Budget Sewing and Embroidery: Tools and Hacks from the Dollar Store

Hey Oh, ml embroidery went shopping at the dollar store and we picked up some Really cool items that are going to be fantastic in your sewing room So stay tuned for eight sewing room hacks that you are going to love keep watching Okay today I have hacks for you that’s gonna help you organize your Sewing machine room and just shortcuts that are gonna make your life so much easier the first thing I found At the dollar store was this multi-purpose? Basket and it was three dollars and fifty cents and it’s kind of soft and kind of made out of webbing It looks like and this one has a lid. Oh my god. You can see sparkles from my Anita Good design Sun catchers. Wow this one has a lid so I Thought wouldn’t this be perfect for your thread for each project? If you have more than one project on the go You could have a few of these been stacked up filled with thread, but you could label it You can name the project. And another thing you could do if you’re careful is you can put your pins in the top so it doubles as Storage and a pin cushion, of course when you open it up. It’s kind of violent in there So you have to be a little careful, but it would work in a pension It would keep everything handy So that will help you organize all of your projects and as a matter of fact To remind you what project you’re working on You could easily Put the CD in there and then it’s all nicely done. So there you go. That’s number one organize your Projects and organize your threads. Okay. Number two. This is also at the dollar store They just happen to be Christmas ones. So I thought that would be cool. So these are large Ziploc bags and I know you’re probably wondering what can I do with these? Well, these are pretty and they’re also for Organization. So let’s take one out and see how pretty and how big they are See now. That’s the perfect sighs For me and it’s one of these with a nice zipper So it’s easy. So what would you put in there? well, I would put scraps of fabric I would also put Designs that you’re working on you can store them away if you’re working on a project It would just help you to keep everything Together I really like it and then just zip it up. So if you have a few extra scraps of this fabric that’s another thing these large bags could do is help you organize your Scraps you could even use them for layer cakes It’s a big enough for a layer cake just to keep everything together You could also take a clip or a clothes peg and hang them up and to keep everything Organized in a drawer or anywhere. I think this would be really good. So extra large Ziploc bags are just simply gonna keep you organized and They’re Christmas. So it’s kind of fun. I like that. So the next thing is this Shelf liner now. This can have quite a few uses for your sewing room or your embroidery room and it’s kind of Puffy foamy kind of weird kind of stuff. So what could you use it for? well I can think of a few things the first thing that I would like to use it for it’s for hooping. So when you’re hooping something you see how See how the hoop slides around and you can make hooping mistakes do it doing that I would keep a piece of this and of course you can make it for bigger hoops Or make it for your biggest hoop, and then it’ll always work. So I’m just cutting a piece off And then you put your hoop down and look it’s not going anywhere. And I think that’ll help with hooping I think that that’s brilliant. Now. Another thing that people do with these is to stop Slippage in your hoop a little like this and you put it around The bottom part these hoops are for McDreamy, but you can also use them on the multi needle hoops And once you have that in you could use a little bit of tape tape it down you could very carefully use a bit of tacky glue and You will have to open your hoops up a little bit more, but it will stop your fabric and your stabilizer from slipping Isn’t that awesome and have a designated hooping spot and look still doesn’t move how awesome is that? so with $2, how much did I spend a dollar? 25 on this roll. There are quite a few things you can do with it. Now one more thing is To keep your foot pedal from slipping now I’ve got mcdreamy’s foot pedal here and you know what you could even use it just this size It’s perfect and on the floor they slip and you kind of chase it around with your feet So pop this on the floor put your foot pedal on it. It is gonna stay where you want it. It wasn’t that awesome So that’s three things to do with this this one I’m happiest about and I just thought it was really cool now It’s just for organizing it was three dollars sorry, it was three dollars and it’s for organizing bits and bobs in your Garage or workroom for tools to me. This looked like either a bobbin holder Or something more clever remember this that we bought online and there’s so many feet here and It’s hard. I’m not gonna I don’t want to keep them in the box Why not put them in this container? Now the other thing you could do is take a sharpie and just simply write on the top So, you know without even opening it you will know What? Foot is in there. You can put a separator in there So it can be customized to whatever feet