BLOCKHEAD Weekly CryptoCurrency News – Week 14 2019

blockhead cryptocurrency news CryptoSlo with more crypto gains welcome to
blockhead news a little late today on my
news and I apologize for that I normally
do it in the morning but I had some
other issues and things going on then I
needed to take care of first and
foremost on that list was the bankroll
community up date and the update is was
that well it is and it was we need to
get this house balance up to double
digits as fast as possible so that luck
can provide its full benefits to the
daily ROI and we do that by simply you
know going to bankroll and let’s see
okay and going to bankroll going down I
have a hundred nine I withdraw so
withdraw boom and then I am going to go
to luck and I’m gonna scroll down to the
house tip jar and then I will make my
donation and that is gonna go to getting
us that house balance you know I’ve seen
a lot of people talking about energy and
talking about this and the thing is we
need to build this thing up into a
monster you know and then the energy
problem you know the energy is gonna
he’ll start giving some energy out you
know you’re gonna see these huge
jackpots you know personally three days
of donating to me really isn’t that big
of a deal because like I said I’m trying
to see the bigger picture here and that
is that we sustain for as long as
possible and you know on that note we’re
coming up on the 30 day mark which is
pretty darn awesome and we should
celebrate that in the community of how
strong it is
so again withdrawal on bank
roll go to luck and simply put it in the
tip jar so after three days we’ll see
where we’re at and then we can get back
to playing luck getting those jackpots
and you can see that baby this just
keeps on growing
so anyways that is the bankroll update
on to the markets coin market cap
looking really solid 181 billion ish
Bitcoin 5205 eath 174 it’s down a little
bit from when I did my screenshot XRP
you know this is a really weird one I
think it’s just because the dang supply
is so big it just doesn’t seem like it’s
gone anywhere it’s kind of been stuck
and I think XRP is battling these banks
and the fact that they can create their
own stable coin to transfer value if
they wanted to bitcoin cash looking good
like going just below in up man 92 tell
you what that thing has been a great
performer iOS up finance coin stellar
card ah no tethers up drawn nice little
boost on Tron so and Manero is almost at
70 so looking looking good overall you
know am I am i dancing around no am i
smiling yeah I’m smiling I’m smiling
it’s cool it’s definitely the right
direction but again not in a rush for
these things to get you know get into
crazy numbers too fast because we want
them to hold these numbers this time
around which brings us to our first
article and that is even if Bitcoin was
a bubble I’ve never seen a bubble pop
twice so this is a great article I tell
you what man these news people just love
to be negative
look the first article says it could
drop to 3,800 and the second one says it
could skyrocket to 8400 oh my gosh this
stuff these guys just
cracks me not me and I just never listen
to the news people look at what’s going
on look at the fundamentals but anyways
this article kind of talks about you
know when something is a bubble it
typically is never a bubble twice
meaning the second time it comes up it’s
for real you know taken to look at the
internet you know the internet first
came out there was all these people
promising all these crazy things there
was I cos it was very similar to what
crypto did last you know in 17 you know
and then obviously the internet came
back after the consolidation and it’s
obviously one of the most you know
amazing things in of the of the century
and I think crypto is gonna do the same
thing so good article about bubbles
popping twice
litecoin approaches a hundred up two
hundred percent and I’ll tell you what
that’s just crazy
I’ve always liked those like coins a lot
of articles talking about they like coin
having and actually let’s look at that
it’s 2020 so we’re 2019 May so it’s
still about a year away but you know
I’ll be interesting to see what happens
but anyways litecoin has always been
solid it’s good to have a little stack
of those in your portfolio because they
do tend to track with Bitcoin and as you
saw there was that UFC promotional while
ago where they had it in the center of
the Ring of stuff that was pretty cool
next one Samsung s10 reportedly hacked
so it’s kind of funny articles like this
because basically the guys did a 3d
printer of a fingerprint but here’s the
thing it has to be the person’s
fingerprint so what’re you gonna do cut
their thumb off and then do a 3d print
of it I don’t know man it’s it’s it’s
kind of silly but anyways I had recently
myself thought of getting a s10 just you
know I thought it was kind of cool it
had to build in BGC wallet and such but
we’ll see we’ll see what this article
does what we hear from it quite honestly
I’m more Apted to wait till s11 comes
out and then I get a stand cheaper so I
always try to buy Jen or two behind BTC
at 5k everyone happy but tone Vaes
thinks 1.3 I gotta say this guy you know
I know he’s done a lot for Bitcoin but
he’s just super annoying to me oh my
gosh she’s so annoying it it just kind
of reminds me of the dude he got lucky
it was like he won the lottery and I’m
not like I said I’m not saying that he
hasn’t done good promotion for Bitcoin
but personally his style of reporting
the news and stuff is pretty darn
annoying to me I usually don’t watch
many of his videos it’s just it’s just
super annoying but anyways you know he’s
thrown some fun out there that you know
we’re still may not be in a bull market
yet but you know cuz he got his bitcoins
at $10 right so he doesn’t care right
right so anyways check that out of
peoplein security token boom explained
stos 47 STS so I thought this article
was really good because you know you
don’t hear a lot about the specific sto
and you kind of assume that it’s not
going anywhere but the reality is you
know there there’s some securities that
are being tokenized just a lot of these
securities aren’t you like your daily
day-to-day ones where the average Joe
non-accredited investor can get into it
and if you look sweaty Erland is one of
the biggest places but I know they’re
more progressive and you know there are
laws and such but basically if you’re
new to the game stos
are basically regulated Kryptos in a way
