Blockchain Info Wallet Tutorial | How To Get Bitcoin Wallet EASY [Crypto 101 Series]

The blockchain info wallet.
Caleb Wright here today from
and I know you found this video because you
were looking to get bitcoin wallet through
So I put together this little tutorial for
you, I’m going to show you how you can open
bitcoin wallet today very easily through
I’m at the website here, all
you have to do is click on WALLET on the navigation
up top and on this screen all we have to do
is simply click the create your wallet button
right here in the middle of the screen.
And we are going to get started opening a
bitcoin wallet.
All you have to do is enter in your email
that you want connected to your wallet right
And I’d recommend also using 2 Factor Authentication
[2FA] Security on your email in order to secure
this bitcoin wallet account.
Because that is another area where hackers
like to get people’s information is through
your email, which has oftentimes passwords
and user IDs, so definitely secure whatever
email you use to start up this account.
Then just come up with a password.
Make sure to come up with a very secure password.
Use maybe a, particularly a phrase, multiple
word phrase where you use letters, numbers
and symbols to make up that phrase.
That’s always a very strong type of password
to create.
So now I’ve filled this out I’m just going
to check the box here and click Continue.
Alright it says the wallet was created.
I’m just going to click ‘get started’ here.
And boom we are in and we
have a wallet.
So I’m going to show you around here.
I would consider blockchain info wallet and
many of my crypto enthusiast friends in the
industry would consider this to be the best
independent bitcoin wallet.
The best free bitcoin wallet that you can
get in the industry.
As it has great functionality, it also has
a mobile application you can download to your
phone that will connect with this wallet online
So this is your main screen where you can
get started sending or receiving bitcoin just
by using these buttons, now obviously we don’t
have any bitcoin in this account yet, going
to have to get some first so if you click
Receive here, you’ll get your bitcoin wallet
address that you can copy, just by clicking
that a couple times.
Just highlight it and you can copy it.
And paste it to whoever that you are trying
to get bitcoin from or if there is some service
out there where you get paid some bitcoin,
this is the address that you need to provide
to get bitcoin sent into your blockchain info
You can also use this little QR code, that
if you have somebody that you are trying to
get paid bitcoin from, they can scan this
with their mobile phone using their bitcoin
wallet and then they can send bitcoin to your
blockchain wallet, because that would basically
put your receiving address into their phone
so that they can then send you bitcoin.
So it’s really as simple as that, then once
you do have bitcoin, then you can click SEND
here, and you can paste in the address, the
bitcoin address of whoever or whatever organization
that you are trying to send bitcoin to.
Then you can type in the number of bitcoin
or the US dollars worth of bitcoin.
Whatever works better for you.
For example if you put in $10, it will put
in the corresponding amount of bitcoin over
on the left.
It’s like a little calculator.
Change it to $200 and see what that equals.
A quarter of a bitcoin.
You can add a description if you want and
then you just go through the next step to
send, which I can’t do at the moment because
there is no bitcoin in this account.
But it is a very simple process.
Very easy to use the blockchain info wallet,
it’s very easy to use, I love it.
The menu over here on the left shows, you
can get to your transactions, it will show
the history of all your transactions, of course
there is nothing here yet.
it does show up on the home screen, it will
start to show under the recent activity right
here as well.
They have the security center, which I would
highly advise for you to go through and follow
the steps to secure your account properly.
For example I still have to verify my email
from just opening up the account, I can just
go to my email, so I have my email open right
Info there it is.
Got the email open, you just have to click
‘verify email’.
okay so I verified my blockchain wallet.
Alright another important step in opening
the bitcoin wallet done.
Now I’m going to go back to my page here,
try to refresh it.
Okay so they put high security on,
so I just have to log back in again sometimes,
You’ll have to do that, so let me just type
that password in.
And back here looking at the security center,
you’ll notice email verified, alright.
Please go through the rest of the process
here to create a backup security phrase, make
a password hint, then your going to link your
mobile number and block TOR requests.
Now in the settings I’ll show you a couple
of options right over here, you have the Wallet
ID, which is important to know about.
Because this is actually your login ID for
your wallet.
you noticed on that screen where I just logged
back in, where you enter your password, there
was this long string of letters and numbers
that was above the password entry field, this
is basically your User ID, so you gotta save
this, I recommend saving this somewhere safe,
because sometimes when you go back to your
blockchain info wallet online, your browser
won’t remember this and that is another security
So copy that down.
