BUY GOLEM GNT! Day #3⚡ Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & How Trade Invest Bitcoin BTC

Yeah said yes
All right, so let’s see where we’re at we’re live, that’s good
Pop this chat out
All right you guys can can you guys hear my voice right now. Hopefully you can
I’m gonna chat right now
Make sure you guys can hear me, okay?
Can you guys hear me right now should be able to
Get there, thank ya
All righty, let’s do ten twelve start this countdown
And should be heard that’s better
Oh, yeah
What’s going on
Cookie I don’t cookie did I ever send you your winning from that one day. I feel like we haven’t done that yet
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It’ll be a nice clean little quick little episode
Make some money
Isn’t this is a this is a nice move we got happening in the market too. So you guys should appreciate this one
All right cool, so let’s go ahead with our question of the day
Let’s see what we got going on
What is
For the next let’s say this for the next week
What coin will have the biggest gains in the next seven days?
That’s the question of the day just jump in the chart jump in chat. Give me an answer
We go do
Let’s see how many we got right now
So that’s our question of the day, what coin will have
the biggest gains in the next seven days
Make sure you like this video, I’m gonna give you three minutes and
If we get more than 75 likes we will pick a winner if not I will keep it moving
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Bam oh
We need this one
Let me go ahead and load this up. I’m glad I remember that
All right, so we’re good. I’m just getting into this bit tricks account real quick
It always makes me jump through hoops, that’s the one thing I really don’t like
Every damn day
So let me do this real quick
It’s a little bit better
Cool we’ll go with that for today
There we go oh, honey
You know what do we say int?
And bam good. I already missed about 20% on this thing Oh
It’s just now getting warmed up
Alright guys we are about to get started
If you haven’t already make sure you like and subscribe
If this is your first time tuning in I’m about to give away cash money in about 30 seconds
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And once we run through this intro
We will be ready to go
That looks a lot cleaner ah
I’m good. I’m glad to pickax like liked it. I need to jump in there
I’m like in the slack, but I’m not really in the slack so I need to like get back in there pickax is legit
It’s gonna be legit for a while
So I’m glad they liked it if you’re on pivot. I let me shoot me an email. I’d love to interview somebody from that team
Let’s go
Like a boss
That’s right live from the USA helping you get paid every day
This is the boss of Bitcoin the Cristo of creep dough is your boy, BK, and if you don’t like me you?
Must not like money
Today is September 5th video number 2 and it’s time to get paid
If you know me you know right now every day live on the air. I give away cash money and today is no exception
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Today’s question a date was what coin will have the biggest returns in the next seven days
It’s just that easy you guys and let’s see who’s going to be our
Who do we want who do we want let’s go?
right here
Can’t pick that one, that’s funny though that’s pretty funny. That’s pretty funny
Do we want
BAM let’s go Alexandre
Osmond that said
Gollum but he put the little badge emojis behind it I think that’s really what want it?