that you want look at that, isn’t that great and That one might make it too. So that is to me a fantastic way to organize all of your sewing feet and I have I don’t know what 52 of them to do and I would put like this one is Rolling roll hem ruler foot and there’s a big one and a small one and you can put these together Because they’re basically the same thing in the same family there’s quite a few that I see I kind of know a little bit more what they are and you can just simply pop them in this is a great way to Keep your feet and your embroidery feet and your sewing feet all Organized so you can find them you can fit more than one in there. That’s my favorite so far I’m just gonna leave this here I will put out a picture and show you guys my final setup, which is awesome So here’s another one now. These are bamboo Skewers and you may think well, how can that be for embroidery? Well, it could be for a lot of things. So they have longer ones in the store like great big long skewers I like these ones because they have they actually feel really really nice. They’re nice and soft not Picky or anything. They do have a pointed end But I thought this would be really handy for a lot of things now you can use these When you’re doing applique so you don’t get your fingers there and you don’t join The finger Club if you want to keep something flat You can do it like that with one or two of them. A lot of people use these or chopsticks another use is for Projects like this where you have to use a little bit of tacky glue to set the whole thing up You can see I just glued everything. I’ll be doing a video on this one I got it all over my fingers and I made kind of a mess I would use this to flatten out the glue along here and I had to tuck glue In here, so I’m thinking this would be great. I think they’re super handy You can also use them for sewing if you’re doing a whole bunch of quilt squares together You can use that to push them through a lot of people use an awl for quilting It’s very handy and it helps for a lot of things. You could even use these to turn tubes. Why not? just be careful of the pointy end, but this would be like Disposable all I’m gonna be using these I have 48 of them and it cost a dollar Twenty-five. So I’m thinking that’s a pretty good deal. The next one here is actually really cute it’s a bathroom hook and I Thought with a suction cup on the back and I thought wouldn’t this be fun? to decorate Your sewing room where your or your embroidery room. So let’s take the plastic off here And what could you do with it? Well, can you see it? How about that? Oh, hang up your scissors, and you can hang them anywhere You can hang them up on the wall, wherever the suction cup is gonna fold You could even put them on the side of your machine And stick it to your machine. It should stick well enough. I wouldn’t hang any hoops or anything like that off of it I don’t think they’re that strong but would not be cute having a row of these. What about on a whiteboard? you could put hang all your stuff on the whiteboard and make it look super cute when I was at the the Dollar store with Don today there’s a whole bunch of different colors So I think you could make it really pretty and it wasn’t expensive at all Now the next thing I found at the dollar store was this bathroom? hanging basket So it’s called a shower caddy and it was three dollars and it also comes with Suction cups, even on just on the table without using the suction cups. I think you can bend them and take them off But how about lining up your threads in order? For your stitch out That I think it keeps them nicely It keeps everything, you know organized and in order, but there’s a lot of uses for it. I will Hang this up at my desk. I might even get a couple more of them because I think this is great I think it’s really fantastic I might even use these on my trolley. They’re pretty they look good and super Organizing so ok I have saved the best part for last if you didn’t know you can buy pens that are Erasable, so it’s removed by friction But did you know that you can use them on fabric? So it’s pilot is the company and they have to say friction fri x io n these ones are fancy ones, but it’s just a pen but This is the cool thing. You can also use it for marking your fabric Now I have you know proper fabric markers But I find them a little bit hard to use and sometimes they don’t come out So I’m gonna show you how to get rid of these marks with the friction Tada Want to see that again isn’t that amazing? So they’re really safe to use I would try, you know different kinds of fabrics and different everything But you could mark your fabric all you want take a little bit of heat and it’s magic a little bit there and it is gone so you can do more precise placement and Mark up your fabric all you need so that’s FriXion pens. And I think they’re absolutely Fantastic, so those are all my finds and thanks everyone for watching. I hope you guys like this video Don’t forget to share this video too. There’s a lot of good hacks in here. That’ll help You keep organized and make your life easier. So I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye You


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