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Blockchain Busters with Ryan Wilson
Hello everyone and welcome to blockchain
busters, where we search, we analyze and
we bust
I’m your host Brian Wilson and whether
this is your first time tuning in or
you’ve been with us since the beginning
or perhaps you join us somewhere along
the way, I would like to personally say
thank you and welcome to the Future
because ladies and gentlemen blockchain
is the future and the future is now.
Today is September 26 2019 and on this
episode of blockchain busters we talk
about all things in this space to
include: cryptocurrencies. Did you know
that some believe cryptocurrencies are
the end-all be-all future of money and
that fiat currency as we know it is dead
while others believe it is just one big
fraud? Don’t take my word for it let’s
look at what that quote-unquote experts
have to say. Roger Vere aka Bitcoin Jesus
was the world’s first VC aka venture
capitalist investor in startups related
to Bitcoin, blockchain tech and crypto
currencies in general. He told Bloomberg
in an interview on my last birthday
December for 2018 “long-term the
future is brighter than ever; there’s
more awareness, there’s more adoption,
there’s more stuff happening all over
the world so of course I’m incredibly
bullish on the whole cryptocurrency
ecosystem” but you have other
experts such as Warren Buffett notably
one of the smartest investors on the
planet saying “it’s a gambling
device there’s been a lot of frauds
connected with it. There’s been
so there’s a lot lost on it. Bitcoin
hasn’t produced anything” and
he’s even goes so far as to call Bitcoin
rat poison squared and has made many
remarks saying it’s a loser investment
with no real promise. On the flip side of
that note you have John O’donnell, chief
knowledge officer of the online trading
Academy, as saying “F.A. Hayek, the
famous Austrian economist was a strong
advocate of competing currency systems
developed by the free market, and then
letting the buyers/sellers in global
markets choose which will become
credible and dominant as mediums of
exchange and stores a value to
facilitate trade.
The US dollar, established in 1913 with
absolute control over central banking
duties for USA, has lost over 97% of its
purchasing power parity. I call the
Federal Reserve Note system a dismal
I hope the Bitcoin model, which was
created by the powerful innovative free
market system, will earn serious traction
and acceptance as a global alternative
digital currency model, and will compete
with all fiat currency systems. The power
of Bitcoin is that no central bank can
print bitcoins and dilute its purchasing
power parity”
Now Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of
J.P.Morgan Chase, the largest of the big
four American banks has been quoted as
calling crypto currencies of fraud and
saying that they are “not a real
thing”. However, J.P.Morgan Chase has
since unveiled JPM coin and has stated
“We are supportive of
as long as they are properly controlled
and regulated”. This is quite a
drastic turn and I think just shows the
power of when we say if you can’t beat
them join them.
Facebook is launching Facebook’s Libre
coin and in response to that governments
are saying that they will launch their
own government’s crypto currencies (coins
or tokens). Libra has them really scared. I
mean with two billion users who wouldn’t be
So there is obviously a lot to talk
about with relation to cryptocurrencies
and we will be doing a ton of that on
this show. Be sure to hit that subscribe
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Next up is profits because when it all
comes down to it why do you give a shit
about any of this information anyway why
would you spend some of your valuable
time watching this show because you want
to make some profits. Let’s face it! Money
makes the world go round, when you
believe money is the root of all evil or
not, the fact remains that the haves make
the rules and the have-nots follow those
rules. So let’s talk profit. This show is
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this very important data as soon as
humanly possible. Of course where would
we be without talking about all the
crazy shit going on with blockchain
technology. There is blockchain for good
and blockchain for bad as there are some
big-time scams out there. On the good
side there are some really incredible
things that people are utilizing
blockchain technology for. For instance,
take this awesome guy Lorien Gamaroff
who installed a Bitcoin address on a
smart meter that when funds were added
would instantly power a Emaweni primary
school in South Africa just outside of
Johannesburg. This is too good not to
share so let’s watch it together.
So memories of my childhood led me down
the path to a small school called Emaweni primary.