You know you see my titles. I like the emojis. You know
I don’t know what that is that guy’s like a tennis player so what I’m gonna
Do is copy and paste your name, and I’m gonna throw that up in our
Bitcoin group the number one Bitcoin group in the world if you’re on Facebook
Feel free to join us the doors are always open ten thousand members and growing
And all I’m doing right now is
Copy and pasting your name and saying winner of the day
You jump on our Facebook page like this comment message me your wallet
And I’ll send you a couple bucks BTC from me to you as a token of my appreciation I do truly
Appreciate your support in our community and my job. You know one of the joys of my life
Is to help people get money you know so I’m glad I could do it for you
Thank you for joining us and let’s get to these charts and let’s make some money
day number three
on a hundred day challenge by
They said he was a mythical creature from Once Upon a Time and Lord of the Rings looking for that precious
That’s my golden impression
And right now you know it looked like that ring, then manifested and is about to
Unwilled some magical destiny when we look at these charts when I look at this chart one of my one of the community members actually
This trade to me. He said Haida
7:21 and 77 and the
231 are all coming together on Gollum you might want to check it out. I said alright. I’ll look at it
I saw it. I said wow you don’t see chart setup like this too often
So if you have some money some extra money $5 $10 $100
$1000 I can’t I can’t really give you a better break out opportunity than this chart
And this is not a pump and dump actually I don’t even own it yet
I’m about to buy it with you guys on the air right now
So first I want to show you the chart. I want to show you how it’s setting up. This is trading view calm
I have a link in the description for
You newcomers to show you exactly how to set up my chart if you want to follow me feel free to do so
you know I got about 40,000 views a thousand subscribers BB Kelly 1203 is my name on there and
all you do I got a sign-in to I guess the
Good thing about tradingview is it gives you these little alerts moving average crossing down neo BTC
I told you yesterday meal was gonna go down a little bit more. I think I told you two days ago
I was gonna happen no yesterday, so but still it’s still a solid solid pickup for any
Any portfolio at these levels
But just wait till it settles out
So here we go go getting ready boom getting getting ready to make some money again this trading view calm. This is the boss
method that we will be using it is patented intellectual property owned by
myself if you are profit seeking
Institution or business you may not replicate this model without my express written consent if you’re a mom trying to send your kid to college
If you do just saving up some bread by all means use my method be prospero be profitable and be prosperous
This is a patented proven
Process that we’re gonna go through right now
so let’s look at this thing gallon is setting up real real nice you guys we got the seven the 77 and a
231 on a three hundred and forty-three
minute candle and
What do I see well right now if you know how to boss math at work bring below orange cell?
Redline so get out of there
Green above orange. Bye
But what happened in between?
Right when we draw a trend line
From there to there we see that breakdown area right, but then let’s look back in time and
When we go back in time
From here from that last breakout
To this
most recent breakdown the exact same spot, you know we came from
We can see
This forms a very very nice Fibonacci
Breakout breakdown right that’s our trendline moving there we throw a Fibonacci on top of it and now
We can basically see that this whole area up here
was more or less a
That was our consolidation and
Was our correction
But the beautiful thing about this chart, which I haven’t seen before is that it has consolidated
Exactly right on that
1.618 that’s almost like a
perfect level
for this chart to catch up for you to buy in on the ground floor and
for all of these lines
to come together
Over the next week or so and
They come together real nice all four lines. I haven’t seen a chart too often where all four lines come together and
lightning strikes and
when these lines actually
Consolidate like that
You’ll get a situation to where all three of them come together and
this thing is
To the races, right
That’s what we got to look forward to on Gollum this thing is setting up so nice it hasn’t broken down it
Corrected right there’s a big difference between a correction and a breakdown a breakdown
Would just be you know if this thing just fell off the side of the earth
You know and you were buying it down here somewhere, right?
But this is actually quite in tune with the natural
harmonics and the natural frequency of
This breakout we broke out right there
And we correct it to this exact level and now once we build enough momentum
We’ll be able to get back into the money zone and the money zone
The money zone is in between those two green bars at a Fibonacci
Which is our
Six one eight and three eight two levels and once we get into that money zone
You can see that this would be a return of
About a hundred and thirty five percent lock it in the bank throw away two key and forget about it, right
You can see a couple more key areas of
You know communication that’s built into this chart. That’s one of them. This is another one where
Gollum basically consolidated and broke out on that 382 it broke down on the two three six
So so the harmonics is built into this thing it bounced off the 786
You know broke down on the six one eight the harmonics is built into this thing so what I said what I said is
This is a great opportunity for you to buy prime time real estate on the ground floor right around
7,000 Satoshi’s today, it’s already up about 20% since yesterday
I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty and say should you wait half a day and you know buy it back down at?
