Bottle wants to introduce Bitcoin to a BILLION new users over the next 5 years! Coinbase IEO, Trump

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l tweeted out and again i retweeted it
he is going to be well let me he
introduced the company to me that i
never heard of bottle li bottled li be
part of introducing three billion social
media users to bitcoin bottle uses
social networks to help make bitcoin
accessible for everyone and he said matt
said he’s excited to announce he’s
joining the team at bottle pay and
that’s their twitter it’s all linked to
below as an advisor our plan build the
most user friendly lightning wallet on
the market our promised users come first
always our goal introduced bitcoin to a
billion new users over the next five
well they’re some lofty goals right
there but hey that’s in motion that’s
dreaming about the like a good lightning
network wallet that is going to get
regular people through social media into
it’s a bitcoin a billion of them that
would be great for bitcoin go for it
and you can read more about it at their
site it is linked to below sounds big
and it just he just tweeted that out i
hadn’t heard of this company before
let’s keep an eye on it
coin desk article you know I rarely talk
about these by the coin base
they soon get in the business of initial
exchange offerings ie Oh platform by
courses so they would have an i/o
platform at coinbase
they made an announcement in Asia and it
just makes me wonder how many and I’ve
said this before how many people are
buying Bitcoin in America at at coinbase
if they need to get into yet another
interesting product now is this even
going to get approved by the are they
gonna be allowed to do this in America
that that wasn’t clear in the article to
have an ie oh I mean they’re down with
some of the things they’re down with the
SEC in in some ways but we’re talking
about something that’s bordering on a
security platform and hey I I’m not a
government regulation guy I would say
let him do it okay but I know how the
government freaks are but coinbase is
basically in bed with the government
freaks my point is again bringing this
up why are they getting into this thing
okay I mean they got exchanged with a
lot of altcoins was a Bitcoin and again
I I think they want new users they want
something to spark new users I don’t
think they’re getting enough using new
users because I don’t think we haven’t
enough I don’t think we have any hardly
any new people joining the entire crypto
space right now or at least it’s not
making out for all the weak hands that
have dropped out and are still dropping
out but they’re still valuing their
wealth and altcoins and don’t realize it
should have gotten a Bitcoin a long time
ago pound that like button
Bitcoin defiance Ripple compliance so
sort of related note Jack Dorsey
apparently is gonna be on Scott Adams
show very soon Scott Adams can ask some
pretty good questions and he knows about
cryptocurrency so maybe Bitcoin will
come up not guaranteed I’ll update you
guys when that comes up but I heard
about this yesterday and we’ve got the
people at coin Gekko now coin gecko I
give them credit they’re trying to cut
to compete with coin market cap which
just dominates dominates the market
well the keeping track of and ranking
exchanges and coining markets that most
people go to coin market cap and we’re
going to talk about more about coin
market cap in a second but coin Geco a
competitor their track date have
something called trust score 2.0 I list
two there i link to their blog where
they explain it I’ll read a little bit
when we first developed trust four we
wanted to focus on liquidity metrics to
provide more insights into exchanges
real liquidity as we continue to iterate
and improve on our methodologies we have
found other measures that define a good
exchange from a user’s perspective we
have bucketed them into the following
categories liquidity api technical
coverage scale of operations crypto
currency reserves regulatory compliance
we have upgraded trust score to version
2.0 to incorporate all the above
categories okay I don’t care about the
regulatory compliance but you do I guess
dudes making up this ranking above
categories as there is no way to easily
synthesize all the above into something
that can be easily understood at one
glance exchanges are now graded on a
scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best
exchanges and 1 being the worst okay so
they’ve got a new score that takes into
a lot of other measurements including
regulatory compliance
I like crypto currency reserves that
they take that into into consideration
with deciding how good again for me it’s
information only information purposes
only because I don’t use exchanges and
it’s interesting to see that you know
people pretty much agree on the top 10
but hey think you can see the really
lowly ranked ones and you you should
know better than to touch them but that
they rank so many exchanges it’s like
over 300 and I again I just think back
to a few years ago where they were so
few exchanges and now we’ve got a
complex rack ranking mechanism
of the exchanges and hey it just shows
you how fast the space is growing all
over the world
we got exchanges some of them are trying
to comply to government regulations okay
that’s their business
corn so going at the coin market cap
they’ve got a conference coming up
they’re having a conference in Singapore
November 12th to 13th now again I was
just talking about coined echo echo echo
is a better sight prop most likely that
a coin market but most people go to the
market and hey they’re not standing
still they’re in motion also they’re
having a conference in Singapore from
the 12th or 13th they call it the
capital a one-of-a-kind crypto and
blockchain event like you have never
experienced before
oh well I’ve got a feeling that we have
experienced something like it before
some of the events that were going on
during the height of the IC o—- mania
with everyone trying to sell you on
their off coin or their IC o—- it
probably’s got a ten trend toward that a
little bit it’s got a lot of I mean
you’re listing
Bitcoin of course is your number one but
then you’ve got like 2000 all coins so I
would assume your conference is going to
deal a lot with all coins and you know
there’s some ICO related things still on
there of course
hey but this is where the big boys play
you don’t have to attend the conference
compete don’t complain they be competing
and the general market they still like