Alright, that’s handy.
And then also, if you click, this is the wallet
information link over here in settings, and
then if you click preferences then this is
where you can verify your mobile number which
I highly recommend doing, you can, lets see
here, you can set the wallet language, bitcoin
units and some other interesting options,
over here in security is just a really important
area, because this is where you can, you can
set up a wallet recovery phrase okay, so this
is if you lose your password.
If you lose your password here for
you are going to lose access to your wallet
Okay so you don’t ever want to lose your password,
however they have a plan B in case you lose
your password if you set up the wallet recover
phrase, it’s basically going to give you like
a 12 word phrase you have to save somewhere,
so if you ever do lose your wallet, you have
this phrase that will let you in one time,
and then you can change your wallet password.
And so I definitely recommend setting up the
wallet recover phrase and saving that somewhere
very safe, then you also have the wallet password,
you can change it here, password hint, you
can set a second wallet password, but you
absolutely can’t lose that.
And then I think most importantly I don’t
actually use this second wallet password myself,
because I use 2 Step Verification I think
that is good enough, I recommend using that,
and you can use the google authenticator app,
which is basically, it’s an application you
can download to your phone for free that will
send you 6 digit codes every 30 seconds for
whatever site that you hook it up to.
So if you hook it up to your
you’ll have basically a code counter app on
your phone that has this code that changes
every 30 seconds, so when you come to login
to, you are going to have
to plug in a code from that app in order to
complete logging in.
And that is an excellent security measure,
so even if a hacker does get your password
they can’t get into your account unless they
have your phone and your authentication app.
So I recommend using google authenticator,
and if you want an even more secure authenticator
app, then I would recommend going with the
Last Pass Authenticator, I’ll put a link right
underneath this video that will go to Last
Pass which is basically the best password
management system in the industry, the most
secure, it has an incredible authenticator,
it’s actually better than Google’s because
it has higher security, it has a six digit
pin code you can use to just be able to open
it, to get to your 2FA codes to login, and
if you have an IOS, Iphone or a phone that
has thumbprint recognition, you can actually
use that as well, see with google authenticator,
you can just open that app right up on your
And so if anybody gets into your phone they
can open that app to get at your 2FA codes,
but with the Last Pass authenticator it requires
either a thumbprint or pin code verification
to open the app, even when you are in your
So that’s another layer of security that you
can get if you use Last Pass.
So I’ll put a link right underneath this video
for Last Pass so you can check that out, I’d
highly recommend that.
So also another area, that if you have any
other questions you can access the FAQ here
which have answers to many of the commonly
asked questions about how to use this wallet.
One other thing I really love about
is how when you go to settings here and you
click addresses, you can actually make multiple
receiving addresses for your wallet.
And this is really useful because you can
then make the accounting for the money coming
in and out of your bitcoin wallet really easy,
and that is part of what we are doing here
in using bitcoin in being our own bank.
So we have to be able to effectively account
for our transactions.
And so what you can do is you can simply click
ADD right here, you can actually name the
wallet, say you are getting paid some bitcoin
from Bob on some regular basis, or some job.
Bob’s Bitcoin, alright you can do that.
Click to create the address, just name it
for whatever purpose it is normally and then
you have that new address.
And all you need to do, if you want to get
the address, you can click receive and then
you can simply click Bob’s Bitcoin and there
is the address, you can provide it to Bob
and whenever he wants to send you bitcoin,
it will come in under the record of the transactions
that go to that wallet address.
And of course no matter how many wallet addresses
you make, it all points back to your wallet,
but this is just a really easy way that you
can account for your transactions, so I love
I definitely recommend making unique wallet
addresses for different purposes in your business
and life.
So that is how you open bitcoin wallet through, alright I hope you found
my tutorial here, with a run through on the
settings and features to be useful on the
blockchain info wallet and I hope if you found
it useful, please like this video, please
comment underneath the video with your feedback,
I’d really appreciate it.
And also feel free to share it with your network.
And use the links right underneath this video
to visit my cryptocurrency industry news blog
called where you
will find excellent information and education
on the industry about bitcoin and altcoins
and blockchain technology that can be pretty
profitable for you.
So definitely hit up
and also check out the link for Last Pass
underneath this video.
Caleb Wright from,
hope you found value here and I’ll catch you
on the next video.


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