75 I think right now is a fine time to buy understanding that in about a month this thing will be up a hundred percent
So there you go now. That’s what I’m going to buy on date three of our hundred day challenge
You can see like even you know in the past two days this thing has been running
And it’s just getting started in fact. It really hasn’t even broken out yet. This is just positive
Consolidation from where it’s been so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna buy one
Hundredths of one Bitcoin worth of G&T that’s what I’m doing for the next hundred days. I’m gonna buy
0.01 Bitcoin of something and then over that time
I’ll start selling I’ll start buying and you’ll see how we
Accumulated, and we will end up with a lot more than just one Bitcoin mark my words, so this is what we’re doing
We put our price in at the bid. It’ll basically split the market in half
That’s 8155 right now
It looks high considering where it’s come from over the past two days, but given that we know where it’s going
it’s a bargain trust me and we put in point o
BTC and it automatically fills in up there that’s gonna be a hundred plus golem which is awesome
Hit that Buy button confirm it bam bam now
You got some money and that my friends is how you chart like a boat’s o?
Again if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best
My name is became
My friends know me as a crypto trader
And I am the boss of these charts in so much that in about three or four months we got
12,000 subscribers
I work seven days a week
on these charts to get my people paid that is my
Number one objective to make as many people as much money as possible. You know I got a nice little
Degree from a nice nice college that pay me
$100,000 to the day I they I decided to stop working for the rest of my life
Just for having that little piece of paper over there on that shelf
I don’t need it right now cuz I can make more money in these charts
And I can empower more people to do the same and that’s my mission. You know
So with that being said I invite you to our community
Again, we have a very vibrant engaged and supportive group on Facebook
It is called the number one Bitcoin group in the world
Whenever you want come on in the doors are always open and right now we got about
10,000 yeah broke 10,000 members so it’s a solid solid group you guys
I work very hard to Maude’s work very hard to keep it clean no spam no BS. No faucets
No, no, no Ponzi schemes none of that. It’s just money charts. You know and and tipping people off of uh
You know when when big moves are gonna happen in the market
Just like I told you somebody came on one of my emails and sent me this chart, and I looked at it
I said wow you’re right bam bam. Let’s make some money on it, and now you’re able to do the same
Showed you how to do it on bit tricks
And if you want to take it a step further if you’re looking to progress as a trader and to grow your profit
Exponentially this is our website
It’s called the boss of Bitcoin comm type that in save it to your favorite places
Boss of Bitcoin comm you’ll see this guy over here standing in front of the hometown suited and booted
Wearing the red white and blue looking like the American Dream
You know I’m saying you click over there that left hand side click that button called shop
And we got three works of art for you the first is called the profit package it is
$25 and this is a hand selected list you guys of the top ten coins that are bangers
This is more or less
You know the movers the Shakers
And the money makers right we got three coins on that list right now that are up a hundred percent
Since the middle of August. No joke if you buy it you’ll see why and you will make some money
Next thing we got on that list is called the dream team and if that list if the profit package
If the profit package is the movers the Shakers and the money makers then the dream team is the next generation?
The dream team is more or less that recruits. You know $1 and $2 coins that are set up to be
multi-million dollar
enterprises inside the next few years
This a few on this list have broken out so in a week or so I’ll put an update list and you’ll see that some
Coins all right hurry up 30 40 50 percent. I know one of them in particular. I think it’s like number
Seven is up forty percent this week alone
You know so what I do is I do all of the work for you guys too as we put it this way as much
As I can I do for you right to where you it’s very easy to be profitable last thing
We got is a one-on-one meeting if you want to get some face time with the boy BK
You know you have this option right here you pay 25 dollars the rest of the description
The rest of the details are in the description
That will take you to my personal calendar that looks something like this so say you wanted to do something
You know Saturday is not available anymore, but say you wanted to do something Friday afternoon
You know once the kids got home from school 4:30 p.m.