so it’s the you know it goes into the
benefits and this but why though the
article was pertinent was that you know
it is happening they’re starting to
tokenize securities so just be aware of
that and look at some projects like
raven and such that you know they are
tokenizing so very cool very cool all
thousands of Nigerians trading a Bitcoin
on paxville lose multi million dollars
as anti-graft begins investigation so
another reason why never to leave your
funds on an exchange but basically
there’s of all these Nigerians on this
packs exchange and basically they froze
all their accounts and you get in these
situations on exchanges when the
government breaks in you have to prove
how you got those funds in in essence
it’s kind of a sea Sh
it’s they’re seizing all your assets and
you have to prove why and over how you
got them so as a general rule I don’t
really leave more than a couple percent
on an exchange at any given time I keep
all my stuff 256 encrypted offline
you know pre standard protocol to you
duplicate copies in different areas and
such so exchanges are good but I think
in the future the DX’s will be built
into the wallets that’s what I first
like Tron link like you’d pop up your
Tron link and I literally think the DX
would be built into the wallet it makes
the most sense because then you can buy
sell move do everything from one place
yeah so anyways check that out you know
as your reminder just don’t leave the
majority of your assets on an exchange
so what’s going on and adapts tonight
well let’s see Sean bets not too bad
two point nine three on the divs you
know so decent little night decent
little money if we go to John trade look
at the token prices auntie’s sitting at
twenty three so it’s falling a little
bit there was that day where there were
no divs and then all of a sudden there
were divs and then the price went back
up and obviously they’re still waiting
for poker it’s kind of getting too old
waiting yeah so endless game devs were
down a little bit tonight so I don’t
know what’s the weekend but yeah I’m
still continuing to – I’m at four point
one eight six million my goal in the
near term is ten ten million probably so
as I was talking to some of my other
videos if you start playing this game
you’re almost kind of stuck at it
playing until we get to the six billion
mark and what are we looking at it right
now we are two point three billion so
man that’s how you were always away but
endless game now you know this brings me
to a good point and that is iOS teed
apps so I know some other youtubers are
talking about some of the new games
specifically play they’re doing a lot of
promotions and stuff but here’s the
problem I have
with play is number one just not
original they literally just stole Tron
Beth’s stuff which I don’t know and then
you know to to cap it all off I just
don’t know about this man it takes a lot
of resources because if you’re already
playing endless game and an endless game
is chomping up your divs to come over
here and start playing a second one oh
it’s just yeah my pockets aren’t that
deep so yeah I’ll probably just keep
playing endless game for now like this
is so stripped out like I mean it’s
smooth I’m gonna be wrong you know 50 is
the min yeah
that’s oh I have no I have no I Oh st
yeah so 50 is a minimum so yeah I just I
just see this thing as a OST jumper so I
don’t know I checked it around they
don’t even tell you what the div is
gonna be so you don’t even know where
the divs are going or what’s happening
or what’s going on supposedly this is
beta but then once again if you’re
playing the endless game you’re kind of
stuck playing it and tell you if you
start mining now if you’re mine until 6
billion so I’m kind of stuck in that for
now tron adapts OH
anyways and then back to the rst gaps
nothing really else to major in here
someday I did want to mention was the
fact that the I wallet does now allow
you to manage
gasps which is very cool so this is
handy you can freeze basically freezing
on freeze gas you know so you can play
the games it didn’t have this before so
you know they’re making this better and
you know the number one reason I found
the auto roll stopped on endless game
was the the stupid gas so I think I got
like 10,000 staked right now so it it’s
holding up pretty well because it
recharges every 24 hours mango I just he
bid you know I was kind of cool but you
know honesty bid you can get wrecked on
that one pretty quick because the people
are all in on some of these rooms
going back and forth 5050 so yeah so not
a ton and on that note you know iced tea
is holding pretty well but yeah so I I’m
not just gonna spend all of my ILS tea
in one place I’m not trying to do it
with a strategy so the big news is Tron
and next and they’re advertising – so
yeah Tron next and then Toby a beta
launch was tonight they’re given all
kinds of stuff away and they have a few
different games and things but yeah you
got to be prepared to drop with some
knots on this if you get involved
because it will get diluted quick other
than that starting to see crypto
cannabis game what in the world is this
and it looks like another stupid ROI but
yeah so the ROI seemed to be slowing a
little bit there’s less of him in here
but I tell you what there was some shady
sheisty ones td3 d the staying out a lot
of that stuff yeah my primary ROI is is
just bankroll for now I really don’t
want to get suckered on any of these new
ones so but anyways as always I
appreciate you listening today and let’s
check I’ve did mention that I have the
crypto so crypto currency available now
and that definitely helps support the
channel and you just go to Tron scan and
I have the link down below actually and
it’s let’s see
and we took in holders we have oh sweet
so I had another token holder I
appreciate that they got 10 that
definitely that supports the channel and
is greatly appreciated another person
bought 2 you know I had some other tents
in here so that’s fantastic like I said
you know not no one else on YouTube that
I know of has her own crypto where they
were using it instead of patreon or
whatever to support their channel but as
always I have that link down below it’s
one to one
you get one CryptoSlo for one TRX and
it’s greatly appreciated so that’s this
week’s news this crypto slow as always
you know things are happening fast I
appreciate you guys coming along on this
journey and as always if you’re not
talking gains then we’re not talking

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