Emaweni is located on the
outskirts of the city of Johannesburg in
South Africa. It is the legacy of
Apartheid and very close to where Nelson
Mandela lived as a boy. Like many schools
in South Africa it has given a small
budget that never enough to cover
the costs of running the school. So
broken toilets remain unfixed and
heating and cooling is a lift off to pay
for more important items. Mostly what
happens is that utilities are left
unpaid and massive debts incurred and
this is where I saw an opportunity. I was
working in the energy industry at the
time and I was building smart metering
technology and I had the idea to link a
Bitcoin address to a smart meter. This
meant that anybody around the world
could directly fund that meter. So I had
it installed at Emaweni primary school
and I wondered what to do next. A friend
of mine in Vienna Ed Hesse heard about this
experiment. He was giving a talk in
Boston and he suggested that we do a
live demo from the conference. So I drove
down at 3 o’clock in the morning to Emaweni and I videoed into the conference and
I explained to the delegates what I had
created and I say that they can now
directly fund the energy needs of the
school. So I walked around the school, it
was pitch dark, the meter had no credits
on it and I showed the meter and
explained to the delegates what it would
do. It was completely dark and I wanted to
give them a feeling of what it was like
to be down there I was on the other side
of the world compared to them. So Eddie
has scanned the Bitcoin address into his
phone at the conference and he sent a
Bitcoin which was worth about $500 at
that time. About five and a half thousand
kilowatt hours of energy enough to fund
the energy needs of that school for an
entire month so he sent the payment and
for an anxious few seconds I said and
waited and eventually the Bitcoin hit
the meter and the lights went on. He
didn’t know this none of the delegates
knew this, but behind me the teachers had
been so excited, my parents were so
excited, they didn’t want to miss this
and they’d been sitting behind me the
whole time. And they started celebrating
and so did the delegates all the way at
MIT in Boston and they shared, all of them
shared a unique experience without
needing a bank or a remittance company
or an aid organization. Usizo means
help in Zulu and I’ve created the first
of its kind crowdfunding platform where
people from around the world can
directly fund the energy needs of
East African schools and hospitals.
You can touch their lives right now
through this address. If that doesn’t
show you the power of this technology I
don’t know what will. Absolutely
incredible. Wow!
I have goosebumps. Now on the bad side
you have things like bitconnect who
scammed people out of millions and
millions of dollars, but did you know
that blockchain isn’t just about money?
Of course money was naturally the first
application of blockchain technology,
much like email was the first
application of the internet. However
blockchain tech can be used in just
about any application that would benefit
from an immutable record of data: logs
and transactions and any information you
could think of, legal documents, medical
records, voting, the transportation
industry, the makeup of your very own DNA,
you name it!
Sky is the limit on how far we can go
with this technology and this show will
focus on the good and the bad, so you can
stay up to date with all this
information. If you haven’t already hit
that subscribe button and notification
bell because you’re gonna want to stay
on top of all this stuff. On that note we
provide real facts. Facts such as did you
know that a 700 billion dollar defense
bill was passed to study blockchain
applications for cybersecurity? How about
the fact that the number of blockchain
wallets has been growing since the
creation of Bitcoin ten years ago and
has reached over 40 million blockchain
wallet users by June this year and
likely even more today. It’s a fact that
if you lose your Bitcoin private key or
any of your cryptocurrency private keys
you lose those coins. It is a fact that
James Howells, an IT guy, lost 7,500
bitcoins in November 2013 while he was
cleaning his desk at home he threw away
his hard-disk containing the private keys
of bitcoins which he had mined in 2010.
The realization dawned on him when he
read the news of a Norwegian man who had
fortune buying BTC at a low price. He
searched and searched but he could not
find his hard-disk.
7500 BTC is worth almost 75 million
dollars today without the private key.
The funds are lost forever and no one
can use them. At this point in time it is
estimated that around 25% of all
bitcoins have been lost forever.
We will also keep you up-to-date on
current and proposed regulations. Did you
know in India there is a draft law that
states holding, selling or dealing in
crypto currencies such as Bitcoin could
land you in jail for 10 years. The
“banning of cryptocurrency and regulation
of official digital currency bill 2019”
draft has proposed a 10-year
prison sentence for persons who
“mine, generate, hold, sel,l transfer,
dispose, issue or deal in cryptocurrencies”.
Besides making it
completely illegal the bill makes
holding of crypto currencies a non
bailable offense. I’ll include a link
below where you can read more. There is
also a proposed ban in France that
states regulators have “vowed to
block development of Facebook’s planned
cryptocurrency, libra, on the grounds that
it threatens monetary sovereignty”. If
written into law, this would have
negative effects on the general
population of every country not just the
EU and that means you. That’s not a
conspiracy, but we will be talking about
conspiracies in this space on this show.
