BLOCKHEAD Weekly CryptoCurrency News – Week 11 2019

blockhead cryptocurrency news crypto
slow with more crypto gains what’s going
on guys welcome to blockhead news your
weekly crypto Sunday update so let’s get
into it first thing right off the bat we
had 888 with the massive price crash
after the div payout as we’ve talked
about this before it was a massive
gamification by a whale to sell pre divs
into the FOMO and walk with probably
1015 million coins and leaving everyone
holding the bag so as I stated I kept
with my original plan of ROI and after
three payouts and I actually liquidated
my 880 and that just put me up a couple
thousand so honestly washing my hands of
the site it it’s just with that instant
unfreeze it really creates instability
in the system and what I’m seeing in
telegram is that supposedly there is a
way that you can mine consistently for
under 20 I don’t know how it’s done but
basically that’s what the person did and
they sold for 30 so huge arbitrage play
on the whale very destructive to 888 and
then moving forward it’s probably gonna
take I don’t know it might take a month
for this site to recover you know in the
meantime the divs the dimples still
looking pretty solid the problem is
you’re gonna have to wait 15 payouts 30
days just to break even so you know if
that’s your thing great so that is 888
bankroll bankroll is looking very solid
at 37 million you know not bad not bad
supposedly there’s some new things
coming the sponsorship is working out
very great you can see there’s been 1.2
million in sponsorships which is awesome
the ability to pay people
as I stated I have my link down below if
you want to help support the channel
kick me a little daily TRX now on one of
my earlier videos someone asked me if I
was part of the Treasury or part of the
dev team of this and the answer is no I
have no affiliation with this site or
access or any kind of powers over
anything I just have ten thousand Tron
in it just like everybody else and you
know like I said a couple small
sponsorships and I have just as much
risk as everybody else I have being
transparent I have talked to the dev and
he seems like a great guy but once again
they are their own separate business and
I am just a YouTube guy investing in
these games just like everybody else so
onto the coin market cap Bitcoin up a
little bit 4033 looking pretty solid the
biggest winner in my opinion is litecoin
61 57 60 173 man it just keeps going
yeah like coins looking good you know
can’t complain I’ve always liked my
light coins you know so I’m good it’s
not so fast easy to use and low fees but
overall not bad when market caps in a
140 billion no other really big movers
in my opinion that jumped out at me Tron
still holding the 2/3 but once again
people really don’t care about the Tron
price per se it’s all about the daily
divs that you can earn playing adapts on
to coin desk no change to Bitcoin future
plans see me as CBO pulls back well you
know if you haven’t lived under a rock
all you hear about oh my gosh CBO super
you who really cares I really hope these
fools stay out of the market as long as
possible they
the leveraged financial products just
are not good for the future of crypto I
mean ultimately they are going to be
they are going to be in here but there’s
nothing we can do about it but if we can
keep them out as long as possible then
you know fantastic because I just
honestly think they’ll manipulate things
and screw over the small-time investor
that doesn’t have a gazillion dollars in
crypto so Samsung s10 everything you
need to know so great little article on
s10 I got my junky iPhone 6 it’s the
battery dies in 2 seconds and about sick
of it I’ve been thinking to upgrade you
know it’s got the new crypto wallet
built-in some other cool features
cameras awesome so I’m thinking about
that but a little article on specs and
all the stuff related to s10 so it’s not
a bad deal like I said a lot of them are
buy one get one free yeah but check it
out TRC 10 versus TRC 20 I know I’ve
covered this before but this is a great
article on the types of Tron coins so a
lot of people don’t realize there’s
different types but they’ve kind of got
a little quick cheat sheet down here
comparing TRC 10 and TRC 20 altum Utley
think as TRC tends as kind of dumb coins
in TRC 20s smart so anyways great
article on TRC tens and twenties bone up
your knowledge a little bit Bitcoin
miner uses solar energy saves 75 percent
Oh so tire this actually I think stuff
like this is bad because once again it
puts the average guy out of business
you know they’ve talked about the
Swedish investor that game of ice the
of course he is he’s doing it on a level
higher than everybody else and no one
else can make money except for him so
you know interesting article on the
energy of a Bitcoin and
such and all look is now a good time to
buy the bacon yeah so anyways this stuff
always cracks me up I mean I know
immersion mining that’s exactly why GP
minors got put out of businesses people
like this that just it’s greedy and then
they that’s great is saving energy but
he’s racking everybody in the meantime
so solar bitcoins new report claims
crypto jacking increased so this goes
back to basically bought armies and
stuff taking over your computer and
mining crypto you know it may seem like
it’s not a lot but when they have a
million computers on the network it is a
big deal and you know they can do key
loggers and all kinds of stuff so once
again as always protect your private
keys make sure you have anti-virus and
don’t click on links that you don’t know
where they’re going so yeah good
reminder forget about stos a consumer
token offering is a new thing so this is
an interesting article stos as you know
bruce fenton raven coin is a big
proponent of scos and legally making
icos but SEO is tokenizing assets and
companies anyways this is called
consumer tokens and they’re supposed to
be utility tokens so they fall out of
the SE C’s jurisdiction and they’re not
securities but I don’t know if this is
true so but a great article if you ever
been interested in starting your own
coin or doing anything cuz you night you
might be able to take something like
this and apply it to a Tron token but
anyways definitely worth a read CTOs
I actually threw a tweet at Bruce Fenton
and I asked to see what his response was
on CTO so we’ll see if he responds
and okay 21 Krypton sees candidates
listed on coinbase Pro possibly you know
at this point I’m kind of Numb you know
when you get when these things get put
on going basically Bass Pro it really
doesn’t go up so I mean unless you’re a
triple or quadruple zero decimal coin
those are the coins that are gonna have
the big gains when they get on something
like this a coin that’s a penny three
pennies five pennies it’s not really
gonna pump when it gets a listing on
coinbase that’s just how it is
I mean with the effect is gone ah tron
Japs so I was on here looking at what we
think is new and such for the day and
the only thing I saw that was kind of
cool and I’ll leave a link down here is
this Tron Raider so when you go to this
Tron Raider
it’s a giant monster and it’s similar to
moon and oh and you saw what happened
they got smashed see if I got any Tron
left and I got eight hundred so let’s
get in here I’m in so basically all you
do is log in with your on link you enter
the dungeon you can auto escape
alright two five ten and wonder if it
shows the previous games so it starts
everyone jumps in and like I said it’s
like moon if you stay in a dungeon too
long you get smashed by the monster now
Oh 2x oh and you earn gem I’ll do got
smashed poor guy and this is cool
so it shows all the games it’s two
hundred alright so yeah so you get in
here you fight the monster and you can
see when people timeout
interesting start
get out oh oh yes I was the only one
that got out on that one so game similar
to moon I will leave my link down there
if you want to enter the dungeon so
anyways that is today’s crypto news for
the week thanks for watching blockhead
this crypto slow if you’re not talking
gains then we’re not talking have a
great day

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