Bunny Topiary for Easter Decor – Dollar Tree Easter Crafts

in this video I’ll be showing you how to
make an Easter bunny out of some relatively unusual dollar tree items so
if you want to learn how to make it well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter well I know it’s a bit early I really do and I’m kind of going
against the grain of my natural what I usually do we haven’t even hit
Valentine’s Day yet and I’m doing an Easter DIY so typically what happens to
me is Easter sneaks up on me because I’m Greek Orthodox and it usually is far
after the Catholic Easter I don’t even know what it’s called we just I’ve
always called it American Easter which I guess that’s not completely true but
anyway it typically sneaks up on me and I don’t even get a chance to do Easter
DIYs so I’m doing this one early and also because I’m just really excited
about it and I want to show it to you it was brought to me by Liss Williams and I
just thought it was amazing and I asked her if she would mind if I shared it
with the rest of you and she was happy to have it shared and is really looking
forward to seeing the video so Liss thank you so much for this idea I love it well
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chitchat about this I’m excited to show it to you
you guys can get crafting and have it ready for Easter so let’s do it all right so this isn’t a very
complicated project so there’s going to be two different types that we can make
and I’ve showed you in the picture two different styles I’m gonna be making
the one with the moss and I didn’t want to be making two of them but I’m gonna
make the one with the moss and I will kind of walk you through on how to make
the other one one of the things we need to do so we have our these are the Betty
Crocker strainers from Dollar Tree and all I did it’s very easy to do is cut
this a little extra piece off here it cuts off really easily it’s no big deal
at all so that’s one thing to prep and we have our two bowls and these were in
the kind of the plasticky section wedding section party section these were
in the kitchen section and we also have our bunny so the only part of our bunny
that we’re going to be using is the ears we’re going to remove the ears by
getting in there and cutting right here at the base of each of the ears but I’m
leaving on the this part here okay so we have this and we’re going to do that
with both ears and then what we’re going to be doing is removing all of this
extra tinsel but you do want to keep the cardboard piece on there so don’t remove
that cardboard piece so you should end up with two pieces just like this so
save this piece here because I was looking at it and it has it’s very
dimensional it would make a great little piece for fall decor for a pumpkin or
something like that so my next steps all I did was took my two clear bowls and
put hot glue all the way around and glued them together
I did the same with my two Betty Crocker strainers and these two are going to get
put together now it’s a little hard for me to show you here on camera but we’re
going to be gluing these two together as well and we’re starting to get the shape
of our bunny once you have these put together we’re just gonna set these
aside for a few minutes and we’re gonna work on our bunny ears so what I’m going
to be doing here with the bunny ears is we’re going to be covering them in moss
but we’re also going to be using this Center part to have a little bit of pink
and what I’m using for that is these German statis flowers that I got at
Dollar Tree there was a different color too but I really really like this darker
deeper richer pink remove these from the stem so they’re a little easier to work
with and then you can just you know always save these kind of things because
you never know when you’re going to need the wire or the leaves or whatever so
you can see how crafters become hoarders right because nothing is ever what it
was meant to be so I have a funny story about that by the way I had a I hired an
organizer to come and help me because I was a little overwhelmed with my garage
and stuff so she came over and I had all my Dollar Tree stuff out there and so
she started trying to separate things into kind of organize them so she said
oh okay this is a windshield screen for a car so I’m going to put that with car
stuff and I said oh well that’s actually gonna be a project I’m gonna cut that up
and make it into something she goes oh okay so she set that aside so then she
picked up a glass candlestick or something so she says oh okay if this is
a house where item and I said well not exactly because I’m gonna attach
something on that so she was having a really hard time with me because then
she found other items that were garden things and she thought that was garden
and I said no so I finally told her you know I think the best thing to do is
separate into plastic items glass items metal items and miscellaneous because
that’s the only way so the poor lady was very confused alright so anyway we’re
gonna be doing now is cutting off these flowers here and we’re
going to be gluing them into this interior part of our little bunny ears
what a goober I am okay you know what you guys you don’t have to cut them off
they actually pull right off of the base here so just go ahead and pull them all
so once you get enough of your flowers you’re going to go ahead and we’re going
to be gluing those inside this whole section here and don’t worry that they
stand that because your Moss is going to be all around there as well and that is
going to also stick up to an extent so I’m not taking it all the way to the
edge but I am kind of leaving a little bit of space because I want the moss to
kind of wrap around you know how bunny ear is and the center is more pink in
the well I know real bunny here but anyway our little craft bunnies don’t
usually have the pink all the way out to the edges so whatever you want to do
here’s what we’re wanting it to look like so you see that there’s still a
little bit around the edge here and we are going to want to keep this part
empty here on the bottom because this is part we’re going to be gluing on to the
top of the bowls for the ears I’m going to go ahead and finish out this other
one here okay so here’s what I have so far and this actually was two bunches of
these German statis flowers from Dollar Tree so just know that you are probably
going to need three bunches in order to finish the two sets of the case so while
we’re already working on the ears we may as well continue now I did not buy this
green moss at Dollar Tree they do have an even nicer brighter colored green
moss at Dollar Tree but I already had this and I really want to use up what I
have so you may want to do this outside depending on where you are in the
country and what the weather is like we’re going to be basically taking this
moss and attaching it entirely to cover this whole ear so start start in the
back and just add your hot glue and then press your moss on there now we are
going to be also making sure that it comes around on to the front
so just keep adding glue until you have it all stuck on there I’m going to come
around just a little bit to show you how I’m gonna do the front the same
basically same idea just you want to cover up that front part to around those
flowers and then cover up any of the sides so basically just get this all
covered in the moss and so that you don’t see any more of this plastic
around anywhere this is how the ear is gonna look once you get it covered and