To start off let’s talk about some
Bitcoin conspiracies. Bitcoin has always
been shrouded in mystery as to this day
not much is known about its origin of
the identity of its creator or creators
Satoshi Nakamoto. One popular conspiracy
is that Bitcoin was created by the US
One redditor posted “Uncle Sam
created Bitcoin in the immediate
aftermath of the recession as a way to
inflate an imaginary bubble rather than
actual asset class. The propagation of
crypto has been pushed by opportunists
led on by spies and actors”. This
conspiracy is so popular that even
prominent people in the space have
commented on it such as Vitalik
Butyrin co-founder of Etherium has said
he wouldn’t be surprised at the National
Security Agency (the NSA) had been
involved in the cryptocurrencies
creation. Even the brother of notorious
Colombian drug king Pablo Escobar who
launched his own coin last year has also
claimed that Bitcoin was created by the
US government in a self written book
explaining that the world would
eventually learn of the US government’s
creation of Bitcoin and that the CIA was
reading to dump its holding by large to
drive down the crypto
currencies value and ultimately destroy
it. Could Bitcoin be AI? Another seemingly
popular theory is that Bitcoin is
actually the spawn of rogue artificial
intelligence using the crypto currencies
network to take over the world.
We will talk about these crypto
currencies and more as we progress in
this show. So you’ve probably heard about
all the kinds of hacking that has taken
place in this space or maybe you haven’t.
First let’s discuss the most iconic
crypto currency exchange hack. The
infamous Mt.GOx hack. Mt.GOx was
the most renowned crypto currency
exchange in the early days having been
founded in 2010. The exchange handled
over 70% of all Bitcoin transactions in
the world at that time. The hacked value
consisted of a massive 460 million
dollars worth of Bitcoin at that time.
Well, not the largest hack regarding
value in fiat money it is by far the
largest amount of bitcoins ever stolen
over 850,000 bitcoins had been stolen
including 750,000 bitcoins owned by
Mt.GOx customers. At bitcoins peak
price this would have been valued at 17
billion dollars and at its current price
almost 8 billion. Other notable hacks
just this year actually are Bithumb 30
million dollars, Coinrail 37. 2
million, Bitgrail 195 million dollars and then there is
Coincheck here in Japan 534 million dollars in
January. The Japanese exchange Coincheck
suffered an attack which cost at
523 million in e/m
The new economy movement coins valued at
about 534 million dollars. The Coincheck hack was
larger than even the notorious mount GOx
hack and in the NEM foundation president
Lon Wang described it as “The
biggest theft in the history of the
Nonetheless, Coincheck survived
the hack and continues to operate.
Although it was bought in April by a
traditional Japanese financial services
company called Monex group. This will
continue to happen more and more… And
that’s why things like proper blockchain
technologies and proper security
measures are, and need to be put in place.
It will become more and more prevalent
so you will want to pay attention and
protect yourself. This show will keep you
up to speed on everything we can to help
you protect yourselves.
And last but certainly
not least we will talk about secrets.
Could be some insider info that we share
with you such as if you. Act now on the
currently relatively unknown information
that no adopt platinum coin is launching
a brand new blockchain using tendermint.
This coin has a potential to gain some
massive value from current levels. Now
sitting at about .0002 cents… It is expected to rise
significantly over the next 3 to 6
months. Take it for what it’s worth. And
secrets that they don’t want you to know
about… Such as: the market is almost
entirely controlled by whales. They own
40% of all bitcoins totaling seventy
billion dollars. They can increase the
market cap of Bitcoin from 100 billion
to one trillion in a heartbeat if they
wanted to.
However, they wait for natural market
cycles and then pump those cycles. We
will talk about all these things and
more so be sure to hit that subscribe
button and notification bell, so you
don’t miss a thing. Thanks for tuning in
to blockchain busters, where we search, we
analyze and we bust. See on the next one!
At blockchain busters where we search, we
analyze and we bust talking about all
things: cryptocurrencies, profits, analysis, blockchain,
real fackts, regulation,
conspiracy, hacking, secrets and much much
Watching Busters with Brian Wilson

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