Bruce Jeong Unveils TNC To The Crypto World

Okay. Because we were supposed to start at 10 o’clock.
But there might be some media companies, though other people can’t wait.
So we start at 11. I’m so sorry about that.
First live, I will explain it quickly. At first, what is TNC Group will do,
and what it is doing.
Simply, I will explain that.
Previously, Mr. George mentioned that my company is located in Dubai.
We started 4 years ago but we just established it afterward.
So, last year, it is worth following the numbers. The numbers are 400 people.
Almost less than 500 people just working globally.
So might be a way to compare Bitcoin Foundation and Ethereum Foundation.
TNC Group is bigger than their foundations.
You can check the website.
So next,
as you can see, at the moment
we have 11, almost 12 countries, where we have branches globally.
Such as Korea, Japan, the UK, Romania, and France.
The major objectives that we have is concentrated into four. One is TNC Token Development,
then Provide Solutions. Next. TNC Blockchain Academy and Mergers and Acquisitions — M&A.
This is very, very big. My chance’s group term is some major deal project in the previous model.
So what we gonna do, we will make the blockchain academy.
Such as Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, and Mexico. Also when President of Liberland will arrive here,
I would like to suggest to build up a blockchain academy in Liberland.
So, also, sorry. Where is it strategically mentioned?
Which country?
Ah! Columbia
as well.
We like contacted 5 or 60 countries to build up the blockchain academy globally.
But I noticed for some blockchain country. We’ll build up a blockchain academy
but it’s not controlled by the government.
That’s why there’s only a little difference
to build up the academy in which out-of-the-country, or not.
So I have to get permission from the government to build up their blockchain academy.
This is some main target for TNC Group.
And this one, M&A, the biggest one.
At least I already explained to our advisors.
Where people who know each other since a long time ago.
And the
This is a for the first time in the world,
We are going to do M&A.
At least not just 500 token and coin companies.
As you can see, these days are days that there are large token and coin companies globally.
But some people, they think about last year.
when you got this whitepaper, it’s easy to get money.
Just act like you’re an investor, client, people who want to buy some token,
To make the investors like a manipulate the volume up, and after selling you buy the coin and try to manipulate.
So, I don’t, I don’t focus on — I don’t like the coin.
Some people say that because our company’s name is Token and Coin, this company
but looks like a coin company. Our TNC Group is not a coin company. One hundred blockchain companies.
what we are going to do, this is our motto for TNC Group.
One is blockchain academy for developing countries. Countries who want to learn from blockchain.
So we focus on like these countries and the M&A things.
Next. This one. As you can see, so we are gonna do, after careful consideration
TNC will choose at least 500 companies.
We are doing it now.
Can you please… Mr. George mentioned that we already have the first 125 token and coin companies to absorb through mergers & acquisitions.
So, I will explain later because we don’t have enough time to explain
because we started at 11.
If I already mentioned the Buyaladdin Shopping Mall…
Our TNC token… We sold out within 2 hours. So, we cannot buy them on the market.
Because we can only buy them through Dollar or Won. TNC Group’s company employees get only TNC token.
So, you cannot buy at the market.
All sold out.
Buyaladdin explanation will gonna be introduced by Mr. Stanley [Park].
Yeah, this one belongs to the Buyaladdin.
This is our companies. There are three things, very big one.
One is TNC.
As you can see, I already mentioned the M&A.
But the most important thing is this one — legal.
Because some people and blockchain companies still, they’re looking for the legal.
Like a law firm, to solve what to do, like some illegal things,
at the moment.
But it’s very difficult to find out this law firm, like an international blockchain law firm.
That is provided from our TNC Group.
That’s why I was looking for this law firm. We can check our company website.
There are a lot of law firms to work together.
And lawyers like, somebody search.
These gentlemen are some of them, part of our company.
So, this from TNC, we are going to do M&A and Legal and Accounting Services.
So, [Aladdin] Wallet is our payment system,
and [Buy]Aladdin is the only shopping mall to buy with crypto.
So, this is going to be part of the explanation of Mr. Stanley [Park].
So I will explain later,
So next
And like I mentioned before the consultation services,
accounting, and the legal thing.
This is for the first time provided by our TNC Group.
Some people, some companies, they have the highest skills in technology,
But, if they don’t have money, we will invest from our TNC Group.
So this is TNC’s point of view.
Peter [Kristensen], Dinis [Guarda], Nils [Tharandt Ortiz],
Jack [Liao], Fernando [Martinho], Jorge [Sebastiao], Rob [Charles]
*transition of presentation*
Malcolm [Tan], Sydney [Ifergan], Bruce [Porter], yeah Bruce is there.
Yeah we have the same coat but mom is different.
Nanda [Bhagi], Mr. Lee [Ernst], Ron [d’Vari].
You can check because you all have…
from my country.
*skips the names of other advisors*
We started at 11, so I will do this quickly.
Our advisors are mostly for important qualities because normally
when it comes to our company’s advisors, advisors means just an advisor.
But our advisors are not just advisors,
because they are like our appraisers, like evaluators.
After merging and acquiring at least 500 token and coin companies,
we will ask our advisors to evaluate, to appraise, in terms of our M&A,
500 token and coin companies.
So, our advisor roles are totally different.
They can be for people. Some like, some people say…
I heard a lot of things to do and I heard
someone said when they go straight from our website,
“Hey, Bruce, why are there so many of your advisors?
I get this from TNC, from your website.”
But I didn’t explain there, because I don’t need to.
Because they say that sometimes your project only consists of an advisor,
you and your Co-CEO, the other people, where’s the other people?
So, I didn’t explain there.
From today, I would like to announce
because as your TNC Group; it is not just a blockchain company.
We are gonna do M&A at least 500 for the meantime.
For the first time in the world
after M&A,
500 coin and token companies, we are gonna be like a mammoth project.
Like a boom, like so different before and after.
So, I spoke with [Vitalik] Buterin and Roger Ver also…
Some people say, “Hey, Bruce, your conference — it’s not a conference.
It’s like a private party. Your conference is not as some famous guys
that didn’t join there, I was wondering.”
Someone checked for my name on Google.
My piece came out because I’m an expert about building up
smart crypto cities, 4 years ago.
I’m a lawyer and I’m an accountant as well like you. *points at someone*
So, someone said, “Why you didn’t invite the very famous guys?”
The reason why? I don’t like the coin experts. I don’t like the token experts.
When you see our company website and the advisors,
we don’t focus on the coin and token companies.
I don’t like that.
Because I’m sick and tired of all the investing and the buying
and ignoring all the token and coin companies.
That’s why. So I would like to elaborate later.
Also, before I came here to New York, I spoke to the President of Liberland.
Because as your TNC Group, we are gonna build up some projects in Liberland.
I also asked some very famous guy about blockchain and token and coin.
But they’re quite interesting to collaborate with TNC Group.
So anyway, I will explain later more detailed things.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.

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