Who raises Bitcoin, why does Bitcoin rise, will the rise continue further? We will answer these questions today, friends. The media is burning. Not only Bitcoin, but the whole market is
rising. We will also analyze Ripple, XRP. Because it looks like a crossroads, at a crossroads. Ripple company and XRP coins can be broken,
what can happen. All in this video. Because Ripple has a trial that’s been waiting
for months. Let’s start without further ado. In the meantime, do not forget to subscribe
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make these publications regularly. Now who is raising Bitcoin, why has it risen,
the very clear answer is in my previous video. If you haven’t, watch it. I explained the reason why Bitcoin should
rise to $ 11800 and talked about the binary options service that the CME group started
at Bitcoin, highlighting that this could bring extra volume to Bitcoin. Therefore, no investment advice, but I think
that $ 11,800 will come, sooner or later brother. Now, the CME group made a total of 275 Bitcoins
on average, with an average of $ 2 million. They have now compared the CME to the Bakkt
platform, but even though the Bakkt platform is behind a startup, the Atlantic Intercontinental
Exchange is ultimately a startup, but CME is a much larger company with more than 4500
employees. As I said in the previous video, binary options
are much more simple to use, not like futures. So simplicity can attract many more investors
to Bitcoin, but but only. Ultimately, these are derivatives markets. So the artificial markets are friends. Today, if the CME group can easily upgrade
Bitcoin with these binary options, it can reduce it tomorrow. The one who has the power to raise also has
the power to reduce. So we need to be careful. Okay, I know we all want Bitcoin to rise very
high as we enter the block half in May, but I think we still haven’t caught up with the
positive weather for the block half. I think to say that we are really entering
the strongest rise of the last 1-2 years, he will fill the gap gap at 11.800, that is,
the price gap and then catch up to $ 13.800. My expectation is very clear. So the rise of $ 1,000-2,000 doesn’t mean
we’re catching $ 20,000 right away. You know me when I take a positive stance
on this channel, because we need to be positive that we should be positive that we can make
money in this unforgiving market, but of course we need to be realistic. No need to play Polish. What’s going to happen at Bitcoin from now
on, Eren, if you tell us about it, the target now seems to be $ 9,000. If we exceed $ 9,000, $ 10,100 may be the
next target, but of course it can make corrections or something that we just got out of the triangle
and the chock. Long-term does not yet have a very clear outlook. When I do, I’m already sharing with you quickly
that I have already pointed out January 17 for the rise in Bitcoin according to the analysis
I made with you in the previous video and put a note for 2-3 days behind it. Now, when we look at it, yes, it was as we
all expected, and it may not be. So I will leave the analysis, the prediction,
the insight to you. I don’t give investment advice. By the way, Bitcoin SV rose by 94% in the
current environment, fellows. First he passed a Bitcoin Cash, then he fell
behind or something, and he’s in 5th place among all the crypto coins. He’s already passed Tether. I’il tell you. Look, let’s see the bullish season we call
today a solid bull. Tether falls to brother 15-20. queue. Anyway Bitcoin SV rose solid. 1000 pounds, but I warn you that the money
was 2000 pounds, so artificial rise. Thereafter, the woven can burn. I don’t usually get into swollen coins. It’s up to you whether you go in or not. Now, friends, the conversation is good. We said it was hot on Bitcoin and other crypto
coins. One of the hottest ones is probably Ripple’s
XRP, fellas. If the expected day will come, there was a
saying that the troubles taken were sacred. This promise is probably valid for XRP and
Ripple investors. Because some of you are waiting for 50 cents,
some of you for $ 1, some of you for $ 2-3, and rightly you want to at least save your
money. This is very human. Now, in Ripple, we’ve come to this critical,
court-and-crossroads in the case of the snake story, which has been going on for 1-2 years
now. Because today Ripple has a court and although
the XRP rises with the whole market, if the court makes a favorable decision for the XRP,
the XRP may have an extra harsh move or the whales that raise and lower the price of the
XRP and make a lot of buying or selling. they may be in a new decision stage. As a result, those who have downgraded the
