BLOC Wallet iOS Mining – The unpublished app

hello and welcome on the BLOC.MONEY youtube
Today we will show you how to use the BLOC
Wallet for iOS mining features that has never
been published on the app store.
You will have to build the BLOC Wallet for
iOS on your device.
All you need is a Apple Developer account
and watch this video to follow the instructions.
In order to start mining you need a wallet.
Watch this video to find out how to the use
BLOC Wallet for iOS and create your wallet.
– Launch BLOC Wallet for iOS
– Click MINING in the navigation bar
– Select the mining intensity
– From left to right
Select your mining pool or
– Add your custom mining pool
– Select the wallet to use to receive the
mining reward
Once you are ready click the switch ON
One of the exclusive feature of the BLOC Wallet and the mining option is
The mining works even if you change screen from the app
The mining also works in the background if youare using
other apps on your iPhone
– Click on the TOP right icon to enable
the low energy mode
Switch OFF the button to stop mining

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