Boscoin (BOS) : Is it worth to buy it ?

Hi Guys,

Last month, around three weeks ago , I went to Seoul, South Korea.
Just to meet the Boscoin team. I spent all day with the boss team.
Thanks to Bos_Douglas and Hankyeal
I spent significant time with them. I also had chat with CTO Mr. Choi

I also spoke with at least 18 folks, mostly
developers in Boscoin team. I did have some technical discussions, and
got some perspective on their Boscoin, and what they think about it.
So overall my trip was well worth of the time, because we are investing huge money in Boscoin
It was a month ago. We had
US $1.5 million dollars and then
Probably by now we have close to US$2.5 million dollars
Either we are buying go over the counter or Hitbtc
Before I jump on to any more details. I just wanted to give a quick introduction. Boscoin is working on Trust contract
Even before I get into Trust contract, let’s step back. if somebody says in
Every white collar
Job holder will be using a computer. people wouldn’t have believed it.
But here in 1992 to 2020, everybody is using computer now.
That’s become integral part
Job, so what I’m saying is every industry will be using Smart or Trust contracts going forward.

If they don’t use smart/trust contract, they will be out of business

So that’s how the technology will evolve.
Smart contract was pioneered by the Etherium and
Trust contract is little new concept with some advantages
Boston is working on the Trust contract
Boscoin also have few minor glitches
One thins is , it was not launched on time.
The coin was not listed on time, and the marketing could have done a better job, but
given the nature of this platform,
This is not like ERC20 token. which can be launched right away.
Because they had to work from the scratch, and I see the developers are working really hard.
they strongly believe in the leadership and road-map, so they are working on it, and it’s NOT like they are slacking.
You know the coin listing will be happening soon.
Marketing team will pick it up,
, most of the community members are very strong, so overall I’m pretty impressed, I’m still bullish on Boscoin
even in this month,
Several of my friends bought more Boscoins over the counter and and hitbtc . So probably we have
like US$2.5 million dollars
Worth of boscoins, I don’t know what’s the present rate, we bought from US$1 , $2.50 and $3

I’ll post lot of details on boscoin how this
Boscoin going to be big hit by providing the data in facts. This is my first video

Posting Mr.Hankyeol interview clip.
Just a short clip what he thinks about the Boscoin.
I’ll keep you posted more videos on Boscoin. Thanks folks

What’s the biggest strength of the team here? I know the most of the development happens in Seoul.
First of all the vision of our CTO agent Choi is
quite extraordinary. if you
just listen to him for about 10 minutes
Then you will be blown away of the things that he wants to achieve and the technical sides as well
We do have
a very competent
Development team that is able to back up his vision as well
So that’s one thing the other thing is that we have a huge
loyal, let’s say
supporters or our community
It’s because of that we communicate a lot and we get a lot of ideas as well from our community
as you probably know Scott and was also a very
to become employee
Himself as well.
We rely on the community a lot we still
get lot of ideas. almost
daily basis. I get
20 30
teams from both
Community and our international community as well in terms of how to market boscoin
and what to do in terms of proposals etcetera etcetera we get a lot of ideas


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