BAM click that button
And now we got some face time you know and we are working together to make you some money. That is my biggest
Biggest capability what I’ve been able to do is I’ve been able to make a lot of people some money so far, and I’m just
Getting started. We are just getting started
four months
12,000 subscribers
and we’re just we just getting started this thing about to be fifty thousand a hundred thousand and one day is gonna be a
Million people in the market killing it. You know they say they say Wall Street’s say. This is dumb money
You know they say to smart money
You know they know we know how to move it and we can grow it eight percent a year
That’s what dumb scam artists over there over there at uh you know and
Downtown Manhattan that’s what they tell you eight percent a year for yo money
That’s what your 401k is averaging
minus the fees minus the tax minus the early withdraw all that stuff eight percent a year
My method beat that probably about a hundred times over a year
That’s why it’s patented
That’s why I own it and
That’s why if you’re a person you use it for free you empower yourself you empower your family
And then you reach somebody else and empower them as well
That’s the mission here that being said if you are in the chat. I want you to jump in there shout your country
I’ll show you people some love I’m coming back in about 30 seconds, and we go show y’all some love
I just wanted to give you a quick breakdown of how this community has come together. It’s really been amazing
You know every day. I talk to people from all over the world Canada, Switzerland
South Africa, Australia
Today I talked to a young brother out in Chicago
Getting it right. He inspired me. Um sitting there sitting there in Chicago
I used to I did my first internship when I was going to Notre Dame. I did an internship in Chicago, Deerfield
You know for a big big big company um
Northwest, Illinois you know and and he was just sitting in his car on his computer somehow. Yeah, Wi-Fi in his car
Hey, you know that’s what crypto do for you
Just drive around you got Wi-Fi right, but you know we had an amazing conversation
And he really had it together so he inspired me to just keep going keep reaching people keep empowering people and keep making this money
Wall Street said they got the smart money will I be dumb seven days a week if I can make eight hundred to eight?
thousand percent in a year
Call me stupid
Put it on my chest and listen to that flamingo
Let’s go to this chat guys. Let’s get up out of here. It’s late. You know saying kids got school in the morning
I know I know I’m you know I’m I’m having too much fun. So let’s go jump in our check
See who we got rocking out with us right now
Let’s go. Let’s go whoo we got
Cleveland rocks soif house, that’s right, baby swap see those jet that Jade swap house in the building Cleveland rocks one time was up
Australia’s and building Big Sean holding down for
Stanford in the Northeast Germany is in the building Texas. They said everything’s bigger in Texas
We gonna make them bank accounts real big down there Canada is in the building big lance holding it down for the Big Island
Hawaii and Golub Brooklyn
Vancouver Belgium Germany two times what’s up, Durham NC the Bull City?
I got some people out that way Houston
Texas Trinidad Cali Brazil miss Danielle holding it down for the south side of Brazil US Virgin Islands
Orlando, Canada, Australia
Argentina Japan and one mo who we got who we got atl peace up a-town
Down and with that you know i’m saying it’s about that time
It’s about that time of day everybody this young boy. Be cake signing out no matter where you stay from brazil to the bay and
Califo now. Yeah, good night. Good morning and good day. I sure enough do appreciate your time do me one favor
Subscribe and share this video if you appreciate my let’s begin to empower our people with Wall Street say
They’d a smart money well. Let’s beat
Stump it and kill it 8,000 percent you guys. It’s not that hard
It’s not that hard, and we are just getting started
I assure you buy you some gold right now sit on it for about a month and
Just send you boy a little tip so I can throw that money back out in the community
That’s how I’m able to give money away every day because every day people are sending me money
Just in tips so I say okay. Well let’s go throw it back out there and get some more people and fall BAM
That’s how we do right
That’s how we do it. Seven days a week is a beautiful thing baby. Come on in doors are always open
You know I’m saying and the grass is cleaner when the money is greener. I’m out man. I’m out
I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go kids got school. I ain’t got no kids, but y’all kids got school
Thank you guys subscribe like share, and I see you tomorrow this


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