oh they still want to know where they’re
all going ranks the top 200 or whatever
ridiculously they haven’t gotten the
picture that just play the plate with
the tippity-top the number one baby
bitcoin pound that like button link to
below is the debate between Yanni and
ubi that I was the referee for you could
watch the entire thing at block TV it’s
linked to below one thing that I I
believe booty said it he thinks be cash
is going to change their name eventually
you know it’s not really called be cash
now I don’t say I don’t use that other
term that they used but he thinks
they’re gonna change their name
eventually that’s it that was an
interesting prediction on his part I
don’t agree with that one but hey one of
the share that
otherwise yeah I’m not a big fan of the
dates even though I was the referee of
the debate it was a friendly discussion
and it covered a lot of things we’re
already familiar with we know OD does
not like all points if you’re familiar
with his Twitter feed well if you want
to see what he looks like and what you
and what Yanni looks like and what I
look like watch the thing I guess I
don’t know how much you’re gonna learn
entertainment know me I guess
so again if you want to learn a lot
check out my Bitcoin focus series I had
a tour de Mistura tres mayor it’s all
linked to in at disrupt meister com they
were fun ones I had that one on the NFL
recently been tweeting out some good
things a tech bought by the way follow
it over there speaking of Twitter the
President of the United States Donald
Trump he tweeted out the following the
Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve
should get our interest rates down to
zero or less so we were talking about
negative interest rates the last two
shows talking about again because the
president wants he wants some he wants
some free mode he says and we should
then start to refinance our debt
interest costs could be brought way down
while at the same time substantially
lengthening the term we we have the
great currency power and balance sheet
so again he wants to keep borrowing
borrow and borrow that’s the example
he’s setting for America and most people
do that anyway so but he negative
interest rates would create quite a
situation in the United States and it
really does look like we will get there
your pension plan will be destroyed with
that your pensioners who are just
relying on your pension don’t rely on
your pension uh make Bitcoin your
pension plan you gotta get that the
writing is on the wall here is the
President of the United States saying he
wants this okay and maybe he’s not going
to bring it on and probably a Democrats
what’s the same thing for the same
reasons so they can keep borrowing
borrowing borrowing putting off repaying
the day and again and don’t get away
with it they’ll get away with it because
of just be
people are addicted to the dollar
they’re addicted to the welfare dollar
that’s how they get paid in their free
stuff and those with government pensions
they will get increases in their
government pension those have you stuck
with private pension funds from your
company you’re gonna get you’re gonna
get wrecked
they’re not gonna rate they’re not gonna
be able to pay you more money once your
money is worth less that’s why you got
to get into Bitcoin all right they’re
not able to print it like the US the US
will be able to print all the lovely
government workers that worked you know
25 years and then live for 50 years
after that off of the government doing
nothing because they did nothing to 25
years and they were working for the
government now I don’t like Bitcoin
banks I I think you should control your
own private key put it on your tresor
put it on your ledger whatever well it
but bitcoin banks you know for one thing
they are not going to give they’re not
gonna be there’s gonna be no negative
interest rates over there okay no
negative they’re not going to need to do
that once once their negative interest
rates with banks bitcoin banks won’t
need to to do negative interest rates
okay because people that will get into
Bitcoin will want not nothing to do with
anything like that’s why they’re gonna
get in the big point they’re gonna be
offended by negative interest rates for
their dollars so they’re going to get a
big point but some of them foolishly are
going to trust themselves to keep that
Bitcoin so they’ll go to a Bitcoin bank
and you know be an urn and then they’re
gonna think they’re gonna be
incentivized well now I’m in this big
coin thing I want to go back to the old
school when I got interest and so ok you
know less than 1% interest at the big
coin Bank or 1% or 2% interest the
Bitcoin thing so hey it this it’s a
better interest rate definitely than a
negative interest rate and at least
they’ll have their coins in Bitcoin but
again people best way to do it control
your own private key don’t put it in a
big point bank even though you’ll be
getting positive interest rates it
opposed a negative interest rates you
won’t be getting your crypto dividends
which will in theory could pay more than
the interest rates that the big point
banks will be
you me your own back yeah definitely
don’t have don’t have anything to do
with dollar banks if they’re charging
any sort of a fee or negative interest
rate which will be happening very soon
and Trump just uh foreshadowed it there
a little bit and again mention me people
have been mentioning tech bolts on
Twitter and I have been retweeting
they’re good tweets best guests in the
space I’m still working on this weekend
Bitcoin who’s going to be on who knows
who knows or what I’m going to record it
or whatever
behind the scenes info there so go go
you know speaking of interviews though
and great guest Gabor grew backs the guy
who works for Bannock he tweets about
the Mann Act ETF sometimes he was
interviewed by block digest on their
YouTube channel
I play the 2x because those dudes can
talk a little slow sometimes it so it’ll
only be a half an hour I haven’t
listened through the entire thing yet
only just to start that’s great yeah
he’s great they got that dude on their
show that’s awesome so I’m assuming you
can learn a lot from that all right pal
that like button good and good for them
there’s user really hardcore big guys
you got it you gotta give him credit
when Rick was on my show before Rick
crew who’s associated with them who’s in
Colorado has been on my show this week
anyway came out like bunny bang that
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