Can Presidential Candidates Accept Crytocurrency?

Let’s go next to our caller from the five
zero four area code.
Who do we have today?
A calling from five zero four.
David, this is totally in Fairfax, Virginia.
How are you doing?
Did you say Charlie and Fairfax?
yeah, that’s right.
Go ahead Charlie.
What’s going on?
Uh, I’ve, I’ve got to, yeah, they’re this
sort of unrelated, uh, but they’re both campaign
finance questions and sort of under the radar
right now.
I think one is, uh, with Donald Trump, he’s
raised a ton money.
The Republican national committee, he’s raised
a ton of money.
If he’s somehow impeached and not the candidate
in 2020, where would that money go and who
would that be most likely to benefit?
And then the other, uh, under the radar question
is if cryptocurrency and Bitcoin become a
popular means of raising money for Kane.
And there’s a big fluctuation in price going
into 20, 20 cause there’ll be, uh, some unexpected
benefits to a certain candidates.
Are our candidates accepting Bitcoin donations?
I’m unaware of that.
I know Andrew Yang is a big, uh, supporter
of Bitcoin.
Um, I had seen at one point that he was trying
to, I think accept Bitcoin for donations,
but I think that with taken down, or it might’ve
been a, um, like a, uh, Pat did not actually
his campaign that was doing it.
Um, but there could be money coming in through
those meetings.
But it could be, I don’t know that there is.
So on that basis, I don’t know that it’s gonna
make a difference.
Uh, if Bitcoin goes, uh, goes up or down,
if candidates are not actually accepting that
money, I don’t know, legally if they can.
And I don’t know, uh, you know, there, there’s
disclosures that need to be done.
So I don’t think that that’s really gonna
make a difference.
I know that in Virginia, um, at least as far
as the, uh, the state, uh, board that governs
election, uh, and campaign finance, they have
said that candidates are allowed to accept
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
Um, and I think if it’s, if it’s, you know,
donated when it’s been a certain value, then
if it appreciates, it appreciates.
Uh, I agree with you.
That’s that speculative.
I’m really more interested in the more realistic
possibility of what could happen with all
that Republican mind.
So, so explain again what could happen with
the Republican money, if, what?
So Donald Trump has raised a ton of money
for his 2020 campaign.
But what happens if he ends up somehow not
being the candidate?
Where does that money go and how much of it
is controlled by him?
How much is controlled by the Republican national
committee and could it be funneled to another
I think that it could be funneled to another
candidate if Trump first turns it over to
the Republican national committee.
Um, I, I don’t think that that is, uh, going
to be an issue, but there are a campaign finance
laws, which I, I think we could probably just
Google that, that would be much more accurate
than my, my recollection of it.
Uh, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Unfortunately, I am not equipped to give you
a probably specific enough answers.


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