston’s writing is Satoshi Nakamoto but
probably not a real name.
The maximum number of bitcoins is limited
to 21 million.
As of July 22, 2013, the total value of Bitcoin
in circulation reached $ 1.2 billion, while
it reached $ 8.2 billion as of June 4, 2014.
In just one year.
How does Bitcoin work?
Bitcoins, which are not produced from any
center, exhibit a point-to-point distributed
network capability similar to BitTorrent networks.
Payments made on this network arrive instantly
at the other points, so that they go to the
records of which adrese payments were made.
Thus, the collected records are contained
in the structures called blocks.
It is desirable to apply a hash algorithm,
which requires high processing on each block,
to find the expression starting with a certain
number of zeros.
The first user to perform this operation corresponding
to approximately 10 minutes is given a prize
of 50 BTC (now 25 BTC) from zero.
So Bitcoins are driven into the emissions.
Each block contains the hash statement of
the last block that precedes it.
Thus, it is quite difficult to break down
(except for 51% attack).
The aim is to prevent double spending and
record submissions.
The amount awarded is reduced to 210,000 blots
per annum (one in about 4 years).
How is Bitcoin mining done?
The process of making money is called mining.
Mining is the general name of the process
of performing mathematical operations using
computing power and power.
To do this, the nodes in the BitCoin network
are called “miners” by downloading the offered
BitCoin software and performing intensive
processing power on the hardware (usually
graphics cards).
The name of the first block of the system
was named “genesis block” and was produced
on 4 January 2009.
The first operation in the block like this
is a special operation and is initiated by
the creator of the new currency block.
This is an incentive system for miners to
join the network.
In this system, money can be entered as distributed
as desired in a system that does not have
a central authority to issue money.
Miners; both by generating and driving new
bitcoins in the system, and by receiving bitcoin
from the system for services to perform pending
The regular addition of the new money to the
system is analogous to the gold miners finding
gold in circulation.
The name of mining comes from here.
In the current process, miners are continuing
to produce the amount of bitcoin that is going
to circulate every year, in a decreasing and
predictable proportion.
In the system, production will continue until
a total of 21 million bitcoins circulate.
The production process will then continue
and the miners will continue to be supported
only through transaction costs.
What are Bitcoin Usage Areas?
Bitcoin is used as a means of payment and
investment in some countries.
Example: In Turkey, it is also possible to
buy a TL counter for a bitcoin.
Bitcoins have a value because they can be
used like money.
It is also known that some funds are interested
in this product with the expectation that
their value will increase as their populations
increase in the future.
The value of Bitcoin is determined by the
supply and demand conditions in the market.
Demand increases as the price increases, bitcoin
demand decreases and the price of bitcoin
also decreases.
There is a limited amount of bitcoin in circulation.
The production of new bitcoins also has a
limit and procedure.
Bitcoin’s biggest threats in front of market
1- Technical difficulties.
2- Legislative changes due to countries’ approach
to this currency.
The desire and confidence of the people in
this money is changing in the negative direction.
While sharing this information with you, Today
is December 8, 2017
A bitcoin has risen to seventeen thousand
dollars today.
Wooow, That is, Incredible, Really.
Amazing …

Let’s back to Bitcoin
How is Bitcoin used?
Virtual wallet is required for Bitcoin, it
is simple to create.
This virtual wallet can be created on your
mobile phone, on your computer, or you can
use web services on the internet.
There is no wallet limit per person.
You can create as many wallets as you like.
Moreover, you do not need to provide your
personal information for the wallet you will
With this virtual wallet you can make money,
send money, even buy and sell.
How reliable is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is subject to certain protocols.
Every transaction you make within the framework
of these protocols is encrypted.
At the same time Bitcoin has a solid transaction
recording memory by its structure.
There are no security issues with the system,
except in cases of user error or carelessness,
such as your wallet password being cracked
or your computer being hacked.
This is no different than losing or ringing
your wallet or credit card.
It is not possible to spend the same money
twice in the same way as the bitcoin cryptosystem.
It is confirmed by the system that the money
is owned by you and that it has not been sent
to someone else before.
For this reason, it is not possible to create
and sell Bitcoin in an uncontrolled manner
by fraudulent means.
Advantages of using bitcoin
Bitcoin’s inflation risk is low.
Bitcoin does not lose value because of the
amount of bitcoin expelled by the treatment.
One of the inflationary effects is the increase
in the real money supply in circulation.
The increase in money supply increases the
inflation rate in a direct proportion.
However, this system does not apply to Bitcoin.
Because the Bitcoin system is the end result.
A maximum of 21 million bitcoins can be produced
by technical design.
So Bitcoin’s inflation risk is very low.
The risk of collapse is low: The collapse
of real currencies stems from living hyper-inflation
linked to governments.
Since the Bitcoin system is also not connected
to any government, the risk of collapse is
quite low.
Safe, simple and inexpensive: If you look
at the classic online transactions using payment
systems such as credit card or PayPal with
the seller’s eye; If the buyer wants to reclaim
money, it is necessary to use third party
At this stage, security can become dangerous
and the event can become complex.
Bitcoin does not have such a security problem
because it does not have a back-demand system.
Even if it is checked by the buyer; making
payment transactions, and transferring money
between accounts, are becoming safer and cheaper.
Because Bitcoin technology is peer to peer
(P2P) system; that is to say, without any
intermediary, works directly between pairs.
Easy to carry: You can even carry billions
of dollars worth of bitcoins on a small memory
I think it is impossible to do this with cash
or another system.
Traceability is not possible: Bitcoins can
not be followed, and there are certain disadvantages
as well as advantages of not leaving any traces.
For example, how much of your financial resource
is in your Bitcoin system, or other information
about your account, can not be known and followed
by anyone, including governments
Disadvantages of using bitcoin
Traceability: This feature of Bitcoin, which
we talked about its advantages, can be transformed
into disadvantages and even dangerous situations.
The fact that the permit is impracticable
means that crimes can be handled comfortably.
Bitcoin technology is setting up a fairly
favorable environment for the sale of illegal
substances such as drugs.
This is the main reason why some governments
should not accept Bitcoin as a currency.
Easy to lose: When you lose your credit card
or your bank account is taken over by someone
else, you can instantly recover the situation
by calling your bank.
You can even apply to the police and get rid
of your loss.
But the same thing does not apply to Bitcoin.
In Bitcoin’s system; There is no mechanism
you can use to retrieve your lost bitcoins,
or your captured Bitcoin wallet.
The best way to avoid this is to keep your
Bitcoins on non-Internet-connected hard disks.
Hard to buy and sell: Due to the risks you
carry, you can not buy your Bitcoins as a
There are many services available to buy Bitcoin
or sell your bitcoins, but it is not so easy
to accomplish.
Despite being developed every day (Bitcoin
ATMs are starting to open), things are not
as easy as they are in real currencies.
Still very new: The Bitcoin system was established
in 2009; that is, it is still a new technology,
it can bring new Bitcoin competitors.
In fact, new technologies, which can find
large system vulnerabilities in the Bitcoin
system, can still be improved.
Scarcity of spending space: There is not too
much space used by the Bitcoin system as a
payment system.
Although it is in the developmental stage,
the greatest aim at becoming Bitcoin-owned
is; investment.
Variability: When we look at Bitcoin’s value
chart, everybody can think about investing
in Bitcoin, but the more the Bitcoin value
is rising, the greater the risk of falling.
Therefore, the investments to be made need
to be balanced and thoughtful.
Thank you for joining me.
Have a nice day.
See you friends.

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