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For today’s session, we’ll be doing an ICO review of the experty
If you don’t know more about what an ICO is
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Experty is a platform that aims to penetrate
the Hundred and Twenty Five billion dollar
consulting industry through the use of
Blockchain technology
Possible users of Experty platform are to create a virtual medical or legal consultancy
platform or also to create a
peer-to-peer learning environment
Experty token are used as a form of
payment from advisor seekers to knowledge providers
The alpha version of
the Experty platform is already ready and
the beta version is stated to be
released in Q1 on 2018
based on opinion our Experty has a
young core team, but they have a strong backing
of advisers which include Craig Sellars
who was the previous CTO of Bitfinex
one of the largest crypto exchanges in the
world as well as Pawel Bylica who is
an experienced cryptocurrency developer in both Ethereum and Golem.
another point to note is
although the consulting industry is a
heavily entrenched ecosystem with expert call companies such as GLG – Gerson Lehrman Group.
Experty is the first company to come out with decentralized model to the industry
which takes away the middleman cost.
We believe that this is a good short-term
investment as there’s a strong community
with over 11,000 active Telegram users
and the Proof-of-Care model should also
generate the awareness for this project.
With a hard cap of Nine Million
US dollars. This project has the
potential to fully sell out with unmet demand.
Forlong term investors you will be
advisable to wait and see how the
project can grow and maintain its user
base, as more aspects of the project is
finished. Now we come to the end of today’s session .
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