you can see that I’ve left this bottom plastic part exposed so we can glue it
down now you are gonna have a few little stray pieces here and you can either do
this as you’re working or you can wait till the end trim off some of those
little pieces to get a little bit cleaner look we’ll give our little
bunnies ears a trim yeah and we’re going to go ahead and cover both of the ears
like that and then we’re gonna start working on covering the body okay now
we’re going to be putting the moss all over the rest of our piece here and kind
of in the same way that we did before so just go ahead and glue things on there
and go ahead and cover all of it now do not cover this bottom part because you
want to leave a little bit of space we’re going to be gluing this down onto
something else and you don’t want to have the moss on the bottom covering it
so just go ahead and go through and apply your hot glue and apply your Moss
and get this all covered as well you may want to paint these if the red is coming
through if you don’t have enough moss or not thick enough Moss or you don’t want
to use as much you may want to go ahead and paint that a neutral color maybe a
color that is a beige e color or a brown or something that would match more with
your moss okay so I’ve covered half of my bunny so
far but what I wanted to do is stop and show you a couple things over here how I
left a little bit of a ledge here there’s probably I don’t know maybe
about an inch or so ledge that does not have the moss on it
and then I have left the top because we’re going to be gluing the ears on and
then I’m going to be working around to fill in the rest of it here are our ears
and what we’re going to do is take them and glue them together and on top of our
bunny head so what I mean by it together I mean we’re going to put a little glue
to attach them together and glue them because these don’t lie flat so you’re
not going to have a whole lot of flat surface so it’s good to have extra moss
kind of in front and in back of the ears so that they will sort of support it if
you guys are enjoying my channel give me a thumbs up that would be so great I
really appreciate it try and come up with some good projects for you now what
I actually am kind of doing you can see how it works for you but the holes in
the strainer can offer a little bit of support there too and you can kind of
put them put the corner little piece here this little edge of your ears
into one of the holes so figure out which one and then add your glue and add
the ears I do want to point out a couple of tips that I learned in the process of
making this if you’re using your gorilla glue glue sticks I would actually
suggest that you change over to an inexpensive brand of glue sticks because
you go through a lot of glue sticks in this process so don’t waste them the
other thing is be prepared for big mess because this Moss is really messy so I
really do suggest doing this outside and it will take more Moss than what you
think so I actually am running out of moss I’ll need to be getting some more
but I just want to get these ears on here and show you guys and then we will
go on I’m using a lot of glue to attach my ear with and then don’t forget the
glue in the center a fair amount to to really get those to hold and then while
those are drying I’m just going to kind of hold them and sort of situate some of
that moss in there to give it a little extra support kind of filling in that
space underneath those ears a bit that is blank and empty because of the curve
of the ears and I’m going to go around and put the moth start putting the moss
on the back side and then we’ll be moving on I did put some extra moss here
and glued it down as well as up onto the ears a little bit so that it will almost
become one piece that way and then I’m going to do a little bit of that in the
front right in between in the ears as well kind of from here up onto that part
just to add a little more stability so they don’t fall off so just before we
get to this next part I do want to mention I haven’t really talked about if
you’re gonna be doing the cotton balls they’re going to be pretty much using
the same premise you probably will use less hot glue because you’ll be gluing
on the cotton balls individually where with this you’re kind of spreading it
around and you’re using a lot of the glue also maybe far around the edges of
the ears you can cut the cotton ball in half and glue it on but just see what
works for you so the next thing we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be taking
our little planter here and you want to weight it because this you don’t want
this to tip over I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t tip over but putting it on this
planter looks really cute and so when you put it on there it could tip over if
it’s not on anything and it’s just standing freely then you’re fine so it’s
up to you if you want to put it in the planter or not if you are putting it on
the planter just weight it with some rocks any rocks are fine I had these a
musta bottom at Dollar Tree at some point or somewhere for that matter so I
just went ahead and put my rocks in there you may be able to see them inside
there through the plastic but I throw it in with a bag and everything doesn’t
really matter anything heavy and then I just went ahead and put my hot glue
around the edge of my pot and set my bunny right down on top of it it is kind
of easier to Center the bunny if it’s clear and still and not oh and one more
thing so if you want these would make really
really cute tails for the one that’s made with the moss in that style because
I think being more earthy and stuff this would be an adorable little tail for the
back you don’t have to put a tail if you don’t want to and maybe yours is going
to be in a place where it won’t be seen from other angles so that’s fine but if
it’s just an idea if you want to do it I think it’d be super adorable
at this point if you’re gonna be doing the bunny with the cotton balls or if
for this one if you decide you want to you can use pipe cleaners and glue them
on as whiskers and then the little pom-poms put on as a nose and you can
either use a couple of pom-poms for eyes or you can actually use the googly eyes
if you’d like to so it’s entirely up to you
so I’m gonna be using this ribbon here I really like it but I don’t have a lot of
it and I thought I had more but I also have this burlap ribbon so my main bow
will be made out of this burlap ribbon and then I will be putting an extra
little layer on with this one and then because I want it to match my pot I’m
going to tie the bow with this one so I don’t really think I need to do this on
camera for you so I’m going to go ahead and finish this up and show you what it
looks like and then I’m also going to show you picture of the cotton ball
bunny and the one with a very green moss and this one with a kind of greenish
brown moss hey glue dots quick tip for you Liss
Williams was the one who made this project originally and showed it to me
and she recommends spraying your project down with a spray adhesive once you
finish whether you’re using the cotton balls or the moss this will keep the
dust from settling in and all of the lint and random little bits of dirt and
stuff from accumulating and sticking to your project so that’s the tip give it a
shot hope you guys try this project it’s really cute you guys ready all right
let’s check it out


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