XRP themselves to date may now want to open a new page for loaded XRP purchases or sales. Oh, look out. We’il even talk, but let me give you a lead
first. Now, if XRP is considered as a result of these
lawsuits, the market may interfere, and if legal limitations arise, the Ripple will have
to proceed with another coin instead of XRP. Think of it, brother, I’m talking about a
scenario like the separation of Ripple and XRP. Of course, the foundations are not yet established,
but I am also trying to make inferences here for the future. Or do you read the news on the Internet? But I do not make this inference from the
point of view of software, but from the point of view of business, economy, regulations
and legal regulations. We’re going to talk about it all, if nothing
happens in your mind, keep watching this video, I’m sure you’ll get something. What did we say, we said whales, other whales,
especially the Ripple whale, how much does the price of the XRP fall? Let me ask you. How much is this process? Let me tell. The XRP has been dropping for 2 years or so,
like most other coins, except for today’s, yesterday’s, and small-time rises. If you like saying for the XRP this may be
a turning point if these court events run out today, the newcomers among us may probably
say what this guy is talking about, let me explain it right away. My friends, there are mass cases filed against
XRP about the Ripple company to which the XRP coin belongs. In the meantime, these cases are basically
picking up two issues. The first of the charges against Ripple is
that I think they may be right; In 2013, 2014 and July 2018, Ripple sold lots of XRP off
the record. This is the claim, but we all know Ripple
has been selling XRP brutally for the last 1-2 years. We will talk about the reasons for this sale
soon. In the meantime, the people who opened this
case are an XRP investor named Bradley Sostack himself. We though we’re staring from behind in Turkey,
but ultimately Ripple, a XRP as you want independent con, get an independent community, the xrp’n
as Ripple you going on the front foot to the purchase by investors, the people for you,
if you are buying XRP go to Ripple to you a little You need to feel responsible, isn’t
it necessary to take your steps? Anyway, let’s go ahead and talk about the
second case in Ripple. The second event is that XRP is considered
a security token, a gold-like security. Ripple says no, I’m against this case. I present my written and oral defense to the
court. XRP is definitely a value-saving tool like
gold, not a utilty token that means a functional token, a token that is intended for use. Here he throws the ball a little. He says the case timed out or something. In the meantime, there are two independent
formations, Ripple and XRP, that come out two years ago and prepare special visuals. Didn’t you say Ripple is an XRP community,
so XRP is decentralized? Didn’t you say I was a witness myself. Well, I’m asking you why you’re so interested
in XRP. No matter how much the court gives, but you
may not be able to use an XRP that is considered as
a security at the end. So you’re right to defend yourself in the
cases, but please don’t ever play a decent XRP decentralized coin. Of course, Ripple says that we’re independent
with XRP or something that might make Ripple unaffected by unregistered sales and securities. Even though XRP is classified as securities,
as I said, things can get confused. It may make the XRP unqualified and dysfunctional
on paper, within the legal framework. These are possible. Otherwise, why should Ripple tear himself
up and try to defend himself with written and verbal defenses. And to put it together, my friends, how many
years Ripple’s trial has been a major threat to major investors. Imagine that the brother entered the investor
with $ 100-200 million dollars melted the money. More or less expense account. So I think it’s better to rip it off, Ripple,
XRP. I’m gonna follow the case, follow Ripple’s
defense. Let’s see what is going to happen. If there are important headings, we will immediately
go live. Now let’s move on to today’s bonus information. At the end of each video, I give you little
information on different topics. Now, when we’re working, we usually turn on
slow music in the background, so
I usually do it so that I can concentrate on
my work, but I’ve learned that in fact, I need to turn on music for movies or games
because they’re already made for maximum concentration. It actually made sense when I thought about
it, and as soon as I learned it, I immediately opened
Batman’s soundtrack. Now, my friends in the previous section of the questions and
comments from you briefly read.


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